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  1. Creedmoor or 6.5x55

    You could just trade in your rifle for a new tikka t3x ctr in 6.5 creedmoor . I bought one in 308 and use it for stalking and targets.
  2. Will a phoenix bipod fit onto a sako trg atlas bipod adapter ?
  3. Is there a bottom metal available that will work with these mags ?
  4. IMR 4166 FOR 308

    Thanks again Laurie. That's the info I was looking for.
  5. IMR 4166 FOR 308

    Thanks for the info Laurie. My main concern was that it is supposed to be a bulkier powder than varget and h4895. I tried imr4895 before with lapua brass and found that I could not load to near max advertised loads as the case looked very full. I never seen Reload Swiss RS52 in any of the local dealers but I will ask about it.
  6. IMR 4166 FOR 308

    I did have a read at the reloading data. I have been offered some so I was wondering if anyone is using it and what kind of results they were getting.
  7. IMR 4166 FOR 308

    Anyone using this powder in their 308 with 155 or 168 grain bullets ? Is it a suitable substitute for varget.
  8. new tikka or sako

    I recently sold my sako 85 and bought a new tikka t3x ctr and couldn't be happier
  9. Ideas for a .308

    I recently bought a tikka t3xctr in 308. It's a great rifle and it would be ideal for your needs.
  10. They do 3 different thread sizes. It's the 10-32 that fits the harris.
  11. If you want a cheaper version that's works well check out www.t-nuts.com
  12. Sightron scope

    Pm sent
  13. Howa 1500 Stock Upgrade

    No I put it on my remmy 204.I'm still using the factory stock on my t3 ctr and I like it. My two mates put berserk stocks on their tikkas and they are very happy with them.
  14. Howa 1500 Stock Upgrade

    I have had a bell and Carlson, a boyds, and a grs sporter varmint on my remmy 204 varmint. I recently bought the grs berserk and it's my favourite. I highly recommend them.
  15. Just noticed this is an old thread.

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