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  1. Andrew

    Statistical Ghosts and Seeing Patterns

    Just for grins, the next time you have RWS and ELEY in the same proximity and you have a caliper handy, measure the distance from the face of rim to the top of the shoulder. See if there is a difference.~Andrew
  2. Andrew

    FL & neck sized powder charge query

    And you changed it? Oh my!🙂~Andrew
  3. Andrew

    Statistical Ghosts and Seeing Patterns

    Absolutely. Pick a load and shoot. Trigger time is good time. No need for an understudy, thanks. I have a girl friend who thinks nothing of running through Federal Match Primers like they were free. The first time i put her behind my Tikka CTR 6.5 she gleefully shot all my ammo at the 650 to 810 yard targets. When she had nothing but a pile of empty brass she looked up with an expectant look on her face as if i was going to pull another 100 rounds out of my back pocket. Youth! I make her reload her own now....~Andrew
  4. Andrew

    Short barreled.223

    My AR-15 pistol has a 14.5" Odin barrel on it. I have killed prairiedogs to 400 yards so far with little fuss.~Andrew
  5. Andrew

    Tikka tac chassis v after market chassis

    I also find the TikTac (love that) well thought out and well executed. I also find the hinge to be excellent. I have no problems with it at all. I examined at least a dozen of these rifles waiting to get off my a&& to actually buy one. I never saw anything out of place. Always quality work.~Andrew
  6. Andrew

    BSA Martini

    I've got a Martini Cadet that was rebarreled in Australia to 25-20 Winchester. With 65 grain cast bullets it is 1 hole accurate at 50M. I have rebarreled many Cadets in the past -usually when they were bastardized by profit hungry importers back in th e50's and 60's. I have seen the likes of 32 WInchester Special and 32-20 on reamed Cadet barrels. Not good conversions. I have often thought of rechambering my 25-20 to 256 Winchester Magnum (a .357 magnum necked to 25 cal for you of the younger set.) but the exiting "Sportco" barrel shoots so well I'm going to leave it. FWIW, gunwriter Frank de Haas used to say that the Cadet Martini could handle the pressure of a 308 if you could find a way to get the cartridge past the breechblock.~Andrew
  7. Andrew

    Statistical Ghosts and Seeing Patterns

    I agree. People seem to want to find their perfect load in as little rounds as possible and tend to make some hasty decisions as to what works and what doesn't. My circumstances are different than most UK shooters in that I have an unlimited resource for powder and bullets, so when i load, I pick a powder that gives me the velocity range I want/need with the lowest pressures. I then choose a starting load and load fifty. I shoot them. I don't bother chronographing unless the load shows signs of being promising. In the mean while I wring the load out at various distances and get in some meaningful trigger time. If I continue with that component combination I may up the charge what I deem appropriate and repeat. You would be surprised at how many deer I've killed or steel plates I've tattooed with loads that were not fully "developed' at the time. One of my better 130 grain 6.5 CM loads was shot by a friend when he forgot his ammo at a long range gathering. I gave hin the 50 rounds i'd loaded to test. He beat up the plates out to 1000 yards and I kept track of his elevation changes. After observing 50 rounds perform at ranges from 550 to 1004 yards I concluded the load was good enough as it was. I could not have deduced that from a four shot group....~Andrew
  8. Load to whatever the data recommends. It's not a random number pulled out of thin air. Usually the load in question was found to perform best at that seating depth. When the bullet maker is not supplying the data, use the bullet maker's OAL anyhow. You can't be far off. JMHO~Andrew
  9. Andrew

    Hornady 208gr BTHP in .308Win

    Never had any random distant fliers with RDF. .536 i believe.~Andrew
  10. Andrew

    Hornady 208gr BTHP in .308Win

    I guess you got it sorted. I ran 190's in my Ruger Precision and got great accuracy but truly mortar like trajectories. Abandoned the heavies in favor of the 175's. I currently shoot an RFD 175 and can hit MOA to 1000. Great bullet. Great BC.~Andrew
  11. Andrew

    Tikka tac chassis v after market chassis

    Yes it would.~Andrew
  12. Andrew

    Hornady 208gr BTHP in .308Win

    According to Bergers "Stability Chart" the answer is "marginal" @ 2450 fps. That doesn't mean it can't be tried.~Andrew
  13. Andrew

    Tikka tac chassis v after market chassis

    That's about everything. I hope you didn't buy one before you found these things out!~Andrew
  14. Andrew

    Would you be confident with this for 1000m ??

    Yeah. On a good day I can shoot 168's to 1000 with regularity. One of the benefits of living in the boondocks.~Andrew
  15. Andrew

    Would you be confident with this for 1000m ??

    I'm shooting Nosler RDF 175's to 1000 without a problem @ 3200 ft elevation.~Andrew
  16. Andrew

    Tikka tac chassis v after market chassis

    Is there something you don't like about the TAC? I am finally getting out to shoot mine (the weather went from -35F to +35F) and I really like the way the TAC chassis is set up.~Andrew
  17. Mine takes less time to set up than my Chrony(s). After you've set it up once or twice -running through the option screens- it becomes second nature. Takes me about 5 minutes to set my options and verify the aiming of the Doppler.~Andrew
  18. As a bullet caster for almost 5 decades, I would offer that casting the chamber and slugging the bore is imperative if you are going to shoot cast bullets -and jacketed bullets for that matter. As an example, I had a 1875 Remington Replica in 44-40 that would not shoot jacketed or cast bullets well. Cast bullets were the worst but jacketed were bad as well. The original owner sold me the gun out of frustration so I slugged the bore: .429" which is pretty standard for a modern .44 caliber barrel. I then slugged the throat area ahead of the chambers. Each throat was .428" which is about standard for a traditional/original 44-40. The result was .429" and .430" bullets were being swaged down below groove diameter giving horrible accuracy. I reamed the throats to .431" and the pistol started shooting 1.5" at 25 yards. I slugged my Husqvarna 25-20 hoping to make it a cast bullet rifle. The groove diameter was .262" I had a Remington 788 in 30-30 that had a .307" groove. Never take the bore or throat diameter for granted. Without knowing what they are you will be chasing your tail. JMHO.~Andrew
  19. I don't use the interface. It's not too much work for me to reach over and turn it on without my phone handy. I also have a card installed to record results. You are correct though, ours are more powerful. I have tracked bullets to 110 yards. My buddy has tracked them to just short of 150 yards.~Andrew
  20. Andrew

    Velocity plateaus in load testing: Why?

    Can't explain it as I have been a bit more coarse in my testing, looking for the end mark in loading a given powder. This kept me from incrementally loading a powder that was never going to reach a (needed) velocity level.~Andrew
  21. Andrew

    Velocity plateaus in load testing: Why?

    You really need a pressure gun. If you look at a tracing of a pressure curve you will see that (generally) the peak pressure eventually takes a steep upward turn while adding to little to velocity. I believe this was the reasoning behind the idea. I have used it myself in developing loads. It won't pin point a narrow load band but you can track at which point the powder added gives smaller velocity gains indicating that you're probably hitting a peak with that particular powder.~Andrew
  22. I neck ream some 308. Can't say there is much practical advantage unless you are using military cases.... in which case -everything else done well- you can get some very accurate brass.~Andrew
  23. Andrew

    Berger 185 juggernaut powders

    Try Lovex SO62. The company that markets Lovex in the US claims it to be quite similar, or that's the way they are presenting it at least.~Andrew
  24. Andrew

    Brass Trim Length

    Yes. I trim to the shortest case in the LOT. But only after I FL resize.~Andrew
  25. Agreed. I do not use it and tighten the bejeezus out of the tension nut on all my bipes. ~Andrew

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