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  1. Sako Optilocks

    Just wondered what the going rate is for second hand sako optilocks (blued medium) including rings, bases and inserts? TIA
  2. Might make a decent project rifle. 07989 105361
  3. Sako S491 in .17 Remington, its basically been in the cupboard since being overhauled by GMK immediately after I acquired it. Stainless Shilen barrel extremely accurate rifle. £450
  4. Thankyou for all the interest stock now sold.
  5. Yep misread it its a short action.
  6. Hi Steve its a 75 action one.
  7. Another Sako75 action laminate stock, came with a rifle that had obviously been taken off at some point and has the same slight lifting of the lacquering just behind the action (common if the stock is a tight fit and your a little careless when easing it out). £60ish?
  8. Not needed a new pair of Sako optilocks, 30mm medium rings and bases (blued short action) £120 posted.
  9. Ferreting in Surrey

    Anyone in Surrey who would like to give their ferrets a run out please PM me.
  10. v max

    I use standard factory Hornady 53gr V-Max (3465fps) which are supremely accurate and pretty devastating.
  11. Sako 75 Stock

    Thanks Toby, had a few quotes and a new stock is as much as a rifle. I'll have a look around at the shooting show. Martin

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