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  1. I think you will find they can do what they want, when they want and how they want. A guideline is exactly what it says and they are rarely followed.
  2. CRD

    Sauer 202 Bolt Wanted

    Hi All Has anyone got a 6 lug bolt for sale
  3. CRD

    Gun Crime on the UP

    Very good link that Thanks for finding that one, it's much better than the one I was looking at.
  4. CRD


    Well that's fair enough, you can only speak as you find, but I'm not sure what you mean by "go after", To me that seems like a very aggressive attitude to take against a police department. What were the circumstances that you've found? Did they use a barrister when they when to crown court for you? Were you in the right or wrong and what was the outcome of your cases? I can understand anyone that has been found guilty of, say, drink driving, or anything to do with drink for that matter, or violence etc etc would have their licence taken away for good. They are in the wrong in my opinion. Someone who has had their licences taken away without any convictions, warnings or anything detrimental to do with guns seems very strange to me. All I can think of, is my aggressive attitude towards them.
  5. Gun crime figures out are 6694 offences. Look out chaps, more ammo for the police to clamp down on guns. What does seem strange is, you can go to your local pub and buy a pistol yet a law abiding person can't have one. Strange world we live in eh?
  6. CRD


    Thanks for the reply. Yes. Checked with basc and they were not interested, in fact I tried to put in a complaint but people mysteriously kept leaving basc and they were the ones that were dealing with my complaint. This happened on three separate occasions. I'm sorry but I didn't read all the information on the link, what I did was google the company and this is a few reviews I found about them. It was a rip-OFF. Appalling service. Didn't find the service great. Extremely poor service. I definitely agree with this.. The most contact I had with them was regarding discussing money and legal aid rather than actual defence case. 
Very inexperienced solicitor that has left me with a criminal record! What a great company they must be!
  7. CRD


    I was exaggerating actually but thanks for the criticism. I wouldn’t enter crown court without a couple of barristers and yes I have researched the costs and have first hand experience of the costings of barristers and the legal system. I have seen far to many people lose a case due to incompetent solicitors but worse than that, many many “crooks” get away with things because of very good (expensive) barristers!
  8. CRD


    I am a member of BASC and have been for a long time, but they weren't interested mainly due to most of them being police. Of course, like everything in this world its all about money. The licensing department can go to crown court and it won't cost them a penny, if I go to court it costs hundreds of thousands
  9. CRD


    Thanks Never really understood the form that was given to me but I know exactly why it they were revoked. No criminal activity at all, no domestic problems just told the police what I thought of them and putting in a few official complaints!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. CRD


    How long after one has had their licences revoked can one reapply?
  11. A set of Warne 1" Qd High rings in very good condition. At the moment I can't find the two little bars as I never used them. £30 plus p&p https://www.sportsmanguncentre.co.uk/warne-30mm-matte-qd-high-rings-215lm
  12. Tracer Tri-Star Pro LED Lamping Kit unused300m Beam 1600 Lumen Super bright tri-led Battery fuel gauge display 8 hours run time on full power 300m/984 ft beam Variable power stock mounted switch Universal weapon mount £110 plus p&p
  13. Ruger M77 30mm Scope Mounts No 4 & 5 in very good condition £35 plus p&p

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