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    Rabbit and Fox shooting, Day and Night.

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  1. BR 700

    Picatinny rail for CZ455

    Jack CZ do their own rail, I've just installed a 25 moa. Purchased it directly from them. https://www.czub.cz/en/eu-eshop/dlouhe-zbrane/nahradni-dily.html B
  2. Hi, Is this for a sporting or varmint barrel? Thanks, B
  3. For sale: 1 AI 223 polymer magazine used but feed lips not worn out £33 posted. 1 MDT 223 used once £35 posted. 1 MDT 308 used twice £35 posted.
  4. For sale: BT08-QK - Standard Height AI Mount with QK01 Quick Knob In perfect working order, this is for AICS stocks only. £100 posted.
  5. Up for sale: AICS non folding stock in gap digital camo short action. This has been taken of my Valkyrie 6BR and has been bedded and milled out to take a Jewell trigger. £450 posted
  6. BR 700

    6BR loading for 105 Amax (N140?)

    It's a 26" Kreiger barrel, no neck turn. It was tested in August and my notes said 24oC Subsequent tests have shown similar velocity.
  7. BR 700

    6BR loading for 105 Amax (N140?)

    This is my load, haven't changed it since.
  8. Can I have the 3300 7 1/2 primer and the 20 rounds of tracer please. Thanks, BR700
  9. PM sent re the 223 two die set #80111 Thanks, BR
  10. BR 700

    .223 Odin from last week.

    Sure that's not a long barrelled pistol?????
  11. BR 700

    6mm br repeater

    Here try this. http://ukvarminting.com/forums/topic/29187-good-video-of-how-a-6mmbr-should-work/?hl=6mmbr

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