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  1. Brummy Mark

    Dodgy peepers.

    Staying positively hydrated is a serious consideration for your eyes. The first thing to start playing up is eyeball, even with small levels of dehydration. Also, if you are going in and out of focus, it is well worth going back to basics with scope ocular focus, as sometimes it can be a case of your eye bell being out of correct focus and your eye trying to correct it as it were. Eye check up and drink plenty of fluids, especially with the hot weather we are experiencing at the moment.
  2. Brummy Mark

    RPA Rangemaster opinion anyone?

    RPA- Steelcore Designs http://rpainternational.co.uk/sample-page/contact/
  3. Brummy Mark

    .223 bullet/powder for ISSF 300m

    Try some 75gr Amax? 24g Vit N140 works extremely well for me, precision wise, 1/4moa. Or if younalready have an accurate load just shoot it at 300m? and just keep having fun! all the best.
  4. Brummy Mark

    Twist rate

    Try some 60gr Berger Match Varmint and learn to read wind
  5. Brummy Mark


    Just watching Fauda S2 episode 12 came out today?
  6. Personally If I saw there was muck inside a scope I wouldn't buy it, refer to the sale of goods act if your not happy, its not about what folks on a forum think, its about what you think, go to shop ask for refund and quote the sale of goods act or the distance selling laws was etc etc etc
  7. Hi, A friend who is currently working away may possibly be interested in the 5-25, can you put some pics up of the actual scope that you have though I will pm later.
  8. So I have a slot for .308 rifle and also a slot spare for 6.5 Cal barrel. Im looking for ideas on a build that can incorporate the .308 rifle and a switch barrel to 6.5-284. Is this doable with a repeat feed for both calibers? Or would it be single shot only on the 284? (I have already considered Blaser option) Ideally a light/medium weight stalker that would also be used for some longer range - I definitely don't want a heavy long range target rig, but something that could enjoy stretching its legs a bit if the fancy arises. Cheers BM
  9. Brummy Mark


    Amazon- Sneaky Pete season 1 is worth watching. Season 2 was so so.
  10. Brummy Mark

    Premier Optics 5-25

    The Minox higher ends scopes are absolutely stunning! Amazing optics that were at a sensible price, until recently that was, then they seem to have loaded them by a fair amount. There have been a fair few problems reported with the Vortex scopes, and part of the higher price must be loaded to cover the excellent warranty they offer??? I have had some good use of the the Minox ZP5 TAC 5-25x56 MIl/MIL and the MR2 reticle is lovely in use, the zoom ring is super smooth one finger operation and the glass is pretty damn good with good colour and resolution at lower light levels.
  11. Brummy Mark

    50 grain varmint load for Sako 75 Varmint

    Hi G, I have been using the 60gr Berger match varmints in my .223 for a long while for varmints inc corvid big and small, they are devastating. Prey simply stops and falls. I have a semi custom remmy 700 with Lilja barrel, 1:7 twist and these bullet heads hold an easy 1/4moa. 2978fps at 17c and 985.5hpa
  12. Brummy Mark

    50 grain varmint load for Sako 75 Varmint

    60gr Berger Match Varmints, have been using these for a few years now in .223 and they have proved to be consistently very very accurate for me.
  13. Brummy Mark

    Best Wellies?

    Have been using a pair of Seeland, with side bucks of the past 3 years, very warm, superb chunky grippy vibram sole unit, have used them for mountain work too, infact the other week I was delivering a nav' course for some bearded types who shouldn't be here, and decided to wear my wellies, much to the laughs from he chaps, but guess who was warm dry feet and also got up those steep mountain slopes without sliding around? yep it was me! haha.
  14. Brummy Mark

    Citizen aqualand

    I also have an aqualand divers, just contact Citizen, they arent expensive really, paid 110.00 for a battery change, service and pressure test. I used to use it as my back up when diving, but just use Suunto dive stuff now and the Citizen is an everyday work wear, along with my Suutno core all black which has everything I need for work too.

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