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  1. .337 Redding or Wilson bushing

  2. Ive just bought a GSG LBP for a bit of inexpensive plinking but it hasn't come with a case. Ive had a look around and seen some expensive options but has anyone got any recommendations for a soft or hard case big enough to put it in but not too large that will take up too much space in the cabinet. TIA
  3. Satterlee load development method

    There is room now Mike
  4. Satterlee load development method

    Light shower!!!! Bah lol
  5. Satterlee load development method

    44.9-45.7gr N150 200H 2.390 OAL (SS) 2674, 2669, 2676, 2690 and 2690 fps 47.2-48.6gr N150 185J 2.386 OAL 2797, 2812, 2821, 2824, 2839, 2835, 2854, 2863fps A few notes I took which also aligned with some of my previous loads (2690 with 200's and 2820 with Jugs)
  6. Satterlee load development method

    Mike, I’ve tried this method with my faster twist .308 and 200’s and it seems to have worked well. I haven’t confirmed anything at distance but 100 yards is looking promising.
  7. Labradar

    Has anyone got a second hand one for sale?
  8. FTR scope

    I started out with the March 10-60 and now use NF Competitions. I find the NF slightly brighter to my eyes but they’re both great scopes.
  9. M62

  10. Reloading Advice

    Why do you say that Dave. It what way is it better!?
  11. Last try before it gets locked away for another couple of years Withdrawn
  12. ballistol

    and smells great!!
  13. PM me your email and Ill send some over Cheers

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