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  1. Forster honed dies

    Id say the expander opens it up a good bit. Go on and size one for me without the expander 🙄
  2. Forster honed dies

    Yeah that would be about right after the expander opens it up again. Did you try one without the expander to see what it is ?
  3. Forster honed dies

    Stephen. I ordered 2 honed 308 dies for myself and a mate and I think postage was 30 dollars and we had to pay 28 pounds duty. Maltbuck. I didnt send brass. I only use lapua in my 308 so I measured the outside neck diameter of a few loaded rounds and ordered the dies with the neck honed .003 smaller. Ie my loaded neck measured .338 so my dies were. 335. Forster recommend that you order your dies 4 or 5 thou smaller than your loaded rounds and let the expander open it up again. 3 thou is working well for us though and we did try some cbc brass and that was fine also. You can email them and they will get back to you with any questions you have.
  4. Forster honed dies

    I got 308 ones and they only took a couple of weeks, I ordered 6.5 lapua ones for my mate and they took about a month. I got hit for duty both times
  5. 3-12 x 50 OK for 300 yard rabbits?

    I also prefer higher mag as I enjoy a bit of target shooting with my rifles as well. 12 power is ok if the reticle is still fine but I find the reticle too thick on a lot of ffp scopes at that power. I use a Zeiss 6-24×56 on my 204 and I find it great for long range rabbits. I had a mate though who had a 6x42 scope with a really thick reticle on his 204 and I watched him shooting 300 yard plus rabbits with it. I don' know how he done it. I would definitely go for something with at least 16 power. That way you know it will be enough.
  6. Tikka Donor Action M590 / M595 / T3

    My mate has a sako 75 stainless synthetic in 6.5x55 if that' any good
  7. You would need to get onto Laurie on here for the right answer. I did read before somewhere that when a case has a reduced amount of powder in it the flash from the primer can ignite the powder all at once which would increase pressure significantly.
  8. Some powders can be dangerous if reduced below recommend starting loads. Hodgdon say that reduced loads of h4895 can be used safely in any cartridge bullet combo that is listed in their data. They say to start at 60% of the listed max load and work up from there. I didn' try it yet myself but Im going to in my 204 when the weather gets a bit warmer.
  9. Seating Depth Rule of Thumb

    I would agree with Big Al. I have owned and used a good few 6.5x55 rifles that had very long throats and got them shooting well doing what Al says. The most accurate bullet I used in my last 6.5 was the 85 grain Sierra and it was miles from the lands.
  10. New dies

    Yes. But a full length die will work the neck too much, it will size the neck a lot smaller than needed then open it up again with the expander and possibly pulling the neck off centre. The honed neck does away with this.
  11. New dies

    You can send a few fired cases to forster or you can do what I did which was to measure the outside neck diameter of a loaded round that you made up with the dies you have now. Forster recommend that you subtract 4 or 5 thou from this reading and order the neck honed to that. They say 4 to 5 thou to allow for different brands of brass etc. I only use lapua brass so my loaded neck diameter was .338 so I got the neck honed to .335 and it works perfect. You can use the expander to open up the neck slightly if needed. If you order from their website they have a box where you can put in the honed dimension that you want.
  12. New dies

    I was using a Redding competition neck die and a body die. My fired 308 case necks measured around .345. When I sized them with a .336 bushing it increased runout so I done it in two stages with a .340 and then a .336 bushing, then I body sized them. That meant I had to run each case through a die 3 times to size it. With the honed forster die I only have to size the case once and I'm getting little to no runout.
  13. New dies

    No I'm using a Redding T7 turret press
  14. New dies

    Buy the forster micrometer seating die and a forster full length die with the neck honed out to your dimensions. You can order direct from forster, I got some recently and they are very good.
  15. Thanks. Im looking for an aics type mag for my Remmy 204 so that's good to know. Could you give me some info on the Zeiss scope and would you consider selling it on its own?

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