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    Shooting sports of all kinds,been shooting over 30years now. Also known to cast a fly now and again.

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  1. gun nut

    George Balfour (gbal on this site)

    A truly wicked twist of fate that such an eloquent person as Gbal be afflicted with this terribly debilitating disease. My heart goes out to George and his family and close friends. Mike
  2. gun nut

    30.06 dies wanted

    Thanks for the offer Steve but the rifle won't be here for a couple of weeks yet. If i can't get what I'm after used I'll buy new, Thanks anyway. Mike
  3. gun nut

    30.06 dies wanted

    Hi Guys, looking for a set of 30.06 dies preferably Forster but look at RCBS or Redding. Seater and f/l sizer wanted. Rgds Mike
  4. gun nut

    New 6.5 CM

    Interesting spec Keith, just put a 3-24×52 March on it now and it'd be perfect! Rgds Mike
  5. gun nut

    KAHLES CBX 3-12X56 wanted

    Looking for one of these in good nick, anybody have one languishing in a cupboard? Mike
  6. gun nut

    which calibre do you most enjoy shooting?

    20tac, varmint busting with a built in grin! MIke
  7. Hi Guys, as above Tikka 695 mags for sale, a brand new in package 5 shot ( packaged as Sako ,S5840375, Tikka 658-95) and lightly used 3 shot. £100 for both posted to your door. For clarity these fit .270win, 30.06, 7x57 etc etc Mike
  8. gun nut

    Hornady ELD X no thump

    If extended ranges are the norm I think the 140 ELDM will do your job nicely. take it you shoot a .264win mag? Uncommon round in the UK. Mike
  9. gun nut

    Hornady ELD X no thump

    Hi N, did you try the Sierra pro hunter or game king in 120gr or 140gr in 6.5mm? I shoot the equivalent 130gr in 270 about the velocity you're shooting and they are Thors' Hammer on deer. I used the 120gr in a 6.5x55 at a modest 2750fps and it was far soarer on deer than the weight or velocity would lead you to believe possible, even big reds. They're cheap as chips too. Unless you absolutely need the high BC's, ie if you shoot most stuff past 300yds I think you'll be pleasantly surprised how good the traditional soft point bullet kills. Mike
  10. gun nut

    Hornady ELD X no thump

    double post
  11. gun nut

    Hornady ELD X no thump

    Hi N, I've recently got a 6.5 Creedmoor and although I've only shot 4 deer so far this season, at ranges from 201yds to 295yds, and I'm only getting 2600fps out of a 20" barrel the "thump" on all the deer has seemed louder than the suppressed shot using 140 ELD's. The fact that your round is doing 300fps more would have made the thump louder again I'd have thought. I normally shoot a 270 pushing 130's at 2950fps (which has accounted for over 400 deer and 12 plains game in Africa) and anything shot through the shoulders hasn't stood long enough for another shot. Do you think the ELDX are too stout and are not opening quick enough? I'm particularly interested as I'm going to the states tomorrow and intended buying ELD X's for my 270 and 6.5? I stopped using Berger vld's for the reasons you've observed ie no shock or shot reaction from animals hit in the vitals. Mike
  12. gun nut

    Sierra bullets sold out

    Increase, improve and expand are three corporate words that cost a lot of money. You can be sure the bullets won't be getting cheaper!!
  13. gun nut

    rem 700 20 moa steel picatinny rail

    pm sent
  14. gun nut

    7mm Rem mag

    7x64 is worth a look at, or 280Rem, a lot more barrel life than a 7 Rem mag and only 150 or so fps less velocity depending on barrel length.

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