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  1. rickosf


    £45 posted mate with screws rick
  2. Hi Rickosf

    Interested in the 0 moa, how much do you want with postage ????



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    2. rickosf


      Drop me a pm or an email and il send you my payment details les 

    3. fallowman


      Hi Rick

      Educate me as to sending you a PM

    4. fallowman


      you can email me on lesgalley@btinternet.com 

  3. rickosf


    Pm me mate got 0 and 20moa t3 rails brand new
  4. Monomount replied via pm
  5. Hi all, 230mm carbon tacitical bipod with pic adapter! Ski feet and pod lock brand new £210 posted got a tierone 180mm carbon tactical bipod! In the tierone condura case with spike feet ! It’s for the sling swivel stud adapter and had picatinny adapter Brand new never mounted just never got round to using it! Looking for £220 230mm carbon evoloutuon bipod underslung With spike feet and picatinny adapter £240 pics available pm me for email rick
  6. rickosf

    Sphur sp-4002

    Hi mate, Not sure if your interestered but I’ve got two tierone monomounta both 38mm night one short saddle and one long saddle 0 moa! £190 each brand new boxed rick
  7. Hi all, new updated list try me 1 x 34mm med 20moa long saddle one piece mount in black brand new boxed £185 1 x 34mm medium monomount 0moa short saddle in black brand new boxed£185 1x30mm med 0moa long saddle brand new boxers £180 1x 40mm medium 0moa long saddle! Monomount £185 34 medium tac rings boxed new £130 30mm Med pic rings £80 30mm high pic rings as new! £80 posted 34mm pic rings med and high boxed brand new £80 posted Please pm me for any more info rick
  8. Hi all, one of the new evolution under slung bipod to suit picatinny adapter! Comes with spike feet and a pod lock! It’s 230mm carbon leg wanting £255 posted pictures available thought pm rick

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