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  1. Hi, Not really sure about the significance of this comment?, but I will answer it. Yes I bought this rifle ( Russell Gall's personal rifle) last year, with the intentions of entering F class. I am now putting all my efforts into bench rest. This rifle actually secured me a second place in a 1,000 yards competition at Diggle ranges recently. I have had more success at 600 yards with the smaller calibres, which actually suits me much better. Hope this clarifies things for you. Regards Steve
  2. RG Rifle stainless action. Gary Kane laminate stock, with adjustable cheek piece, blue/black. Kreiger 30 inch barrel with a 1 in 8.5 twist, chambered in .284 and 310 neck. Jewel trigger. 20 MOA stainless rail. This Rifle is in mint condition, and has fired less than 400 rounds. Complete with Wilson seating die, and Redding F/L bushing die. SCOPE AND RINGS NOT INCLUDED IN THIS SALE. £3,000
  3. Hi, Thanks for the enquiry, but this is a new die so there are no bushings.
  4. Redding type S bushing style full length sizing for .243 Winchester. This die is brand new in the box, still covered in the factory grease . £40 plus postage. Die is now sold. thanks
  5. Redding competition bushing neck die set in 243 winchester. Three die set in mint condition hardly used £140 plus postage advertised elsewhere
  6. I would also like to thank you Bruce, for all the work that you do, its much appreciated
  7. UKBRA 600 Yards - 12th March 2017

    End of a very enjoyable season. I'd like to say thank you to Vince, Tony, and everyone that put in so much effort, and hard work, and Bruce for the great write ups. Thanks to everyone who made me feel so welcome, and all the great advice. Steve Roberts
  8. 20 Practical

    Good groups, you must be really pleased. Alan's work is second to none. Well done
  9. Sako 75 Stock

    P.M. sent
  10. Back to normal now .
  11. Thanks for that Hoot , I have emailed them twice but am still awaiting an answer . Regards Steve.
  12. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing problems with I snipe after upgrading I phone to ios10 ? Steve.

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