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  1. Nearest I have is 46g H4831sc in 260 Rem with that bullet....but of course that powder is on its way out!
  2. Laurie Hollands review of Murom primers found that standard (non magnum) 223 Murom primers are no good over about 50,000psi of pressure....see Target Shooter website.
  3. Can only agree completely with VarmLR.....the media are banging on about acid and knives but never mentioning the firearms which are roped into the same ridiculous review and would, no doubt, be swept up in any parliamentary voting driven by the acid / knife issues. Acid can be tapped from car batteries, knives can be made from screwdrivers and chisels.......how can you ban these things in the real world? I despair of ever hearing sense from our political classes. I shall be writing to my MP to ask how they will be addressing these seperate issues.
  4. Thanks Mark.......if I read it right the v bull is .5 moa at all distances.......I assume the range office sets this up at the selected distance.
  5. We figured out the on / off and target clearance easily enough......did not see means of selecting specific target type.
  6. Used these for the first time last Sunday and very impressed. Can't seem to get through to Bisley range office at present so does anyone know the size of the v bulls on electronic targets at 1000 yards on Stickledown and 300 on Century? Also are the v bull sizes scaled in any way at various ranges?
  7. McM A5 for stalking

    TOTALLY agree with HTG Adjustable stock for stalking / tactical shoots.......A5 a bit clunky for the field. I have both but if I had to choose only one it would be the HTG ADJ with no regrets.
  8. Grub screws for Hornady Lock ‘n Load kit

  9. Learning to adjust a scope.

    You can zero at 300 yards BUT its unreliable due to wind effects , shooter aim errof etc, etc and 100yds is a much more sound baseline. Chronographs such as Magnetospeed and Labradar are best but costly....suggest you see if someone will help you out here unless cost is not a concern.
  10. Triple2 I hope nothing untoward has happened but you have not responded to my PMs or open-forum messages regarding your sale item. If I do not hear from you by Midday today I will need to look elsewhere.
  11. Learning to adjust a scope.

    Easiest way to get a 100 yard / metre zero is to mount the scope...a task in itself.....read up. Set the rifle in a stable cradle of some sort and look through the bore to sight in on an object about 100 yards away. Without moving the rifle then adjust the turrets until you can see the same object in your crosshairs. You will be toughly zeroed for 100 yards / metres and ready to fire rounds to refine your zero. Assuming you hit paper somewhere at 100 yards you can either correct the point of impact to dead centre of your target using the scope turrets if you can work out how far you are off in terms of elevation and windage then fire another round to check OR keeping the rifle absolutely still and on your original aim point you can move the crosshairs to where the bullet impacted which should get you very close to a final zero. Again, your shooting buds should be able to help.
  12. Learning to adjust a scope.

    You don't want to zero at 300 yards....100 yards for this. You also need to get the muzzle velocity of your ammo via chronographing......see if someone will do it for you. After that either buy or borrow a ballistic app such as Applied Ballistics or Strelok for your smartphone.....with a little bit of input data (too much to describe here but anyone you shoot with should be able to help) it will get you on paper at longer ranges. All you need to remember is that a Mil scope normally has .1 mil clicks and each click will cause the point of impact to raise by 1cm at 100 metres....an angular change which produces 2cms elevation at 200 metres etc etc for further out. An MOA scope typically has 1/4 moa clicks which raises POI by 1/4 inch at 100 yards (assuming 1 click dialed) and then double that at 200 yards and so on as range increases. There is more to it but thats the basics.

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