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  1. Ballistol

    Primercatcher for rockchucker

    I bought this very item, for the original RC a couple of months ago from Thomas at Primercatcher. He was an absolute gentleman, and a pleasure to deal with (he even accommodated my request for a slightly longer tube) I’m sure if you PM him, he’ll make it happen. ?
  2. Ballistol

    Best tool for removing military crimp?

    This. I have RCBS swager, Lyman and Hornady crimp removers, but none of them come close to the Dillon. Not the cheapest, but buy once, cry once.
  3. Ballistol

    New Tikka rimfire

  4. Ballistol

    stuff from US of A

  5. Ballistol


    Cracking video, brought back memories of firing one many years ago. Was told the story of how pressure was brought to bear by NATO/US to standardise on 7.62
  6. Ballistol

    Bradders builds a BAR-10

    Very nice Mark, that’s a belter.
  7. The last of my L/H rifles is up for sale, following my forced switch to R/H. Previously bought here http://ukvarminting.com/topic/23216-sold-mint-left-hand-cz-american-22lr-in-e-tac-stock-with-posh-bottom-metal/?tab=comments#comment-194680 Overall condition very good. One small chip to stock (see picture). This rifle shoots superbly, I have had excellent results with most ammo, but it just loves Lapua Centre X at the longer distances. Changes since it was bought:- Barrel professionally shortened and threaded for use with Moderator (Note Moderator not included in sale). Bolt handle machined and threaded to accept Mini Badger bolt knob. Fitted with DIP picatinny rail. Includes Mamba Lite 4-16x44 (SCB reticle). Includes Chinese bipod. Includes one 5rd magazine. Looking for £800, prefer FTF, can possibly do dealer to dealer at your cost. Any questions or further photo requests, please PM me.
  8. Ballistol

    Sponsor Bradders

    Well done Mark!
  9. Ballistol

    Bradley Arms BAR-10

    Lovely looking rifle Mark, looks great with the medium weight barrel ?
  10. Ballistol

    6.5 Creedmoor brass

    If you want to use Lee dies, it’s a fairly quick job to spin the Lee decapper in a drill and remove material from the pin with a file till you get a uniform 1.5mm.
  11. Ballistol

    GAP Tempest 6.5 Creedmoor.

    Stunning looking rifle, I’m sure it’s new owner will be delighted ?
  12. Ballistol

    Picatinny rail for CZ455

    Jack, Ive fitted several DIP rails, from Kinney shooting supplies in the US, mostly with a 25moa slope. This allows an easy 150-200y zero, however I only just managed to adjust to a 25y zero so carefully consider the ranges you are likely to shoot at before purchase. The other thing I opted for was the extended rail option, mainly to accommodate the longer scopes I wanted to use. You have rightly identified that there are several places to buy similar in the U.K., so I’m sure the guys selling them can offer advice direct. I was also concerned about the screws marking the finish, but it came with brass tipped grub screws. The fit was so tight, i’m not sure that the screws really did much ? but i’d ask the question before purchasing.

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