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  1. 204

    Wanted 34mm scope med mounts

    Hi I have a set of teir one as new 85 pounds posted
  2. 204

    FTR bipod

    Re hi I have a dolphin tracker 1 for sale if your interested
  3. Hi mark it’s under offer will update tomorrow
  4. 204

    223 ackley dies

    Wanted .223 ackley dies pleases
  5. Hi the previous owner was to lazy to let the cheek piece up and down so removed some pieces at an angle so the bolt could be removed but kept them so the we’re bonded back on
  6. It’s HGT woodland camo adjustable short action with bottom metal
  7. For sale secondhand Macmillan woodland camo for Remingtion type action short action .308/.243 adjustable cheek piece HG bottom metal bought for a project that’s not going to happen now price 340 pounds plus postage more pics on request as there to big to upload
  8. 204

    New .243 load help

    Hi I have used n140 with 20 inch barrel 42 grains it was perfect for 80 grain nosler it was 1-10 twist I have now rebarreled to 23 inch 1-8 twist now and started to use 100 grain Sierra soft point for hunting and some 105 vld for target work going well so far

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