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  1. I've got a tenner spare Dave不不不不不 Alan
  2. 20series

    Mini 14 223 Wanted

    There's three for sale on Guntrader Alan
  3. if the sale falls through drop me a PM please Alan
  4. 20series

    Miraging and bullets point of impact

    From my understanding the mirage causes the target to "move" from it's actual position as in an optical illusion. When I shot small-bore with reticle sights we used a polarizing filter to counter the effect. However those more practised than I with optics can read it to detect changes in wind ect. I'm sure someone will be on with more specific information. Alan
  5. Anything much closer will be affected by muzzle blast even with a Moderator on.
  6. The lighting is probaly the cause of your issues another Critical factor is getting the distance from the barrel to the chrono consistent. 3 metres or 10 foot as a rule, I use a piece of string to make sure it's in the same place. Alan
  7. 20series


    https://www.parliamentlive.tv/Event/Index/7da77b90-5091-436b-8416-8cc3365d27de Here's the link in case anyone wants to watch and hasn't seen it. Alan
  8. Spiker2 200gn SMKs arrived many thanks Alan
  9. 20series

    couldn't help noticing

    This was my last bike, pic is from the advert when I bought it. Triumph Trophy 1200 Had it 9 weeks until I got flattened on the A14 commuting from Peterborough to Cambridge. Decided to give up 2 wheels Alan
  10. I'll take the 200gn SMK's please, PM details for BACS Alan
  11. 20series

    Rifle scope for 22LR

    Cool, I dealt with Simon who's Brian's son. They were great they sent me the scope sale or return as originally I wanted the 10-50 and they were out of stock and I wasn't sure. Top people to deal with Alan
  12. 20series

    Rifle scope for 22LR

    Brian Fox at Fox firearms does some really nice scopes for 瞿150, we bought one for Debs 223. 8-32/50 with a hashed MOA reticle, 30mm tube and 1/8 MOA adjustments . Change left for some decent rings Alan
  13. 20series

    Rifle Cases

    I own three AIM bags and yes they are worth the money. Alan
  14. 20series

    George Balfour

    Similar, I didn't know the gent but his knowledge was encylclopedic.. RIP

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