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  1. DaveT

    Book - Rifle Accuracy Facts

    Got it! PDF Many thanks
  2. I have seen many references to this book by Vaughan but upon looking it up the price is plain nuts...£150 and up! Anyone read it? Any good? Any sources at sensible cost?
  3. DaveT

    Moly Coated Bullets (Why)

    I use Boron in my 6mm SLR that Baldie built for me . Given barrel costs these days its in hopes of an extended life for a relative barrel-burner. Can I scientifically prove extended barrel life..no. Application is dead easy and no great effort and its clean. There is little or no fouling of carbon and copper. To me its worth the minimal effort and it shoots really well.
  4. DaveT

    Stuart Anselm / PGS Precision

    Cheers Vince
  5. DaveT

    Stuart Anselm / PGS Precision

    Thats about where I am at... odd way to run a business unless something has happened to him.
  6. If we ever get back on to Salisbury Plain after this nonsensical attempt to ban 50 cals then joining FCSA or Offas Dyke will give you access to steels and reactives out to nearly a mile.
  7. Trying to get hold of Stuart but no responses. Anyone know him or why no replies? I have tried Gun Pimps mailbox but it says that he cannot receive.
  8. DaveT

    308 essentials

    There are any number of clubs using ranges where you just won't need to worry about 308 restrictions.
  9. DaveT

    Molten Salt Annealing Rig

    Reading about exploding salts from moisture etc worries me!
  10. DaveT

    308 essentials

    Join a different club and use their ranges such as Kingsbury...Offas Dyke ?
  11. DaveT

    Bradley Arms brag time

    Your work is clearly your best advert...deserved!
  12. DaveT

    Where can I buy 115 grain 6mm DTAC's?

    HPS in Newent.
  13. Steve Bowers in Cheltenham
  14. DaveT

    Busing Bolt problem

    +1 on Neils work... did the same job for me.... cured my primer cratering issue.

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