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  1. Just a quick post to say how pleased I am with the Vortex fantastic piece of kit, and completely as described . met with Steve and did the deal face to face. Really nice & genuine chap, who I can totally vouch for after today
  2. sundancermartin

    IOR VALDADA scope

    Hi can you please tell me if the turrets are mrad or moa regards Martin
  3. Would you be interested in a viper PST gen 1 mill/mill as a part x
  4. Is this still for sale?
  5. Hi Im travelling from the midlands I was hoping that maybe we could meet up somewhere mutually agreeable in mid wales. regards Martin
  6. Hi I will be in portmerion week after next,would it be possible to meet and have a face to face deal. regards Martin
  7. Hi could you take some pictures of the scope and rings please. regards Martin
  8. sundancermartin

    Cheap tactical scope

    If you can afford a little more than £350 I have a PST gen 1 4-16 x 50 which I’m selling for a friend, it also comes with a pair of quality vortex rings
  9. Hi do you still have the bushnells for sale? If so what is the price now? Regards Martin
  10. sundancermartin

    Scopes for sale

    hi do you still have your scopes for sale? regards Martin
  11. sundancermartin

    which 17 HMR

    thanks very much for the advice guys. put a deposit on a cz today, the response's from this forum confirmed my thoughts, and I was able to get one at a great price.
  12. sundancermartin

    which 17 HMR

    looking to purchase a HMR on my shortlist are the following CZ 452 Silhoutte Mossberg 817 Savage Arms 93R17 I would appreciate some advice from shooters who have shot or own any of these guns. I have shot the Anschutz 1517 quite a lot and would really like one, but they are right at the top of my budget, Id be interested to know how the above compare to the Anshutz.
  13. sundancermartin

    Gun Cabinet

    looking for a cabinet with integrated lockable amo safe, that will take rifles with scope & moderator attached

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