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  1. A thing of beauty 👍 Alan
  2. See you tomorrow at B. I’ll be there at about 0815.

    l replied by email to your ‘phone message.


  3. 20series

    Praise for Northants FLO team

    Obviously excellent service is the standard
  4. Sounds like a nice little project, looking forward to some pictures. Alan
  5. Hi mate, I've PM'd you with details. Alan
  6. Genuine Harris SL-M 9-13inch, swivel, notched leg bi-pod. Used but good condition £65 inc postage payable via bank transfer. advertised elsewhere Alan
  7. 20series

    Opinions on Sightron scopes?

    Yep I have two, one each 8-32 And 10-50, excellent value. Also have a look at the Vortex range, similar price and specs. Alan
  8. 20series

    Redding Titanium Nitride bushing size .309

    No drama, they've been sat in a box for 6 years feeling unloved lol, I knew they'd get used eventually... They'll be in the post this evening. Cheers Alan
  9. 20series

    Redding Titanium Nitride bushing size .309

    Yep I have a .310, also .311 & .312. Pm inbound. Alan
  10. I've got a tenner spare Dave🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Alan
  11. 20series

    I am after a .223 / 5.56 AR15

  12. 20series

    Mini 14 223 Wanted

    There's three for sale on Guntrader Alan
  13. if the sale falls through drop me a PM please Alan
  14. 20series

    Miraging and bullets point of impact

    From my understanding the mirage causes the target to "move" from it's actual position as in an optical illusion. When I shot small-bore with reticle sights we used a polarizing filter to counter the effect. However those more practised than I with optics can read it to detect changes in wind ect. I'm sure someone will be on with more specific information. Alan

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