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  1. Tactical Coatings in Hereford, section 5.
  2. Brummy Mark

    Ai .223 mag

    pm inbound for payment etc.
  3. Brummy Mark

    Ai .223 mag

    Hi there, I am interested in this, but what is the maximum COAL please?
  4. Flyers? what do you call a flyer? An unexplained change in poi for no reason? Or is it a shooter error that you can call your own? I would go and get a box of factory ammo and a standard bullet for calibre and twist. I had a remmy 700 police some years ago, (bought it off flyingfisherman) I spent a while getting an accurate load, nothing special really, circa 1/2moa, but thing was, I could get less than that with cheap privi ammo and also Winchester silver tips were amazing accurate round, never bother wasting my time reloading for that particular rifle. Then I would hasten to add that shooter error needs to be explored- you did mention something in one of your posts about being used to air rifle trigger, if you have been using a pcp air rifle then stepping up to a recoiling CF is a big change and will seriously show up any poor shooting position and highlight inconsistencies. Get someone to critique your positional shooting - obviously make sure that the observer knows what they are looking for against a standard criteria for solid consisted technique of position, hold, trigger control, shot release, recoil management and breathing cycle, etc. Quote "Position was stable and i was able to hold the crosshairs within 0.5MOA with ease." So you have a possible positional stability straight away? - that needs to be taken out of the equation as a priority - Get a rear bag if your not using one - if you are using one then your shooting position is not as stable as you think - I (and I would hope other marksmen on here) will be used to looking at scope reticle that is rock solid on their intended point of aim - no floating around - and with best technique available trying to follow the shot through as much as possible. Check and double check everything, especially scope parallax and ocular focusing, do the head bob test up-down, left-right etc as a standard double check. All the best.
  5. Now Sold. Due to going back to gen 3 NV, Im selling a little used Starlight Arrow unit , no IR illuminator. This unit has only been used as a spotter a couple of times, and as my scope had an illuminated reticle, battery unit on the ocular, I have made a U -shaped cut out in the Arrow so that it slips on. £400.00 inc postage. payby bacs or PayPal. pics to follow later
  6. I have very accurate .223, Lilja 1:6 twist barrel at 22" and have never tried 69gr, nor did I ever bother to try the 90gr vld which its throated for, I have 60gr Berger match varmints (h335) for foxing and 75gr Amax (N140) for longer range ie out to 1100yds, both rounds/loads shoot 1/4 moa at 100. With 75gr shooting steel in mountain locations with extremely varied topography I have no issues at 600 to 850, after that the wind can play havoc with drop and windage, especially shooting across undulating terrain, with spurs and re-entrants several metres high/deep etc but with .308 running rounds with a very close BC, the same thing can also happen. But for that to happen across the flat gallery range, something is not quiet right, Im sure a logical investigation, starting with, as you have done, looking at things that can become loose, scopes that are defective and also adding in shooter errors. All the best, as there is nothing more challenging mentally, than not learning why you missed the target. Until you have nailed the problem, learning can't take place.
  7. fixed with proper new batteries! idjit.
  8. Brummy Mark

    Gardners Extreme Target Shoot - New Competition

    Does PRS rules and regs also equate to calibre type too for this event? I hope this isn't going to be gallery type shooting with windflags everywhere?
  9. Brummy Mark

    Dodgy peepers.

    Staying positively hydrated is a serious consideration for your eyes. The first thing to start playing up is eyeball, even with small levels of dehydration. Also, if you are going in and out of focus, it is well worth going back to basics with scope ocular focus, as sometimes it can be a case of your eye bell being out of correct focus and your eye trying to correct it as it were. Eye check up and drink plenty of fluids, especially with the hot weather we are experiencing at the moment.
  10. Brummy Mark

    RPA Rangemaster opinion anyone?

    RPA- Steelcore Designs http://rpainternational.co.uk/sample-page/contact/
  11. Brummy Mark

    .223 bullet/powder for ISSF 300m

    Try some 75gr Amax? 24g Vit N140 works extremely well for me, precision wise, 1/4moa. Or if younalready have an accurate load just shoot it at 300m? and just keep having fun! all the best.
  12. Brummy Mark

    Twist rate

    Try some 60gr Berger Match Varmint and learn to read wind
  13. Brummy Mark


    Just watching Fauda S2 episode 12 came out today?
  14. Personally If I saw there was muck inside a scope I wouldn't buy it, refer to the sale of goods act if your not happy, its not about what folks on a forum think, its about what you think, go to shop ask for refund and quote the sale of goods act or the distance selling laws was etc etc etc
  15. Hi, A friend who is currently working away may possibly be interested in the 5-25, can you put some pics up of the actual scope that you have though I will pm later.

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