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  1. 20series

    Drag bag

    Yep all the AIM bags comfortably take scoped rifles, just a case of measuring the total length from butt to muzzle and picking the length and colour you want. Alan
  2. 20series

    Where to buy a 30 cal AR15?

    If you're looking for 30cal then it's an AR10, not being pedantic but might help your search. Mark Bradley, Bradley arms (Bradders on here) Dave Wylde, Valkerie rifles (Baldie) Both do them
  3. We have a .223 MVP Varmint for Debs to shoot and it's fine, never going to be a match rifle but for plinking it's great, shoots 69gn SMKs to MOA and I'm working to improve that. They take AR mags and trigger is nice and crisp. There are a couple on Guntrader for around £500. Alan
  4. 20series


    Squirrel .... tree dwelling rat, with a fluffy tail and a good PR agent... Alan
  5. 20series

    Measuring performance

    If it always does the same thing as per the pic then aim off by that amount. Looking at that pic, aim a shade low of the 9 to the left..
  6. 20series

    Custom/semi custom 223

    Lol, ok mate there's lots of good options out there Good luck with the hunt ? Alan
  7. 20series

    Custom/semi custom 223

    Mossberg MVP would fit the bill, depending on the model they are 1/7 or 1/9 twist. They are chambered 5.56 so will run milsurp ammo and they take AR mags. Alan
  8. 20series

    Redding Titanium Nitride bushing size .312

    Posted this morning ?
  9. 20series

    Redding Titanium Nitride bushing size .312

    Yep it was me... no probs I'll pm you. Alan
  10. 20series

    .303 For Enfield

    40-41 gns Vit 140 is the standard load, I only neck size. Alan
  11. 20series

    Thread adapter

    Now there's a thought, there should be enough meat. I'll look into it.. cheers? Alan
  12. Peeps I have just bought a Sako 85 in .260, its threaded 18x1, I have a PES 30 cal mod sat in my safe that I haven't used since rebarelling my 308 several years ago however it's 1/2UNF. does anyone do a thread adapter that I could use?? its not about being tight its more I don't want the hassle of selling and messing about with variations. The PES is on my ticket and listed as PES C/F moderator. Cheers Alan
  13. What powder are you using..
  14. A thing of beauty ? Alan

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