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  1. 20series

    Contessa Sako rail

    Ok I'm not on SD, I did a search on here and nothing came up
  2. 20series

    Contessa Sako rail

    Before I buy new has anyone got a Contessa 20moa short rail for Sako 85 lying around ?? Cheers Alan
  3. Thanks for the reply, have a bump on me Alan
  4. 20series


    HPS-TR are up the M5 At Newent. Alan
  5. Cracking rifle and scope, As a matter of interest do you know what height rings they are? I have the same scope to fit on my Sako 85s and will be fitting a 20MOA rail .
  6. 20series

    Murom kB7 competition large rifle primers

    Just a thought does the NRA have any??? Alan
  7. 20series

    Murom kB7 competition large rifle primers

    Might be worth calling HPS-TR they are sometimes at Bisley and I'm sure they sell them. Alan
  8. 20series

    Leupold QR ring heights

    Looks like I'm now sorted hopefully, the opticsware house calculator indicates I need highs. Using the existig scope and base measurements mine are mediums which seems to work out. Thanks for the help Alan
  9. 20series

    Leupold QR ring heights

    Thanks mate I'll have a read through Alan
  10. 20series

    Leupold QR ring heights

    Peeps How do I work out what height rings I need?? My Sako 85 has Leupold QR bases and 30mm rings, the existing scope is 50mm objective but I'm putting on a 56mm. I cant remember what height the rings are but I the current scope is nearly touching the barrel as is. I am planning to buy some new rings to go on the existing bases. Where do I measure from to get the height right?? I found this on a web page Ring Height:Low: 0.65"Med: 0.77"High: 0.9"Super High: 1" cheers Alan
  11. 20series

    A first for me tonight

    Trust you 🤣🤣
  12. 20series

    30mm High Mounts

    Breacher has some for sale Alan
  13. 20series

    Any Gun Shops in or around Oxford????

    oh I didn't know, I haven't been for a few years.
  14. 20series

    Any Gun Shops in or around Oxford????

    Reloading solutions are at Kidlington.

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