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  1. Bump before listing on ebay.
  2. Will probably regret selling this, but I need a scope that works well with a NV Addon. It is an absolutely superb day/dusk/dawn scope that, like all my kit, has been well looked after. It ha s a #4 recticle and 25mm tube. Looking for £320, which includes signed for postage (UK only). Payment via bank tra nsfer please. Can email pictures to those interested. Buyer will no t b e disappointed.
  3. Bestguarder Monocular now sold. Docter Scope and LL Kit still available.
  4. Sorry, just seeing this now. Hawke scope sold, remaining items still available.
  5. Ludicrous Lumens V4 5" QD Addon System. This is the quick detachable mega pixel unit. Bought a few months ago for £239.99. Asking £150. Absolutely brilliant system, but I now wear varifocals and find the heads up position awkward. Don't need specs at all for dedicated scopes. Hawke Vantage SF 3-12x44. Again, only purchased a few months ago. Great with addon and nice clear glass for day use. Paid £170, asking £120. Bestguarder 6x50 Digital Night Vision Monocular. This is exactly the same as the Bushnel l Equinox Z. This was purchased for me last month.....cost £220 from Amazon. Too many bells and whistles for me.....don't need to take video or pictures....nor do I need to see stuff 300 yards away. Never used, just checked to ensure all is working ok. Asking £150. Docter 6x42 Classic scope. Purchased fro m Edinburgh Rifles in May. Easily matches my 8x50 Kahles for Dusk/Dawn performance, just not getting used. Complete with special inserts (cost £20) for 30mm rings. Box has gone awol, but all the bits a nd pieces with it. £190. All prices include signed for postage. Payment via bank transfer preferred.
  6. Bought for me earlier this week from Amazon for £220, but I'll never use it. I don' t need to see stuff 300 yards away and am quite happy with my wee Exelon. Turned on to ensure it is working, other wise unused. £180 inc signed for postage. This monocular is exactly the same as the Bushnell Equinox Z.
  7. Docter Classic 6x42. Purchased new from Edinburgh Rifles 6 months ago. Can email pictures to those interested. £210 inc signed for postage. Ultra clear and superb dusk/dawn scope. Inserts to reduce 30mm rings to 26mm (£19 from Brownells U SA) included. No 4 reticle.
  8. I have the Ledray F900 and it is very good. The dimmer control is a great feature. I also use Evo Mk2 T38, T50 and am awaiting delivery of a T75. They also have interchangeable pills and are, imo, the best value torches available. The F900 kit is on offer from Opticswarehouse at £99.00.
  9. beanieboy

    223 55gr load data

    My CZ527 is 1:9. I find 24g of Benchmark with 55g Sierra Blitzkings works very well for me.
  10. beanieboy

    Rabbits and .22

    RWS for me also. Extremely accurate and consistent.
  11. beanieboy

    Moderator Cleaning

    I just wash my Wildcat Evo in soapy water and rinse off. Let it dry and give it a spray of oil which I let drip dry and then reassemble.
  12. beanieboy

    Has the .17 HMR had its day?

    Have owned HMR for many years. Never had a problem with ammo. Very very accurate with 17 Hornady.
  13. beanieboy

    Kahles Helia 8x50

    Members 241 posts Report post Just took a punt on the above scope. Seems it was a spare scope and is in mint, practically unused condition [actually described as new for this reason] . Paid £325. I realise I could have bought a S&B 8x56 for another £125, but don't want to go beyond 50mm. Anyone familiar with this scope? Reviews seem pretty positive, but nothing beats hearing from those who have had 'hands on' experience.
  14. beanieboy

    CZ527 Single Set Trigger

    Many thaks for the replies chaps. Interesting to hear your views on the SST....good and bad!
  15. beanieboy

    CZ527 Single Set Trigger

    I've continued to use the SST and still find I get better accuracy than with the standard trigger. Really enjoy using it now.

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