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  1. furrybean

    308 Win intrinsic accuracy - what should I aim for?

    If you can hold 0.5moa at distance you’re onto a winner but for load development at 100y and no wind and comfortable etc I’d want 0.25 at least and repeatable before using it in a comp also confirm your load at distance
  2. furrybean

    Wanted, 155gr SMK .30 2156 Palma bullets

    Have you tried the likes of CDSG?
  3. No neither can I, if I could afford 3 rigs Id keep it lol
  4. £1800 Perfect set up to get you shooting FTR straight away
  5. furrybean

    TRG Acton Wrench

    Bob, try ebay US. I think Davison sell on there and will ship to the UK. Ive got a feeling theyre the same as the Brownell ones but cheaper direct
  6. furrybean

    Murom kB7 competition large rifle primers

    I think the NSRA charge a small amount for this now
  7. I’ve seen this and it’s a gorgeous rifle. Jims actions cannot be bettered
  8. furrybean

    .308 berger 200.20x

    PM sent
  9. furrybean

    .308 berger 200.20x

    Ewan, are you dabbling at FTR?
  10. furrybean

    Scope elevation question

    Have you got an inclined rail on the gun? If not a 20moa rail may help
  11. This is still for sale. If anyone is wanting to get into FTR this new year it is a perfect set up and has served me well
  12. furrybean

    WTB: Electronic target

    Has anyone got a SMT solo or Shotmarker they’re not using?

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