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  1. palo

    KRG Bravo Stock Accessories

    I tried march a few weeks ago but they didn' have any but maybe they have now. I got one from - I was looking for 2 for myself and my mate but they only had 1 in stock so I bought it and they have more on order.
  2. palo

    T3 aftermarket stock

    Hi Tuck You should take a look at the krg bravo chassis as well. I just bought one for my Remington and my mate also bought one for his tikka. We are both delighted with them.
  3. palo


    Thanks. I have a krg bravo chassis and 10 shot mdt mag on order for my Remmy action 204. I am also thinking about one of the mdt chassis for my tikka t3x ctr. Where did you get yours ?
  4. palo


    Looks great. Which model mdt stock is it ? Is that the mdt magazine as well ?
  5. My mate recently traded his SL5 30 cal for a SL7. The SL7 is miles ahead of the SL5 in sound reduction. It is also quieter than my dpt and my other mates wildcat evo. We all have the same rifles in 308 so it was a fair comparison.
  6. I have a phoenix bipod which is similar to the fortmeir on my sako trg. I also bought the versa-pod swivel stud adapter so I can use it on all my other rifles that have a front stud. It works very well and is very stable.
  7. You can order one from www.jnpgunsprings.com
  8. palo

    Sako vs Tikka

    Have a look at the dpt overbarrel mods. I have two and they are very good. I looked at the Stalon and wildcat mods but the dpt mods were slimmer, shorter, and lighter than the others.
  9. palo

    Tikka 595 recoil lug

    You can get a new one from www.tikkaperformance.com
  10. palo

    .223 barrel cleaning

    You should always clean your barrel when switching from one brand of ammo to another.
  11. palo

    New Tikka rimfire

    That's lighter than my factory t3x ctr adjustable stock . It weighs 923 grams.
  12. palo

    New Tikka rimfire

    That looks like the perfect hunting stock Edi. What weight is it ?
  13. palo

    new .223 time

    I would stick with a tikka. The t3 tac a1 will be available shortly in 223 as well which would be nice.
  14. palo

    Forster honed dies

    Id say the expander opens it up a good bit. Go on and size one for me without the expander 🙄
  15. palo

    Forster honed dies

    Yeah that would be about right after the expander opens it up again. Did you try one without the expander to see what it is ?

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