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  1. Sure. PM your address and I’ll send you a load
  2. Will include boxes of brass forster FL die Wilson custom seater die cut to the chamber all the for asking price of £1650
  3. Awsome rest for load development. Very good quality and stable but weighs a ton!£150, £100 saving on new priceCollection only but will be at Diggle at the end of the month
  4. Nothing received
  5. Hi could you send me some pictures and more information ie do you have any load data brass ect with the rifle please send to holo100@my-inbox.net regards Colin


  6. 34mm and 30mm reducers Medium height £150 posted
  7. furrybean

    T3 aftermarket stock

    Have a look at PSE, great stocks and really solid
  8. The long range target is used from 800-1200 yards
  9. The long range f class face has a 5” V and so on. You use a 3” V at 1k? That’s impressive!
  10. Its all in the Bisley Bible https://nra.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/historical/bible/2017/Bible Main.pdf Page 120
  11. Let me know if you fancy a trade?

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