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  1. Ive got them and love them, the only issue is the battery life is crap. Ive got some Sordins and use the 3m for when Im shooting
  2. furrybean

    Markers Bisley

    But we weren’t the ones getting the good groups lol
  3. furrybean

    Markers Bisley

    Thanks for marking for us on Friday afternoon. Well recommended marker!
  4. furrybean

    2019 European FTR champion.

    Yep they’re here https://gbfclass.com/results/competition-6/
  5. furrybean

    2019 European FTR champion.

    Cheers Dave Yep GB won by 15 points and I got my first cap which I was really proud and happy about all shot with a Sassen,
  6. furrybean

    Bad News

    http://lyme-online.co.uk/news/charmouth/man-dies-following-serious-injuries-at-shooting-range/ It doesnt sound great! It also doesnt say if there was an accident but no one else was involved
  7. furrybean

    Barrel manufacturers

    I’m running a cut Sassen on my FTR rifle and it’s doing well
  8. furrybean

    PRL 2019 - What Calibre, Action/Chassis and Optic

    Yep, there is nothing wrong with Sassen cut barrels! lol
  9. furrybean

    2019 European FTR champion.

    Thanks all
  10. furrybean

    CCI BR4's

    Have you tried the magnums John? Im at Bisley a bit over the next few weeks if you want to try a few
  11. furrybean

    CCI BR4's

    John, are you talking about the standard KVB223 or the magnum KVB223M? I was using the BR4s but after a period of time which much too high a misfire rate I’ve moved over to the Russian magnums and found them to be excellent
  12. furrybean

    Improved 284?

    Wow, that predicts almost 4k out of this barrel!! lol
  13. I bought this for a range bag. It’s great and well made but just a tad small £24 posted
  14. furrybean

    Once Fired 308 Lapua Brass - SORTED

    I like your thinking about the fussy once fired but the number of firing doesn't tell you much Ive got some once fired here that is only good for scrap and some 10 times that is very good match brass Just saying...

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