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  1. palo

    Zeiss rangefinder

    This might do better in the for sale section.
  2. palo

    Barrel thread choice

    For a Remington varmint profile I'd go m18x1
  3. Myself and a few mates have 4 ctrs and a tac a1 and no issues either with various mods
  4. You should definitely consider a muzzle mounted mod like scotch_egg suggests. I use a jet z compact for range use and it's excellent but my mate recently bought a ase sl7i mod for his rifle and I think it's even quieter. It's stainless as well which is a bonus.
  5. palo

    Schmidt & Bender turret markings

    You could be right. Would each click be 2cm at 100m then ?
  6. palo

    Schmidt & Bender turret markings

    It looks to me like the turret is calibrated to something very flat shooting like a 22-250 etc shooting light bullets at high velocity. I would think the scope is 1cm clicks so from a 100m zero you only have to adjust 6 clicks to 300m which would only be a drop of 18cm from your 100m zero.
  7. palo

    What system do you use and why ? MOA or MRAD .

    I always use moa and can't see myself changing. I never liked ffp reticle scopes either. All my hunting scopes have custom turrets so I just range and dial as needed.
  8. palo

    TRG Pic rail

    I got mine from www.nearmfg.com Expensive but top quality.
  9. I was also thinking about buying a magnetospeed but from the information im getting here I think I will spend a bit more and get the labradar.
  10. palo

    Bag rider Tikka Tac A1

    www.shootingshed.co.uk sell one.
  11. Thanks for the replies lads. I got a tin of cheap white paint in the auto shop today. It covered well and dried quickly so I will try it out at the weekend. I will also get some line marker spray and primer spray to try as well.
  12. Just bought some ar500 gongs and would like to know what's the best type of paint to get.
  13. Would these units work better with a high end scope like Zeiss for daytime recording ?
  14. palo

    MDT ESS chassis for Remington SA

    The new MDT oryx chassis looks nice. 400 dollars in the US . Don't know how much it will be here though
  15. palo

    20 moa rail

    www.alan-rhone.com sell a contessa 20moa rail for the cz 550. £114

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