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  1. Tubs

    George Balfour (gbal on this site)

    Very sad news my sympathy goes out to all that will be effected by this , I've never had the pleasure of meeting the man but was always reading his post on this site and to me he was like the Shooters Bible and more.
  2. Tubs

    Problem with reloading press

    All sorted now thanks gave it a good clean on the shaft and oiled up , like new again now.
  3. Tubs

    Problem with reloading press

    Ok thanks for that I will give it a go.
  4. My reloading press has suddenly started to go very stiff and the handle will hardly move up or down I can almost lift myself off the ground to try and make it move, I can't see how or what's causing the problem any ideas it's a Rcbs rockchucker press. When not in use it's always covered up to help keep it clean.
  5. Looks like a female blackbird ,but closer inspection could be a juvenile blackbird looking at the yellow skin at the rear of the beak.
  6. wow that is stunning ,what length barrel is that.
  7. Tubs

    cooper arms

    They sound good rifles i've been looking at the various types they do in 6mbr, as i'm searching for which companies make factory rifles in this caliber,not keen on the savage for what i want it for.
  8. That's great thank's for the info, I've now placed a order for some mounts.
  9. I've got a CZ 452 American with a 16"sporter barrel and i'm about to change the scope to a 30mm tube with side parralex ,the scope is a Bushnell Elite 6500 2.5-16x50. How do i measure the scope rails or what mounts would anyone recommend please.
  10. Tubs

    Which seater die to get?

    That's great thanks think i'm going to go for the redding competition seater die as it sounds better quality,time to see who has it and prices .
  11. Tubs

    Which seater die to get?

    I'm looking at getting a new seater die for my 223 ,my options are the Forster Ultra micrometer seater die, Rcbs competition seater die, or the Redding competition seater die has anyone got any info on which is maybe better and why and i'm assuming they will all fit my Rcbs rockchucker press,also hoping this will still work with my Rcbs FL sizing die.
  12. Tubs

    Winter foxing

    Sure does look a nice bit of kit and great shooting.
  13. Tubs

    Winter foxing

    Stunning looking rifle is that a semi custom sako,and great shooting.
  14. Tubs

    Question about reloads tested .223

    Varmlr i have tried the 50grn V max up to 22.6grn of powder as the Hornady manual states max load of 22.9grn but for me they never grouped as well in my gun, from 109yard zero to 200yards i dial up 5 clicks and its bang on for height they have a MV of 3127fps but could be more if maybe i had a longer barrel and the A max are just for 100mtr paper targets,But you are spot on with the wind factor. Thanks again for the help and replies.

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