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  1. DaveT

    308 essentials

    There are any number of clubs using ranges where you just won't need to worry about 308 restrictions.
  2. DaveT

    Molten Salt Annealing Rig

    Reading about exploding salts from moisture etc worries me!
  3. DaveT

    308 essentials

    Join a different club and use their ranges such as Kingsbury...Offas Dyke ?
  4. DaveT

    Bradley Arms brag time

    Your work is clearly your best advert...deserved!
  5. DaveT

    Where can I buy 115 grain 6mm DTAC's?

    HPS in Newent.
  6. Steve Bowers in Cheltenham
  7. DaveT

    Busing Bolt problem

    +1 on Neils work... did the same job for me.... cured my primer cratering issue.
  8. DaveT

    Sinclair gen 2 expander die body

    Anyone sitting on one of these they might want to sell?
  9. DaveT

    What primers are using in. 260

    CCI brs Muroms reduce ES but need careful and deep seating or else you will get failures on first firing where firing pin finishes incomplete seating. Not sure about future supplies due to sanctions on Russia.
  10. DaveT

    Winter 2018 Roundhouse Rifle Challenge

    How?! I looked at it as a 'chip-shot' and had plenty of time! Doooh 😃
  11. DaveT

    Winter 2018 Roundhouse Rifle Challenge

    +1 on Rugers comments. How did I miss the THLR gong?!🤔
  12. DaveT

    What bullet for .260 for an AI

    139g Scenar with 44.5g N560 works to 1000 and beyond...... usual load dev caveats.
  13. DaveT

    Precision Rifle League Officially Launched

    Tiff runs a safe, interesting and fun shoot. As for the rest.... adapt, improvise overcome...ffs...we need this in the UK and it will evolve / mature...support it l
  14. DaveT

    Case annealing machine

    Any info on dangers of 'splatter' from contaminants or moisture on the cases? I read somewhere that this is a major hazard with molten salts solutions.
  15. DaveT

    Precision Rifle League Officially Launched

    For anyone worried that this might just be for 'operators' or special forces wannabees.... its not. I can only speak for the Roundhouse but its what I would call friendly competition amongst like-minded shooters...its fun!
  16. DaveT

    Implications of case fill percentage

    Good info on this in Litz second book on modern advancements in long range shooting.
  17. If as you say the brass is FLS after firing then its not really fire-formed but put back to somewhere near original dimensions so pressure would be about the same. If neck sized only and fired in a generous chamber then you may see some pressure reduction.
  18. The HBN does leave a microscopic coating ...thats the point of it. It helps prevent the coarser fouling from carbon and copper doing its negative 'thing' as a result. There are extensive reviews on the web. Bottom line is ...it does no known harm, it DOES reduce fouling, it MAY produce a significant reduction in barrel wear particularly in the throat where the flame-erosion effect is most pronounced... especially in overbore cartridges like 6mm variants. Its not cheap to buy so a group order is best as you use minute quantities to coat bullets. You should not mix coated and non-coated bullets as you will get varying pressures..... do it or don't.
  19. I am using it in 260 rem and 6mm SLR in hopes of prolonging barrel life. With new barrels costing up to a grand fitted that makes huge sense to me! How to measure extra barrel life is the hard part. One thing it does FOR SURE is to radically reduce fouling. Its very easy to apply ... I will continue with it.
  20. DaveT

    Recomendations for reloading manual

    Choose your bullet and buy the corresponding manufacturers manual. You cannot assume that data provided by a different bullet manufacturer is safe even if its for the same calibre and weight. Its best to cross-check with at least one other manual to see if you get broad consensus on powder and loading weights. In the end you will need to be cautious of even the chosen bullet manufacturers data and work up to a final load gradually per normal practice.
  21. DaveT

    300 Norma Magnum

    Well I need to see my 338 barrel out but might well look at 30 cal option. Still tempted by a sub 50 cal bigun!
  22. DaveT

    300 Norma Magnum

    So consensus is that 300 Norma trumps 338LM re ballistics?
  23. DaveT

    300 Norma Magnum

  24. DaveT

    300 Norma Magnum

    Gents I am interested in a new build for 2019 IF Salisbury Plain comes back online..... can't honestly see myself going all the way up to Gardners to shoot as nice as it looks! I was thinking 375 CT or Barret 416 on the assumption that reamers etc can be had... its early days resesrch at present with no set-in-stone decisions. I know 2 of you and would doubt that you had chosen the 300 Norma without good reason..... do you mind sharing your decision process?

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