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  1. 20series

    Spares for lee progressive press.

    I might be wrong but I think Hannams are the main UK agent. Alan
  2. 20series

    Smk options

    You missed a great trip mate, we're going to be organising some more trips in the new year
  3. 20series

    Smk options

    Lol no but there's hope for all of us, she had a grin like a cheshire cat.. her 1000 wasnt much different ...
  4. 20series

    Smk options

    Debs was shooting her 308 with 26inch barrel out to 1000 at the weekend. We get 2535 fps with 41.5gns of N150 200 SMK which is nice to shoot and gets good results. This was at 900.
  5. 20series

    AXMC wanted

    You could probably buy and wait for a new battleship to be built before Brexit will happen... 🤣🤣🤣 good luck with your search Alan
  6. 20series

    Inclined picatinny rail

    Another option is buy a set of Burris XTR rings, they will give you up to another 40moa on top of your 20. Alan
  7. The Dolphin Gun FTR bipods come with Anschutz rail fitting. Alan
  8. 20series

    AIM Drag bag

    It might help to specify which size as there are several...👍 Alan
  9. 20series

    Pierced primer! Trip to the gunsmith?

    Out of the millions of primers CCI make there is bound to be a failure at some point I wouldn't worry and carry on. Alan
  10. 20series

    Latest Tactical Rifle Acquisition

    John Nice little collection👍, as you say only going to increase in value.. Alan
  11. 20series

    Specifying my first custom FTR rifle

    Nothing wrong with the old 200 or 210 smk Both work well in my 1/10 Alan
  12. Bump, Likely to be at Bisley on Sunday if anyone's interested Cheers Alan
  13. 20series

    Reload Swiss RS62 Where to buy???

    Hi resurrecting this thread, I picked up some RS62 At the weekend mainly to have a play in My .260 but wondered if Laurie did get to trialling the .308 heavier bullets ??? I've just picked up a custom 26inch 1/10 twist and have some 180 and 200 smks. Cheers Alan
  14. Well generally most counties will put down 223/5.56 but some don't hence the comment. Alan

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