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  1. palo

    Neck bush size when using a Mandrel Expander

    I also think 337 is to little. I use a forster full length die with the neck honed to .335 and then I use a .307 mandrel. It works very well and the mandrel is working very little. A .336 bushing will probably be ok but it might be safer getting a .335 .
  2. Is there much price difference between the button and cut barrels Dave ? And do you think the cut rifled ones are better ?
  3. Well if there good enough for a FTR champion there definitely good enough for me 😊
  4. I am going to rebarrel one of my rifles soon and I was thinking of using a sassen cut rifled barrel. Just wondering if anyone is using one or if anyone has any info on them.
  5. palo

    6.5 Creedmoor - real world velocities

    2650 with hornady 143eldx with book max load of R16 in lapua brass. 20 inch bartlein barrel
  6. palo

    New flexible borescope

    I emailed teslong yesterday asking them if they would produce a rod type Borecam and they replied saying they will be releasing one soon.
  7. palo

    New flexible borescope

    I got mine a few days ago. It's better than my Lyman one that cost me £285 a few months ago. My mate bought one a few weeks ago but it wasn't working properly so he emailed them and they sent him out a new one straight away.
  8. palo

    Neck size, or full length: has the jury decided?

    I full length size as well.
  9. palo

    Sako Finnfire Stock Bolts

    My sako quad has Torx screws but they are too short as well. You could try Gmk to see if they have anything or have a look on eBay.
  10. palo

    Tikka T3x in T3 chassis

    It should drop in. I don't think there is any difference in the size of the recoil lugs, it's just that the T3 lug is made of alluminum and the T3x is made of steel.
  11. palo

    Rifle Basix trigger

    I hope this works Rifle Basix Remington 700 Trigger Adjustment Instructions-2.doc
  12. palo

    Sako Quad Quick Release Scope

    You can get a picatinny rail for the sako quad and then use any quick release picatinny rings
  13. palo


    I quite fancy a 22br myself. Is there much work in prepping the brass ? I assume you just run the 6mm brass through a 22br full length die or do you have to neck turn as well.
  14. palo

    Sako Quad 20 moa Rail

    Your welcome. I bought one and also bought the bottom metal and bolt handle as well.
  15. palo

    Sako Quad 20 moa Rail

    You can order one from kinneysshootingsupply.com

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