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  1. all, new updated list try me 1x 30mm medium monomount 20 moa short saddle black boxed brand new £185 posted 1 x 34mm medium monomount 0moa short saddle in black brand new boxed£185 1x30mm med 0moa unimount long saddle brand new boxers £180 1x 34mm high unimount 20moa short saddle in black £180 1x 40mm medium 0moa long and short saddle! Monomount £185 34 medium tac rings boxed new £130 30mm Med pic rings £80 30mm high pic rings as new! £80 posted 34mm pic rings med and high boxed brand new £80 posted 30mm Leupold steel rings £70 posted used 30mm sake trg picatinny rings £70 posted all prices include postage! Please pm me for any other enquires or pictures rick
  2. Hi all, 230mm carbon tacitical bipod with picatinny adapter! Condura case, Claw feet and pod lock brand new £210 posted Tierone 180mm carbon tactical bipod! In the tierone condura case with spike feet ! It’s for the sling swivel stud adapter and had picatinny adapter Brand new never mounted just never got round to using it! Looking for £225 230mm carbon evoloutuon bipod underslung the nestwest bipods from tierone! Cases With spike feet and picatinny adapter £240 pics available pm me for email rick
  3. rickosf

    30mm LOW Picatinney two piece mounts

    Pm send one hole
  4. Still got these available!
  5. October deals, with October been in a few days!
  6. rickosf

    20MOA Rail

    Hi jimmy sent you a pm regarding a rail I’ve got a couple rick
  7. Still got a 180mm carbon and a 230mm carbon left

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