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  1. 20series

    George Balfour

    Similar, I didn't know the gent but his knowledge was encylclopedic.. RIP
  2. I used to shoot 175smk from my original Remmy 700 PSS, it was 1/12 IIRC I was using 45.5gn of Varget, out to 800 yards it was awesome but obviously started falling off after that. When I decided to get into F-TR I had it rebarreled with a 32inch 1/10. I settled on 200gn SMK with 46gns of RL17/Elcho17/RS?? That gives me 2700fps which is supersonic out past 1200 yards, Alan
  3. Do both of those loads work for you? If it ain't broke don't fix it👍👍 I don't know about 6br but your 308 recipe is fairly standard. Alan
  4. 20series

    George Balfour (gbal on this site)

    Indeed, damn awful news .. Alan
  5. Big praise to Northants firearms team, Praise for FLO teams is often in short supply but credit where credits due this is proper service in my book. I only work about 2 miles from their new office so I dropped in yesterday at 0900 with a 1 for 1 variation form having sold my Mosin and to replace with 308/7.62 x 51 slot, I'd also bought this week a .22 BSA. They took a copy of my FAC and said keep the original saying we'll call when it's done and just come in to swap over which I thought was great in its self , then this morning at 0900 they called me to say it was all done and ready for collection Alan
  6. 20series


    ITL sell PPU 62gn £15ish per 100
  7. 20series

    Looking for an Ai..

    There's a S/H AE mk3 in .260Rem on Guntrader £2.5k https://www.guntrader.uk/guns/rifles/accuracy-international/bolt-action/260-rem/ae-mk-iii-180320121011004 I have no connection to seller or rifle Alan
  8. 20series

    Gunny's Gone

    Yes very sad news I imagine he would have been a hoot have a beer with Alan
  9. 20series

    .338 Deviant...

    I saw it on Facebook earlier and that is stunning Dave👍 Alan
  10. 20series

    Lapua Master M 22lr Ammunition

    I never found a batch of Tenex that worked well in my Anschutz 2013, I always preferred RWS R50 far more consistent results from batch to batch, I packed in small-bore about 6 years ago and I'm horrified by the price of ammo now.. that said I'm considering getting another for a bit of bench rest.
  11. 20series

    Lapua Master M 22lr Ammunition

    IIRC it was discontinued Centre X is the nearest in the range. Alan
  12. I assume they can be set to either standard NRA TR size or Fclass via the monitor control. Alan

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