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  1. Due to a change in my personal circumstances I'm testing the water with regards to disposing of the following. im not at home at the moment but can send pics to interested parties via email text or whatsapp. Firstly a very early I would say the fist 2 weeks of production (ser No 11***) P14 rifle it is marked EY (Emergency use) there is nothing dangerous or unsafe about these rifles the first Eddystone rifle bolts were made to a slightly different i.e. 10thou" difference in the bolt lug size so therefore not standard to Winchester or Remington it was never Weedon refurbished so retains all of the original features volley sights and "fat boy" stock £450 Long branch No4 1950 dated these rifles are the pinnacle of No4 production Sold Fazackerly No5 wartime dated £650 Very rare beast indeed Winchester 1895 sporter in .303 dated 1910 £1800 1940 dated K98 Russian capture but in great condition £650 Marlin 1895 45-70 rifle made in1979 with either a Leupold pistol scope or a vortex scout scope your choice £600 Finally a Steyr SSG69 .308 Win with a S&B PM11 3-12 mildot scope in Apel mounts, 2, 10 round mags 1, 5 round this rifle is absolute mustard £1800
  2. pe4king

    1/2"x28 UNEF MuzzleBrake

    I have if its for a .223 pm me your email or phone No and ill get some pics to you.
  3. pe4king

    McMillan stock for an SSG69

    I know theses are rarer than a rare thing on national rare day but anyone got one or a lead to one ? Other than Jackson’s ? thanks guys
  4. Hi I would be very interested in the McMillan stock for the asking price !
  5. Sorry its now sold
  6. now sold Attachments: 25160546-EEB2-4906-A1B9-AB69F9B280E3.jpeg [ 516.3 KiB | Viewed 24 times ] D8A8B365-30C4-40F6-B57B-ED8F54B4E304.jpeg [ 386.91 KiB | Viewed 24 times ] E9DAD939-D62C-42E4-9EA9-417A70DBEAEA.jpeg [ 30.33KiB | Viewed 24 times ]
  7. For sale as it is surplus to requirement I have a complete Badger Ordnance IMUNS mount for an Accuacy International AW and I think it should also fit the AICS it is as you can see it is in fantastic condition it has the 2 side rails and the Harris adaptation on the underside this would cost £400 from sporting services so a bargain at £275 posted
  8. Sightron S-tac 1-7x24 IRMH reticle(illuminated mil hash) Tactical/target type turrets,brilliant optics,seen very little use,so in excellent condition. Boxed with papers etc. Selling due to a change of plan. Including a Sightmark reach forward mount Bargain,£525 Ono inc postage. PM me for more photos or details. Attachments: EA048187-CA6E-437E-B321-0D38D24EB407.jpeg [ 282.69 KiB | Viewed 22 times ] 1BBAFD70-1417-448F-B4F0-C654B272BD73.jpeg [ 194.5 KiB | Viewed 22 times ] 1EE8D7E4-14C2-4D40-9DDA-8FAC0186CE82.jpeg [ 491.54 KiB | Viewed 22 times ]
  9. New price is £485 with the mount and £450 for just the scope !.
  10. Sold pending payment
  11. For sale my Trijicon ACOG scope TA31RCO-M150CP 4x32 BAC it is mint with all accessories including lens covers Killflash ARD molle pouch thumbscrew flat top mount and a GDI QR mount as well as a scopecoat and issue handbook,It is mint and a very bright and clear scopeFor sale at £750 ONO posted, I may split the GDI mount.More pics and info on requesthttps://www.trijicon.com/na_en/products/product3.php?pid=TA31RCO-M150CP will post photos of accessories tomorrow
  12. The GDI mount https://www.gdiengineering.com/shop/product/r-comtm-series-combat-optic-mount-197?category=1

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