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  1. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1RpSmf9MZWD2vcZzNIohngkYWTdJEhCpB?usp=sharing
  2. As above with pics to follow30x WA lense £500 plus postage or collection is fine.
  3. furrybean

    Decapping die

    I use the same and any issues like a bent or broken pin Redding will sort out FOC
  4. I’m looking forward to the finished photos. You make some gun porn Andy!
  5. Thanks matey. Its a mental price now for what you’re getting
  6. Will take £1400 for the rifle, moderator, reloading kit and brass
  7. Still for sale and is sat with Fox Firearms
  8. Ah sorry, I thought you were selling also lol. I’ll see if anyone wants the lot first if that’s okay
  9. Just about, nothing concrete and waiting if they can get to Bisley
  10. furrybean


    You need a bench... 😂
  11. Over 2k that I’m not going to use and will be at Bisley for the next few days Now sold to Phil
  12. Bump, will be at Bisley all next week

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