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  1. Hi there i have 3 ir torches for sale one Night master Xsearchert along with its original head fitted with a black sun Pill. £70 inc p&p one Night master eclipse with the 1000 head and the 800 head £100 inc p&p. one T75 fitted with the AS pill £30 inc p&p. All are almost new condition OR buy all 3 at £160 shootingdennis IR.mp4
  2. For sale my Photon RT 6X50s this scope has been on my FAC air rifle for the best part of av year and has done me a grate service but due to lack of use i have decided to let it go, Price £350 inc P & P
  3. For sale Photon XT 6.5 extreme £ 250 Price drop to £200 shootingdennisw
  4. shootingcharley

    2 x Photons to Swap

    i don.t think so
  5. Hi there I am looking for a ATN X site 2 preferably 5 X 20x I have two Photons both of which are 6.5 one is an XT that has been extreme the other is a RT 6.5 I would be willing to swap the two for a ATN X site 2 preferably 5 X 20 or a lesser mag unit Thanks shootingcharley
  6. I have two Photons both 6.5 One XT that has been Eextremed and a 6.5 RT i am looking to swap them for a ATN X sight 2, if anyone is interested please email me at shootingcharley@gmail.com Thanks Dennis.
  7. Scope mounted Rangefinder for sale £80 +P&P
  8. shootingcharley

    Arbor press

    Hi Phil my email address is shootingcharley@gmail.com Thanks Dennis
  9. shootingcharley

    Arbor press

    Arbor reloading press wanted
  10. For sale my T75 with AS pill fitted £30+P&P
  11. For sale my Night Master 800 XSearcher-IR with Black sun fitted comes with rat tail £135+P&P
  12. shootingcharley

    Photon RT

    Hi all any one out there can tell me what im not doing? i am trying to connect my Photon RT to my android phone using Stream Vision. stream vision is just not seeing it, do i have to turn on the wi-fi on the photon if so how do i do that. shootingcharley
  13. For sale my Starlight Arrow with 2 bushings 1 fits MTC Mamba Light and 1 fits NXS moved onto an Archer so no longer needed. Note: No IR is supplied with this unit. Price £275 + P&P Please email me if interested Photos can be sent by email. shootingcharley@gmail.com NOW SOLD.
  14. For sale my Starlight Arrow + MTC Mamba light scope, moved onto an Archer so no longer needed. £430 or vno shootingcharley Please email me if interested at (shootingcharley@gmail.com)as i don't get on the site as often as i would like PRICE DROP £350
  15. shootingcharley

    Help Needed

    Hi all i am currently using a FoxPro caller but would like to move to a new caller with a better remote rang, simple you would think, the problem i have is that the caller in question dose not have the calls i use i a regular bases and will not play the FoxPro files, but will play MP3 format, i was wondering if anyone noes how i can record the sounds and save them to MP3 format so i can put them on the new caller. Many thanks Dennis.

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