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  1. can you send me details of the hog saddle. cheers

  2. CSR equipment

    Hellequin, pop down to the club house (KLSM) on a Tuesday night and all your questions will be answered.
  3. I'll take the Vertex annealing machine please, pm sent.
  4. Subject to confirmation on delivery costs I'll take it
  5. I'll take the the 95Gn. Sierra TMK's please
  6. GGG MV?

    GGG (168Gn.) does 2535 fps through my 16" LMT (1:11.25 twist)
  7. .223 lever release

    Laupa. I have one and find it very accurate using GGG 'match' ammo (69 grain). You have to be a bit careful with home loads, especially when new, as the rifle is pressure sensitive and requires quite a hot load in order to work the gas system, however once run in I have found the operation faultless with my own home loads using 77 SMK's and CFE. The experience of shooting the rifle is a lot different from a 'standard' straight pull as you have the bolt carrier slamming back on every shot fired but you soon get used to it. It's a great rifle and a keeper, fortunately I didn't buy new and would find it hard to justify the current asking price however if your flush with cash then go for it, you wont be disappointed. In addition I would say and the SGC lever release design beats all the competitors currently on the market in terms of it's ergonomics and function. Hope this helps.
  8. Brass arrived today, many thanks Bradders
  9. CFE 223 and XBR 8208

    What length barrel did you test them through Laurie?
  10. Best s/auto .22LR

    A browning buckmark rifle in either hunter or target style meets all of your criteria and they are very reliable.
  11. 6.5 Credmore ammunition

    Educate me, what advantage does the 6mm Creedmoor give over a standard .243?

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