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  1. I was also thinking about buying a magnetospeed but from the information im getting here I think I will spend a bit more and get the labradar.
  2. palo

    Bag rider Tikka Tac A1

    www.shootingshed.co.uk sell one.
  3. Thanks for the replies lads. I got a tin of cheap white paint in the auto shop today. It covered well and dried quickly so I will try it out at the weekend. I will also get some line marker spray and primer spray to try as well.
  4. Just bought some ar500 gongs and would like to know what's the best type of paint to get.
  5. Would these units work better with a high end scope like Zeiss for daytime recording ?
  6. palo

    MDT ESS chassis for Remington SA

    The new MDT oryx chassis looks nice. 400 dollars in the US . Don't know how much it will be here though
  7. palo

    20 moa rail

    www.alan-rhone.com sell a contessa 20moa rail for the cz 550. £114
  8. You would need to check to see how much vertical adjustment you have left in your scope after zeroing at 100 yards first
  9. palo

    mag length

    With light for calibre bullets I just seat them to the recommended length and work up an accurate load by adjusting the powder charge. The bullet is never going to be close to the lands no matter how far you seat it out. Some of my most accurate loads have been way off the lands.
  10. These adapters can also be used to fit a phoenix type 2 bipod to any rifle with a sling stud.
  11. palo

    Tikka T1x

    Send an email to gmk to see if they have them in stock and if they do you can get your local dealer to order them for you.
  12. palo

    Changing factory ammo

    I would think you would still be on paper. Get a decent sized sheet of paper, say about 20in x20in and put a dot in the centre and fire a shot. I'd be very surprised if you didn't hit the paper.
  13. palo

    New Tikka rimfire

    I guy on another forum has fitted a berserk stock to his T1x. He did cut the plastic pin from the floorplate as he said it serves no purpose but he didn't have to do anything else to the stock.

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