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  1. there are better scopes for the job and much worse .i like there golden eagle but if your budget runs to the viper then there is nothing much better in that price range .lifetime warranty whats not to like.moa ret will be useful .
  2. triggersqueezer

    Diggle Egg Shoot

    mice pic vince ,looking forward to it.anything i can do to help ?
  3. triggersqueezer

    John Carr/ apex ZENITH action

    i was shooting today with a pal using an AI mag fed Apex action but as above not making at the moment
  4. triggersqueezer

    Reloading with Rosie

    i think its more about her history and the fact we ignored the ladies that are seen regularly on the range that hints its more eye candy than substance.
  5. yes please i'll take this.
  6. triggersqueezer

    Reloading with Rosie

    If you just sat vince , laurie , stuart, and mike round that table talking about reloading and what they have found to be good or bad etc with a bit of show and tell i think with there collective knowledge you would have made just about the best reloading video on the web.
  7. triggersqueezer


    there is one for sale on a face book page called lamping foxes buy and sell
  8. triggersqueezer

    You know when!!

    hope its not a genuine hornady scale because even if they get it they have been robbed.
  9. triggersqueezer


    still for sale , please no silly offers.
  10. triggersqueezer

    Reloading Advice

    phoenix advise is good . i full length dirty cases so when i ultrasonic clean it removes any lube.every now and again just pull the die apart for a clean (not ultrasonic) just a wipe round inside and out.
  11. new scope every time and i can't recomend vortex golden eagle enough . shooting 1000 on 12x you will think your steady when your not etc

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