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  1. Rpa trigger

    Hi has anyone fitted a jewel trigger to a Rpa if so can you recommend we’re to get the parts needed please
  2. Sold thank you best of luck to new owner
  3. Bix\n Andy trigger sako 75

    Hi anyone got the above trigger for sako75 I have the normal trigger looking to upgrade I was offered one but never turned up cheers Willie
  4. Omega powder tricker

    Wanted omega powder trickler New or second hand please
  5. 80 Grain Nosler BT Powder

    Hi I have a sako 85 in .243 I run the 80grain nosler varmint tip with n140 around 3250 fps unreal accuracy
  6. Hornady ELD X no thump

    Hi I'm running the 143 eld-x in my 6.5x55 a bit slower 2820 fps our deer season just opened yesterday I took a couple of sika stags yesterday and 2 more today few neck shots and one longrange shoulder shot no issues dead on the spot I did get a good report from the shoulder shot I'm happy so far
  7. For sale as new change of plans warne steel rail for remingtion 700 short action screws and Allen key inc less than a week old warne part m673 -20 moa price 90 pounds inc postage
  8. Target Type Scope Wanted sub £1000

    Nightforce Mildot 5.5x22x50 nxs
  9. 6.5x55

    Hi I ran the 6.5x55 in f-class at 800 and 900 at the weekend with 140 hornady ELD running at 2945 fps at 800 it shot very good lost points on left and right of the vbull none to elevation 4s and 5s At 900 it was tricky wind caught me but again the rifle shot flat but lost a lot more to wind call or lack of it tbh So now I'm going to cut it back to 26 or 24 inch and use it for max distance 600 yards but will try some different types of heads I know I will lose around 30 fps per inch cut so a bit more home work to do once cut back
  10. 6.5x55

    Hi I just purchased a sako 75 in 6.5x55 with a 30" Walter barrel in a Macmillan A5 stock 1-8 twist will it be a decent contender at 1000 yards I plan to run 140 Berger hybrid in it it will also double as a sporting rifle being mag fed for 600 yards

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