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  1. I have a Tikka CTR Creedmoor and use a Vortex Viper Gen II 5-25X. As soon as i got the rifle I installed a 20 MOA base just to negate any potential elevation problems. It worked. I can pound paint on a 1 MOA gong at 1000 using the Nosler 130 grain RDF. ~Andrew
  2. I have a couple that I keep around for people to use for prairiedog shooting in conjunction with a folding chair but for big game shooting, I'd rather not be saddled with that much gear.~Andrew
  3. I must have a zombie phone for work, and I have downloaded the app, but have no idea how to hook up to blue tooth.🙁 I just set it manually. My tripod is a camera tripod with the single stud draw-down attachment point. It will extend to about an 8 ft radius and lie flat on the grounds with the legs extended if the situation warrants. Your tube looks like mine but much larger and refined. Does it have a reticle in it?? The small tube I affix does allow fairly precise alignment at 100 yards.~ Andrew
  4. If touching the unit sets it out of alignment then connect with blue tooth and set it remotely. The APP is free and you don't need to touch the unit once aligned. Or stiffen up the mount. I do not use any of the LabRadar-marketed mounting units. Instead I have a very secure tripod arrangement. The entire tripod would need to move if the LabRadar was nudged so once set, barring an idiot smacking into it, It does not move. If I have one biich about the unit it's the lack of an adequate aiming device. I use a 4" long x .25" bore thick walled plastic tube set in the V-notch. This allows me to sight on a target 100 yards distant and collect my data with no fuss. Paying attention to the option parameters is the first step in getting every shot to record.~Andrew
  5. Why blame the LabRadar on operator error? ~Andrew
  6. The more I use mine, the better I like it. I have shot it using both triggering modes; both doppler pick up and accoustic, and both methods have been quite accurate. In the US we get a more powerful version so I have been able to track rounds past 100 yards. When that data is put to practical field use it has been spot on.~Andrew
  7. Andrew

    Magtech primers

    I use the Magtech 7.5's. I bought several thousand on sale at one of the local retailers. They have been very good.~Andrew
  8. Andrew

    mag length

    Hi Andy, I"ll need to get my notes out this evening but I believe I'm using a stout charge of (sorry) Varget. I FL size my cases, trim to uniform length, seat deep and crimp the result. I get half MOA using a "Scout" scope.~Andrew
  9. Andrew

    mag length

    I would seat it deep and forget about the lands. I mean, you spent the money on the dies, right? Might as well use the alignment they can/will hopefully afford. To seat them shallow you could just squeeze the neck mouth with a pair of pliers. I shoot Nosler 125's in my Steyr Scout and they are the most accurate bullet I have in that rifle -seated to Nosler's recommended OAL. Which is nowhere near the lands I'm certain.~Andrew
  10. Great cartridge but lack of target bullets would give me pause.~Andrew
  11. Andrew


    It's pronounciated "pwaig!"~Andrew
  12. Andrew

    Howa 6.5 grendel

    Powder residue and bullets are the best polish! Good job on the load. I can't even get the light weight bullets off the shelf in these parts.~Andrew
  13. Andrew

    New Tikka rimfire

    I'm sure that with familiarity the grouping will get much smaller. We tend to shoot more high velocity than SUBS and they tend to be a little more forgiving than subsonic cartridges with regard to shooter technique / follow through. It has taken me a while with this Tikka to remember to follow through completely with each shot. We are planning a 1/5 scale 1000 yard 22LR shoot as soon as we can spread the word. Should be fun.~Andrew
  14. Andrew

    New Tikka rimfire

    Shot a few of these, too.~Andrew
  15. Andrew

    New Tikka rimfire

    Had an informal .22 shoot at our range today to celebrate an unseasonably warm December afternoon. The targets were push pins at 100 yards and 12 ga hulls at 200 yards. The T1x did well. The other top gun was a Ruger Precision 22LR. When I backed my Zeiss turrets off of my 'almost 200 yard" setting (I had to hold over when I ran out of elevation) I paused to fire a group to verify that i was at least in the ball park at 100. I had some loose Aguila rounds in my pouch and fired four. Three were in about a single hole and one was an inch out. The rifle continues to impress.~Andrew
  16. Andrew

    Implications of case fill percentage

    My Creedmoor with a full charge of H4350 still has a lot of room and yet gives single digit SDs. ~Andrew
  17. Andrew

    Implications of case fill percentage

    Not that I've noticed. The 300WM loads I shoot have so much bullet seated into the case (210 RFD Noslers) that case fill is offset to some degree. In the end, what works, works and small numbers at the chrono are no assurance of accuracy.~Andrew
  18. FL resize your new brass and do the same on the second loading. This will help make the second loading as close to the first as you can make it.~Andrew
  19. Andrew

    Better problems to have

    ...which is why I put the names of my grandchildren on tags and attached them to my better CZ/Brnos. I will be hunting with the Tikka from now on. I ran some Norma Sub Sonic HP through my T1x the other day. At 50M I'd get three or four in one hole and always one or two out. No groups bigger than 9/16 inch and that's OK as it's hunting ammo. To double check that it wasn't shooter error i ran Federal Ultra Match. A 1.5 bullet diameter hole for five shots. Wish that stuff wasn't $13.00 for 50.......~Andrew
  20. Andrew

    Better problems to have

    When one of the importers for second hand Brno trainers was quitting the business i bought 14 #2 barreled receivers and enough parts to assemble 7 complete rifles. I'm pretty well covered in the Brno CZ department.~Andrew
  21. It is a matter of the methods used for measuring the pressure for SAAMI and CIP. They use differnt methods and get different numbers. I have shot thousands of round of 5.56 NATO through ".223" chambers.~Andrew
  22. Andrew

    Better problems to have

    I have a couple of 452s that I shoot and one 452 "American" sitting unfired in the box the last 12 years because my cousin in Scotland bet I'd have it shot out in a week. I have a number of #2 Brno's that I like as well. I like the 452 more than the 455 by a long margin.~Andrew
  23. The M&P my buddy owns is more than accurate enough to hit an inch at 25M. The S&W will shoot ragged holes from the bench with ammo it likes. We use "Clone" rifles for some of our timed steel shoots. I use the ISSC Mk22 "SKAR" clone. It is a bigger and heavier rifle but the reliability and accuracy is astounding. We shoot rapid fire on a 4" steel plate at 25-30M off hand and it's almost a given that I won't miss in a 20 shot string. The rifle is steady as a rock. I put a Vortex 1MOA on my Mk22 and that seems to work very well at all the ranges I shoot.~Andrew
  24. Andrew

    Lubing cast bullets

    You shouldn't need to. I am not a fan of that hard, waxy lube, but it seems to work reasonably well. You can Alox the bullets if you wish but a lot of it will get scraped off seating or will make a slight bulge in at the case mouth. I would contact the maker and ask about unlubed bullets if you want to go that route. Once coated, use a lee push=through sizer in your press.~Andrew

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