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    Deer Stalking,Foxing,good wine,wife&5kids,3 Labradors,1 nutcase cocker!!!ohh..looks like im hooked on long range!
  1. sako 75 .243

    sitting here scratching my head!

    Scotch_egg Im not trying to start a argument here but if you read some of my varminting posts...theres not one the same as my next one....I aways try to put up a good write up and a few acceptable pics. It seems that your saying that UKV has moved away from its roots of varminting? Glenn
  2. sako 75 .243

    sitting here scratching my head!

    About admins comments about the lack of varminting posts......I thought this was a VARMINTING FORUM???? .... if not then take varminting off the header. I must be missing something! Im sure this will get locked in double quick time. Glenn.
  3. sako 75 .243

    Autumn 2014 Roundhouse Rifle Challenge

    Tiff, If this goes T I T S UP please keep my full donation ..as ive really enjoyed my weekends down with you guys!!...and ive seen first hand,how much hard work and effort put into the RRC. The last thing I want to see is you out of pocket. Glenn
  4. sako 75 .243

    Autumn 2014 Roundhouse Rifle Challenge

    Come on guys!..its a cheap weekend at twice the price!!..plus im looking forward to meeting up with you all again Glenn p.s but not drinking Tismes home brew again....I think Gav feels the same
  5. sako 75 .243

    my sons 1st time with the HMR

    After working like a trooper in the garden and cleaning the kennels yesterday,I took my 16yr old out for an evening on the rabbits with the .17. He has been a real pleasure to teach all aspects of gun safety.He started at the age of 11 with the air-rifle on paper targets,then onto the .22 at 14 closely supervised on paper and the odd rabbit!...never once has he asked to shoot my bigger calibres. Packed up the .17 about 6 last night and headed out. I put up 2 targets at 50 & 100 yrds within 5 shots he was bang on,we moved on to an old railway line that is infested with warrens!...I sat back and proudly watched him shooting from 70 to 150 with only 1 miss ...which was my fault shot over the top. Ended up with 19 in the bag,and a 16yr old grining like a Cheshire cat. Good job Beau! Dad.
  6. sako 75 .243

    due to being let down

    Hi Spud Anything considered ...would be nice to have adj cheekpiece Glenn
  7. sako 75 .243

    due to being let down

    Hay guys Does anyone know where I can get a thumbhole stock for a Sako 75 ? Thanks Glenn.
  8. sako 75 .243

    Joe west

    ADMIN EDIT: If you have a gripe; please take it up directly with the person involved. UKV is not a place to air grievances.
  9. sako 75 .243

    Longest foxing session?

    Thanks Paddy!....ive had far to meny red bulls today! Gaz...nice pic pal!..am I catching up to you yet? ..72 since jan 1st.. keep at em! Glenn
  10. sako 75 .243

    Hilux or Navara?

    Well ive got a 04 navara outlaw...owned since new!..its never missed a beat!!! I service it every 6K...its now done 130K.still pulls like a train ...its also great off-road Glenn.
  11. sako 75 .243

    Longest foxing session?

    Well guys Got in this morning at 6.15ish after a 9.30 start last night shooting over rape stubbles...ACED my PB in from 3yrs ago of 11...got 14 ....10 cubs,3 vixens and a big old dog. im totally knackered and I still have to drive to Bradders to pick up my new barrel. That's my longest session for a number of yrs!!..but Charlie kept coming so we ploughed on! Keep at em!! Glenn.
  12. ohh...go on then. Cheers Bradders Glenn.
  13. sako 75 .243

    Vortex Viper 6-24x50 PST SFP or FFP

    Ive got one on my 75...its the EBR-1 reticle..In SFP cannot fault it..tracks superbly ..Great under the lamp,Fantastic glass for the money...bomb proof build. Give Tiff a shout if your interested in one. Glenn.
  14. sako 75 .243

    Spray job from last week

    Looking good Rup!... ..nice colour! Glenn.
  15. sako 75 .243

    new loader

    Stacka....Give Pete(Swamp donkey) a shout...he loads the triple2..i think hes only down the road from you. Glenn

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