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  1. The Dolphin Gun FTR bipods come with Anschutz rail fitting. Alan
  2. 20series

    AIM Drag bag

    It might help to specify which size as there are several...👍 Alan
  3. 20series

    Pierced primer! Trip to the gunsmith?

    Out of the millions of primers CCI make there is bound to be a failure at some point I wouldn't worry and carry on. Alan
  4. 20series

    Latest Tactical Rifle Acquisition

    John Nice little collection👍, as you say only going to increase in value.. Alan
  5. Hi all Debs has outgrown the 5.56 and a 308 is on route (I've created a monster lol lol ) so selling her Mossberg MVP 5.56 Varmint. I am not willing to split so please dont ask, I'm wanting to shift it as a complete get you started package. So as follows MVP Varmint in 5.56 ( you will need 5.56 on FAC and not just 223) fitted with EB 5-20x50 illuminated milldot scope. 1 x original 5 shot metal Magazine + 2 x 10 rnd Pmags (complete with covers) AiM 45 dragbag in black set of Lee dies MTM 100 rnd box and I'll throw in some HPS brass but it's getting towards needing replacing. cheap fold down 6-9 Bipod Shooting shed cleaning rod guide. It likes 69gns SMK's and Vit 133 £700 - Face to Face deal preferred, however if it helps we are going up to the Northern Shooting Show on the Sunday and staying locally the Saturday night. Advertised elsewhere
  6. 20series

    Specifying my first custom FTR rifle

    Nothing wrong with the old 200 or 210 smk Both work well in my 1/10 Alan
  7. Bump, Likely to be at Bisley on Sunday if anyone's interested Cheers Alan
  8. 20series

    Reload Swiss RS62 Where to buy???

    Hi resurrecting this thread, I picked up some RS62 At the weekend mainly to have a play in My .260 but wondered if Laurie did get to trialling the .308 heavier bullets ??? I've just picked up a custom 26inch 1/10 twist and have some 180 and 200 smks. Cheers Alan
  9. Well generally most counties will put down 223/5.56 but some don't hence the comment. Alan
  10. Just curious, no interest to anyone or too much money?? Alan
  11. 20series

    Wanted AIM 55 Drag bag

    Not sure if it's still for sale but might be worth a message Alan
  12. 20series

    Wanted AIM 55 Drag bag

    Mr Duston on here had one for sale a month or two ago, might be worth a search. Alan
  13. Try Blackrifle.co.uk I'm sure they could assist. Alan
  14. 20series

    Would you be confident with this for 1000m ??

    Assuming that's the 175 scenar, the given BC is 0.490. and using 2690fps average velocity. Using Strelok it gives velocity at 1100 yard (roughly 1000M) as 1150fps which is likely to be transonic and possibly a bit wobbly. 1000yards 1257fps Alan
  15. 20series

    Non Obligatory Introduction

    How do, welcome aboard Alan
  16. 20series

    Contessa Sako rail

    Ronin Many thanks for the heads up, I managed to get in touch with the guy on SD and have bought the rail. Cheers Alan
  17. 20series

    Contessa Sako rail

    Before I buy new has anyone got a Contessa 20moa short rail for Sako 85 lying around ?? Cheers Alan
  18. 20series

    Contessa Sako rail

    Ok I'm not on SD, I did a search on here and nothing came up
  19. Thanks for the reply, have a bump on me Alan
  20. 20series


    HPS-TR are up the M5 At Newent. Alan
  21. Cracking rifle and scope, As a matter of interest do you know what height rings they are? I have the same scope to fit on my Sako 85s and will be fitting a 20MOA rail .
  22. 20series

    Murom kB7 competition large rifle primers

    Just a thought does the NRA have any??? Alan

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