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  1. Hi is the barrel sold 

  2. 204

    New .243 load help

    Hi I have used n140 with 20 inch barrel 42 grains it was perfect for 80 grain nosler it was 1-10 twist I have now rebarreled to 23 inch 1-8 twist now and started to use 100 grain Sierra soft point for hunting and some 105 vld for target work going well so far
  3. 204

    George Balfour

    Sorry to hear this sad news I have sent George a few messages up and down his depth of knowledge and lengthy reply’s to make sense of things will be missed may you rest in peace
  4. 204

    Remingtion action screws

    Hi looking for a set of Remingtion action screw please
  5. 204

    Sako 85 stock

    Hi looking for a sako 85 stock laminated or Macmillan in .243/308 action heavy barrel contour
  6. Hi can you empty your inbox can’t send you any messages
  7. 204

    Rpa trigger

    Hi leeman I do have a quadlite action sent Rpa a email but no reply
  8. 204

    Rpa trigger

    Has anyone got the pats to do the change over
  9. 204

    Rpa trigger

    Hi has anyone fitted a jewel trigger to a Rpa if so can you recommend we’re to get the parts needed please
  10. Sold thank you best of luck to new owner

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