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  1. Tempilaq or no?

    no templeq imo it changes colour the second flame / heat touches it burns on the inside of the neck and is a pig to get off. it only has one use imo and that is to check heat is not transferring to where you don't want it well away from any flame.
  2. Coyote light wanted

    pm sent
  3. Has the .17 HMR had its day?

    light fast .17 the hornet makes me wonder why any reloader would buy hmr.
  4. 6BRA

    hi Al i made a bad decision to play with m,y 6mm br running sweet but slow load 2650 fps with 107 sierra .i think the 284 would have been wiser in that wind. Had a cracking day mind i think bad conditions make a shoot far more fun.
  5. NSX or Schidt & Bender

    and if you are interested in the s&b i'm up diggle sunday jonathan if you are ? so can ferry if it helps .
  6. NSX or Schidt & Bender

    if it starts with an 8 as in 800 and something it is second hand pal and i though not bad for nsx
  7. NSX or Schidt & Bender

    jonathan foxy had a nxs in the glass cabinet up diggle at the weekend ,not sure on price but it started with an 8 i'm sure . might be worth a bell.think it was 8-32
  8. Data book

    but do you think there as good as up to date ballistic apps ?
  9. Data book

    sadly with wind direction affecting aerodynamic jump and all you data being useless if a powder batch is different i find a basic log of seat depth and accuracy nodes useful but ballistic data always needs updating. i would take one as a back up but use an app whenever poss.
  10. Varget for sale

    i can take £££ if it helps pm inbound Alan
  11. Varget for sale

    its over to vince i'm happy picking up sunday if he wants to go ahead ?????
  12. Varget for sale

    i can pick up sunday morning from worksop or as and when no problem.
  13. Varget for sale

    vince if alan is an early riser i could pick it up on route sunday morning ?
  14. scope elevation issues

    you sure the rail is on the right way round ?
  15. shehane or 284W

    its pretty easy to get 2900+ with rs60 in a 30" barrel so i wager you could .

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