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  1. triggersqueezer

    284 Win dies

    i would like the 306 bushing if poss or helps sale.
  2. i'll take them at your asking price .
  3. Whidden pointing die with insert for 7mm sold
  4. just spoke to steve £560 is the price posted.he will fill in his profile as soon as he gets home to say mansfield notingham. there are none in the uk at the min.
  5. triggersqueezer

    New to varminting

    if you live somewhere with great back stops and your on a budget 22lr if you want to hit a tad further with great frangibility something in .17
  6. neither one is useless (nd350) the other is expensive .that is why i bought a sniper hog torch .
  7. triggersqueezer

    LED scope mounted lamps

    got my sniper hogg in the uk £145 posted i think
  8. triggersqueezer

    LED scope mounted lamps

    pal check out sniper hogg lamp .I used to run a cayote lamp that are hands down the best but getting one is hard and big £££ the sniper hog is a true long range torch fully dimable and flood to spot sub £140 .
  9. triggersqueezer

    sorted thanks

    after something like nm 800 or coyote light with built in dimmer. (not after light force lamp etc cheers .
  10. triggersqueezer

    Rifle torch, which one?

    coyote lite do come up second hand at times.like any good scope or action there just quality.
  11. triggersqueezer

    Rifle torch, which one?

    coyote lite is by far the best i have owned .
  12. triggersqueezer

    Load development

    nick are you plotting ? where are you dropping points ? is the rifle letting you down or are your wind calls letting the rifle down etc.i'm running a tame load because untill i can do the rifle justice the extra 100 fps is not the problem.
  13. triggersqueezer


    ?? Furrybean might have a point

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