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  1. Smock

    Thanks for all the repairs lads. That's the sort of thing I'm after. Run of the mill workwear that most local places stock just doesn't last.
  2. Smock

    Does anyone have any experience of these.................. smock I'm after a jacket for working around the farm. I've got an old DPM combat jacket, which is really practical ie loads of pockets, but I can't help but feel like a bit of a Walt when I'm out working in it. If I could get something of similar quality but in a plain colour....................... any other suggestions? Cheers
  3. .22 Semi-auto ammo

    SK standard plus works well for me, and only £4/50
  4. .222 reduced varminting load

    Sounds good. Bought a box to try, good velocity with RL10X, although I'm running a shorter 19.5" barrel.
  5. .222 reduced varminting load

    I'd initially been after a 22hornet to replace my hmr, but got a really good deal on cz527 .222 so went for that. Currently shooting 40gr sbk and RL 10x very accurately but always had a notion of using a lighter frangible bullet. Anyway, came across this on the Barnes site....... http://www.barnesbullets.com/files/2015/06/222-Remington.pdf Livens seem to have the 30gr varmint grenades in stock.
  6. Genuine Versa Pod Model 1, 9" to 12", all steel, notched legs, ski feet, non locking, universal adaptor with sling loop. In good condition, apart from a few minor scuffs. £55 posted Pics via email
  7. Cheap 30mm Scope Wanted

  8. Give it a good going over with a wire brush. I've found that once you get several layers of paint on, it'll flake. As said above, thin layers seem to work better.
  9. recommend me flip-up covers for NXS

    Vortex Defenders are pretty good, I had one come of the other evening and it went under the back wheel of the quad...... with no ill effects.
  10. CZ 581/511 mag

    Anyone got a spare one these knocking about?
  11. Selling up

    Does the press have the quick change bushings?
  12. Looking for a Rimfire replacement

    Interesting post. Did the lower velocity have any notable effects on the expansion of the 50gr blitzkings?
  13. 17rem

    In that case, at the ranges I'll using it,it won't make any difference. Thanks guys
  14. 17rem

    Has shortening the barrel made much notable difference to performance?
  15. 17rem

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply. I think I am leaning more to the 17rem, even though a good proportion of my shooting would fall within the range of the hornet. But as I said in the opening post, I want to stick with one rifle that will cover all bases. My hmr was my first powder burner, and it has served me well,but for the most part I've always been using it within it limitations, it's when you push it past its limits you can see the inconsistencies. I think in my situation, it could be the same with the hornet, not knocking the cailbre by any means, but some the shots maybe edging towards it's limits,especially for fox, whereas the 17rem is still going to have a bit tank. I think for the extra performance I could live with a bit of extra noise. I'll second that.

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