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  1. Best Wellies?

    Have been using a pair of Seeland, with side bucks of the past 3 years, very warm, superb chunky grippy vibram sole unit, have used them for mountain work too, infact the other week I was delivering a nav' course for some bearded types who shouldn't be here, and decided to wear my wellies, much to the laughs from he chaps, but guess who was warm dry feet and also got up those steep mountain slopes without sliding around? yep it was me! haha.
  2. Citizen aqualand

    I also have an aqualand divers, just contact Citizen, they arent expensive really, paid 110.00 for a battery change, service and pressure test. I used to use it as my back up when diving, but just use Suunto dive stuff now and the Citizen is an everyday work wear, along with my Suutno core all black which has everything I need for work too.
  3. 20x42 compact from SA

    Appalling admin by Clarion Clowns, missed it , took my money and never finished the vetting, along with around a thousand others from what I heard
  4. I had an Air Arms S410- these have an adjustable power output that is fitted with an anti tamper bolt. However, if you remove the anti tamper bolt, underneath is revealed a small Allen head screw, quarter turn on this Allen screw will change the ft lbs, so if you have FAC air rifle you could turn it up to circa 22ftlbs- I think Obviously shot count reduces, but Inused to get over 70 shots at 11.5ftlbs with consistent small groups right up to the mid 40's before accuracy started to open up.
  5. night vision store

    I enquired about a ward 800 yesterday and Clive texted me back to say please pay for your item online and it will be with you in 2 to 3 weeks -on this occasion I didn't want to wait for that amount of time so didn't buy.
  6. Drone pro 10 wanted

    Still after one of these, have cash in the bank waiting for you- will pay by BACS.
  7. Yes please,drop me a pm
  8. And if it doesn't work out with ukhornet I would also be interested.
  9. A complete waste of my time with Willie aka 204, We agreed a price, he said he was on holiday and would call me - he has my mobile number - no call. I have offered to pay by BACS or PayPal and have had no replies. He has been on the forums in the time I have been asking how to pay him - In the meantime I have missed out on 2 other drone pro sights. Willie, I will leave you to sell this to someone else, best of luck with the sale. Thanks Brummy.
  10. Drone pro 10 wanted

    Good afternoon, Im after a drone pro 10 and have funds waiting. Must work correctly i.e. hold zero etc and if it has upgraded IR lighting and power pack then all the better. Many thanks Brummy
  11. SnipersHide Cup 2017

    And this leads to a fit 'ting' entrance for me - Hill and mountain fitness in North Wales, improve your fitness, improve your skills base, improve your confidence, your shooting accuracy and precision in a mountain environment. Private instruction from qualified and experience mountain professionals. Oh and it will be fun! PM only, no Q answered on this thread or open forums thanks. Sorry for the slight hijack chaps. '''''grip''' acronym - Goal setting, Relaxation, Imagining, Positive self talk
  12. NEW 224 53GR Nosler Varmageddon Bullet

    I have been using Berger 60gr match varmints with precision of circa 1/4 moa. Amazing bullet heads.
  13. Yes still available. Located Bangor area. Also have a slab/250 shells of Eley CT, 28gr No8 fibre wad that can sell at additional cost.

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