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  1. 6.5mm varmint bullet choice

    Sierra 100 grain Varminter. Very good from my CM~Andrew
  2. .223 barrel cleaning

    You're probably right.~Andrew
  3. .223 barrel cleaning

    I'll second that.~Andrew
  4. squirrel eating

    Naw! That's one of those scrawny reds. The greys are MUCH bigger. Not me but I like the pan.~Andrew
  5. .223 barrel cleaning

    Clean as little as possible. I only clean my barrel if I get debris in it. Chamber and action are cleaned more frequently.~Andrew
  6. I use a 10X on my 308 and a 20X on my 6,5 and 300 WM for long range. The trick is to get a scope that "tracks like a tank'. Tracking is far more important than small differences in clarity.~Andrew
  7. squirrel eating

    I grew up eating squirrel. The region of the US I lived in had really large, heavily bodied grey squirrels we hunted with .22's in hardwood groves. We would lightly brine them and either stew or fry them. No one ever complained.~Andrew
  8. There are a number of US makers producing them. TAB is on the high side, price wise. I got mine from Dakota Silencer: $45 US. I won't shoot my CF suppressor without it in place.~Andrew
  9. Seating Depth Rule of Thumb

    I'm a bit of a country bumpkin but when there is no recommendation otherwise, I seat bullets with the parallel sides of the bullet seated to the base of the neck. (Neck shoulder junction) The boat tail is below that point. I am always surprised at how seldom I need to move from that setting. If i do it's usually a magazine fit issue.~Andrew
  10. Powder measures

    Yup! ~Andrew
  11. Powder measures

    It is a lot of coinage, yes. But in the greater scheme of things, not so much. My annealer was $500. Dollar for dollar, I seem to get more use from the Jones than the annealer. I bought a mid level Vortex scope the other day and it was $600. That Redding had a MSRP of $267 when I bought it. All this stuff is expensive -shooters just choose where to spend heavily and where not to. I use the $500 Jones but Lee dies. Go figure! ~Andrew
  12. Powder measures

    I have a BR-3 that I would give you if you wanted it. Any powder measure can throw accurate charges of fine grained powder but the litmus test is coarse powders. For these I have found the BR3 Precision Match to be anything but. I have relegated it to the fine Accurate No7 powder for my 45ACP. It does well with that.... but so did my Lee Dipper set. As to the Jones Measures. People who own them know that they can talk to someone on the other side of the world and say that their charge of powder "X" is "....Y clicks on the Jones." and both can be assured that the charges will be the same, LOT to LOT variations notwithstanding. They are hand built and are generally sold as soon as they are completed. There must be a reason.~Andrew
  13. Powder measures

    To me, this is the the last word in powder measures.~Andrew http://www.neiljones.com/html/measure.html
  14. Vortex viper 6-24x50 PST ffp

    I just traded one of these in on a PST Gen II, FFP, 5-25X. The Gen II has a much thinner reticle. I found the Gen I a little chunky but that didn't stop me from using it out to 1200 on my Creedmoor Tikka.~Andrew
  15. Barnes 165 and Varget Help

    http://www.hodgdonreloading.com/data/rifle You might look here.~Andrew
  16. Reloading Press

    I agree. One of my CoAx is 38 years old. Still as accurate as the day it was made.~Andrew
  17. Has the .17 HMR had its day?

    I have several 17HMR's that haven't been used in a decade, at least. IT was my No1 vermin round until they decided to make it fast and cheap. None of the ammo I shot then split cases but accuracy was tank and bullet performance was poor. I finally shelved it with two, 500 round bricks of shoddy ammo waiting to be shot.~Andrew.
  18. New brass

    That's the first time I've heard that.~Andrew
  19. .22 Semi-auto ammo

    I would add to your list, Quality of Ignition source. Some semi's, if left to their own devices, become sluggish in the ignition department. It does effect accuracy. This can be a gummed up striker/firing mechanism or just a crudded up breech that prevents consistent bolt closure and headspace. I have a 10/22 with a custom 1-18" twist barrel that will shoot 50M, 10 shot groups on par most of my good bolt guns, as long as i keep the firing mechanism and breech face and bolt scrupulously clean and properly lubricated. That said, I have a CZ 452 that I can completely ignore, maintenance wise, and it will shoot as well as the Ruger Custom with ammo it favors.~Andrew
  20. New brass

    This is almost exactly my process except i leave the expander ball in. (It's very educational to feel the varying tensions as the ball passes through the neck. Makes you glad you are FL sizing first.) Not only does FL sizing take out any irregularities, but it then sets your load development on a course that guarantees that on the second loading, your brass will be as close as possible to what it was on your first loading. Why would anyone want the "Best" results on new, unsized brass?? Unless you have an endless supply of it, of course. I'd rather find my best in a manner that I can replicate.~Andrew
  21. Nice shooting. This reminds me of the shooting we do here in my locale. I think there was a bit more wind out there than you gave credit for! A standard US gallon milk jug is roughly 6" x 9" on the side. Our small plate is 7x9 inches out to 800 yards. We have several 'ranges' over which we shoot out to 1700 yards and the bullet must traverse many geographical irregularities with the accompanying shifting winds, before it gets to the target. You'd have serious fun joining us for a day. You'd fit right in.~Andrew
  22. Top-grade ammo vs Handloading for competition

    You should set out to replicate, as nearly as possible, the best factory match ammunition. Once you can do that, you will be at a good launching point for more advanced techniques. Master consistency first. In that light, any good reloading manual will suit you.~Andrew
  23. reload costs

    Prices of components in the US continue to fall. ~Andrew
  24. I have brakes of this man's design on my Ruger Precision 308 and my Tikka CTR 6.5 Creedmoor. These rifles are virtually recoilless with no hop. Off a bipod, to boot. ~Andrew https://muzzlebrakesandmore.com/
  25. cz 527 COL

    All of this. I load to manufacturer's specified OAL. I measure the first two rounds out of the sizer and then stop measuring. I get half MOA from my little 223 carbine for 5 rounds. No fuss. No muss.~Andrew

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