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  1. DaveT

    Opinions on Sightron scopes?

    I once had a Sightron but found that eye positioning was unforgivingly critical compared to my S & Bs. I could not get on with it.
  2. DaveT

    Whidden Gunworks click adjustable FLS dies

    They do mail them at minimal cost.
  3. I have done several of these and you would not believe how much fun and good shooting is involved unless you try. Tiff puts incredible energy and ingenuity into these shoots... expect to be enjoyably exhausted by days end!
  4. I tried the monopod bug quickly went back to a TAB Gear bag..... much quicker to adjust with a squeeze.
  5. I will take 500 if you can pm me payment details please.
  6. I have one...takes seconds to adjust... is repeatable.
  7. Ouch..... as expensive as it is embarrasing! I can picture him furtively looking around and hoping nobody noticed!
  8. Shooting the bayonet is a WTF error!
  9. Nowt wrong with the Magnetospeed either... but watch out for the strap loosening and it will be a faff to get the spacers right and the bayonet properly just under the bore. They all have foibles but having both Magnetospeed & Labradar its Labradar for me. Shots being missed are usually due to incorrect trigger settings in the unit user setup or having the muzzle too far away.
  10. Nowt wrong with the Labradar... it will measure MV just as well as the US version... it simply won't track bullets downrange much past 50 yards whereas the US version goes further.
  11. It defo is 900 metres. I used to shoot my 338 there untilI figured I was wasting expensive 338lm ammo at such short range!
  12. DaveT

    6.5mm 123gr Matchkings

    I run them in 260 rem and find that load and POI are exactly the same as 123g Scenars. FWIW I use 41.5g of N550
  13. DaveT

    Wanted low round count Ase Ultra CQB

    Cheers Mark but looks like Neil McKillop has me sorted.
  14. DaveT

    Wanted low round count Ase Ultra CQB

    Are you selling? Please pm price if so.

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