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  1. patjack

    Wanted .243 dies

    Anybody got any .243 dies that are gathering dust and want to sell. Please PM me. Many Thanks.
  2. patjack

    6.5 creedmore experiences

    Whats the expected life of a 6.5-06? the creed is good for 3000-4000 rounds mine has barely done 500 but the guys from sin city have got well over the 3000 from theirs and still accurate and they run rather hot loads, If my memory serves me right one or two have had closer to 5000. As mine is a stalking rifle its of no consequence to me but nice to know it will outlast me and be handed down to my son one day. Its already been stated by others all the 6.5s bar the 6.5-284 are very close to eachother, I just went with it as it was something different but more than happy as its just so easy to reload and it shoots, and luckily got all the brass from the states when you could get it and was dirt cheap.
  3. patjack

    6.5 creedmore experiences

    I have had a 6.5 creedmoor for 3-4 years one of the first to be built here in the uk as others have said very easy to load and unforgiven, used a .260 but prefer the creedmoor used mainly for stalking so cannot comment long range targets... but the guys in the states use them for that with very good results. have a look here http://www.65creedmoor.com there is not alot they don't know about them one or two members were involved in the development of it. also 6mm creedmoor user and think they are working on the 7mm's.
  4. patjack

    Tikka M695 magazine.

    Thanks for the advice but really wanted a second hand one if possible. Did email GMK and they gave the usual advice. one can hope that someone might have one for sale.
  5. patjack

    Tikka M695 magazine.

    After a spare Tikka M695 Mag if anyone has one they would be prepared to sell please contact me I realise its a bit of along shot but no one will send them from the USA. Thanks in advance.
  6. patjack

    Midway UK

    I recently bought stainless pins from JDReloadings cheaper than anyone else postage at cost Tumblers at best UK price too. I can only comment on my dealings which was good compared to alot that trade on Forums.
  7. patjack

    Midway UK

    Another option is JD Reloading good to deal with and very good prices. http://jdreloading.com/index.php?route=common/home
  8. patjack

    6.5mm mod cut 17x1

  9. patjack

    Tikka T3 - Just how good are they?

    Sorry to be the odd one out... I had a .308 varmint S/S when it replaced the 595/695 did not like it at all worse bit of plastic junk as a stock as flexible as could be very sloppy action and a very poor substitute for what it replaced. Have a 595/695 and so much nicer in all respects.
  10. patjack

    Found this on chicken shed door

    Don't mention Mooooosssssseeeee just in case those upsett on a not so friendly other Forum see Moose they still are badgering on about a recent hunting trip.
  11. patjack

    non DEET repellant

    Avon Skin So Soft original bluey-green label. Smidge is good too but found the SSS worked just great then sprayed Smidge on hat etc.
  12. patjack

    .30 cal Hornady 155gn A.max's

    Still Looking Thanks.
  13. patjack

    Remingtom MSR rifle wins the PSR contract

    What like Schmidt & Bender winning the optics contract over Nightforce & USoptics and others Was it not the case? that S&B were the most expensive of the lot at 26+ million?
  14. patjack

    .30 cal Hornady 155gn A.max's

    Anyone have any 155gn A.max's .30 cal they would like to sell that are gathering dust... What do you have please.

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