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  1. It should also be a non-issue to get clubs that share shoots access to each others shoot date areas via a common login. Whilst I appreciate the voluntary work that club secs etc do.....The current non-responses to requests are infuriating.
  2. Don't shoot the messenger.....its what I have been told by club officials. Ostensibly its to prevent criminals targeting gun owners on the way to or from a shoot. The logic may be a bit thin but there is some sense to it. (Unlike to Doctors note BS!) Unfortunately it causes problems for clubs sharing shoots but not being able to see shoot dates on sister club websites!
  3. It was easier then but there is home office pressure to 'hide' shoot dates behind member-only access areas which makes sense security-wise. As a FCSA member I am trying to get a login ID for ODRC from Simon Wheeler ..... still trying! The FCSA contacts are Chris Stevenson or Darren Bean but I am not sure that they will entertain direct apoproaches from non-members of FCSA and ODRC... perhaps best to join one or the other unless you know members to invite you personally?
  4. Do you mean non-member of either club?
  5. DaveT

    6.5CM, RS62, overpressure signs.

    +1 on Daves post if it helps.....although I use the N5 series equivalents
  6. Emails cleared and your pm received and replied to.
  7. Chris Stevenson of FCSA has told me that he will issue login IDs for ODRC members wishing to attend FCSA shoots. So far I am getting nothing in response to emails sent to ODRC / Simon Wheeler re a reciprocal arrangement. We are supposed to be sharing shoots! Anyone closer to ODRC / Simon able to give this a 'nudge'. Shooting is getting scarcer what with the MOD buggering about!
  8. DaveT

    6.5CM, RS62, overpressure signs.

    Brillo is refering to the case neck expanding to grip the chamber and then the case stretching back under restraint rather than slamming back under pressure if the front end does not grip.
  9. DaveT

    6.5CM, RS62, overpressure signs.

    Just noted your load length of 2.825.... are you on the rifling by any chance?
  10. DaveT

    6.5CM, RS62, overpressure signs.

    One last comment..... its unusual with this size of case to find accuracy nodes a whole 2 grains apart.... at least in my experience. I suspect that you have another good grouping load to be found right in between the two charges you mention.
  11. DaveT

    6.5CM, RS62, overpressure signs.

    If 42 and a bit grains is causing ejector marks and loosening primer pockets then hot load or not its too much for your specific rifle.
  12. DaveT

    6.5CM, RS62, overpressure signs.

    You don't mention load length or neck tension. Brass from the box can have too tight a neck (Lapua certainly does) which increases initial pressure. Loading way too deep or too close / into the rifle can raise pressures. I have no RS load data to hand re powder charges but you say that you have researched so I am assuming your high charge us within reasonable limits.?
  13. DaveT

    6.5CM, RS62, overpressure signs.

    Loose primer pockets are a pretty good sign of pressure excesses or brass which is getting on a bit re to many firings. I have not used Peterson brass but it looks good on inspection.... how many times fired.....just the once?
  14. DaveT

    6.5CM, RS62, overpressure signs.

    The symptoms that Brillo describes can also come from not cleaning lube off of your brass properly or having the chamber contaminated with lube. Worth a check.

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