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  1. triggersqueezer

    Dodgy peepers.

    i had this with leupold mk4 mill dot ret .for some reason my eye does not like it .change of scope and ret much better .Also i find staring to long down the scope can do it try taking your eye off the scope as much as poss.
  2. triggersqueezer

    New sizing dies from Exact

    as long as there is a constant .for example full length , bumping back 2 thou i can't se that being improved upon by anything but custom dies.
  3. sold now sorry https://imgur.com/f4Ci45o
  4. triggersqueezer


    just another point ,when i had a 204 i read a lot online about this amazing fps and flat shooting .the only rifle i could buy was a tikka with a 20" barrel so there is a chunk of that fps gone on a short barrel .then my best accuracy node was also slower. i missed a lot (paper punching) sending light bullets at slower than expected speed.went fast 223 hit rate was much better.
  5. triggersqueezer


    worth doing a comparison of wind drift between .204 and a fast twist .223 shooting heavier bullets. if i wanted devestating frangibility out to 300 i would choose .204 but if i wanted to push the range i would choose fast twist .223.
  6. triggersqueezer

    Custom 6mm BR

    not recieved anything pal
  7. triggersqueezer

    Custom 6mm BR

    image ling sorted
  8. For sale, J Pierce single feed custom action in 6mm BR, 22 inch Broughton match barrel. Also, J Pierce 30 MOA mounts, tactical bolt knob and jewel trigger, Third Eye Tactical Spartan sound mod. Fully bedded into a H & S Precision stock. Custom Duracoat paintwork by Valkyrie rifles. Rount count approx. 400. Also included is a Redding 'S' Type comp seating die and neck bushing, full length die, approx. half a tub of powder, 100 Lapua cases fired once, some made up rounds. As expected this rifle shoots ragged one hole groups when I do my bit... shoots 75gn/87gn VMAX and Sierra 85gn with awesome results. To have this built now it would be in excess of £3,000. I'm looking for £1,700 ono. If anyone is interested, please PM me. Will RFD at buyers cost. https://imgur.com/kMTfWla https://imgur.com/L2bl8RT https://imgur.com/JwaEIU3 https://imgur.com/wcCYkgI
  9. triggersqueezer

    Lapua 7mm 180 gr Scenar L

    would think brian fox would have some, fox firearms ?
  10. there are better scopes for the job and much worse .i like there golden eagle but if your budget runs to the viper then there is nothing much better in that price range .lifetime warranty whats not to like.moa ret will be useful .
  11. triggersqueezer

    Diggle Egg Shoot

    mice pic vince ,looking forward to it.anything i can do to help ?
  12. triggersqueezer

    John Carr/ apex ZENITH action

    i was shooting today with a pal using an AI mag fed Apex action but as above not making at the moment
  13. triggersqueezer

    Reloading with Rosie

    i think its more about her history and the fact we ignored the ladies that are seen regularly on the range that hints its more eye candy than substance.

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