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  1. 260 rem 123gn ELD-Match & N560 1:8 twist

    I have found it harder to find loads that see Hornady bullets group well vs Scenars ........if you can lay hands on a few 123g Scenars I think you would be pleasantly surprised how they perform with N550.
  2. RCBS Chargemaster Help

    Apart from it being plain old faulty it might be worth checking if any grains have fallen into the hole under the platten the pan rests on.
  3. Temperature Sensitivity

    I use chrono data to check mv variances but treat it as linear / predictable for convenience with Applied Ballistics. You could be chasing detail all day otherwise. I am lucky enough to have a Labradar so its no hardship to set it up to verify mv on the day. I don't often see a need to have Summer / Winter loads in the UK as our weather is reliably shite all year round but I have seen the odd pressure spike on really exceptional days if I let a round sit in a hot chamber so avoid that practice.
  4. DLC Coating

    I think gunsmith Paddy Dane has used this coating.
  5. Reloading course

    A 100m range is available if mod used but the course is an intensive full day of circa 10% theory / 90% hands-on. It teaches process to build quality handloads safely and attendees will build test loads but not enough time to make enough for load testing AND get them fired....thats your task after learning how. Post-course full email and phone support is part of the deal as is a complete reloading recipe sheet.
  6. Reloading course

    The business has expanded at such a rate that only 2 trainees at a time can be accomodated. Prior to a training session the room is cleared and press , ancilliary kit etc setup in readiness. The room us dedicated to the students on that day. It works quite well.
  7. Hornady !

    I think the OP was warning about potential pressure issues rather than commenting on accuracy.
  8. Reloading course

    They most certainly do!
  9. Hornady !

    Had similar with 129g SST IN 6.5..... annoying!
  10. Reloading course

    Dauntsey guns...Wiltshire
  11. 260 rem 123gn ELD-Match & N560 1:8 twist

    Should give you a decent speed hike up around 41g - 42g of N550. See if you can extend col beyond book (saami / cip) to give yourself some pressure headroom.
  12. 260 rem 123gn ELD-Match & N560 1:8 twist

    Mick 26" Kreiger barrel , Lap brass, cci br primer, 41.5g N550 gives 2908 fps and no pressure signs whatsoever......loaded to 2.88 and feeds fine from AI MAG. Coudn't see any need to push it harder.
  13. 260 rem 123gn ELD-Match & N560 1:8 twist

    N550 ....this will work.....accept the possibility of barrel wear if you push it too hard........barrels are not forever.......wish they were cheaper though!
  14. Crimp

    Sorry meant to say the inside diameter measure should be AT LEAST .001" LESS than bullet diameter.
  15. Crimp

    If you can push bullets in and out by hand then something is wrong with your sizing and a crimp will only serve to disguise it. Measure a loaded round that you are happy with by using calipers across the neck......obviously this gives you 2x neck wall thickness plus the bullet diameter. If your neck sizer is a bushing type then make sure that the bush is at least .002" LESS than the above measure. If it IS but you are still getting loose seating then suspect the bush is wrongly marked OR the brass is too work-hardened to retain the sizing. If you have a standard neck sizer then after sizing but before seating a new bullet measure across the neck , subtract 2 x neck wall thickness ( you will need a ball micrometer not standard calipers for this) ....the result is the inside diameter of the neck and it should be .001" or more to provide adequate neck tension to hold a bullet. If the measure is the same diameter as your bullet or only marginally less then you clearly have a die issue .....expander ball too big?

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