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  1. Tony.H

    Removing Doughnuts

    +1 for onehole clean the necks up and let it bite into the shoulders of the brass.....
  2. Tony.H

    Your Favourite Fox Call ?

    ive used a few different calls, but perfer my hand for calling them in..........
  3. Tony.H

    Advise please

    the reason for 3 shots is it will show your barrel node up better than a group of 5 the idea with ocw is to see a constant pattern on the target, ie top right, top left, or dead centre, but consistanly in the same area, but most loads that agree with your barrel node, will land in roughly the same area, which is when you pick 3 different groups all looking in a simlar pattern, take the middle powder weight, and go up or down a few grains dependant of the load. once that shows tightening use seating depth to really close it up. only then would i bother doing a 5 shot group,although ive never been into target shooting, so i like 3 shot groups as its your first shot that counts on vermin.....
  4. Tony.H

    Advise please

    no dont clean, the ocw test is 3 shot groups of load development, it gives you a rough idea of the the powder charge to use, then fine tune with seating depth.once youve got this, depending on weather your shooting vermin, which is critcal to first shot kill, then your rifle needs to be spot on from first cold bore shot....
  5. Tony.H

    Cratered primers - 20TAC

    i shot the same load in my 20 tac, and had no proper pressure signs untill i hit 24.8grs n133, and that was in summer, 24grs gave me 3600fps, also quickload is a waste of time when it comes to some of the wild cat cals....
  6. i apologise Jamie haha, its the dakota/lapua brass i like....for the tac 20..
  7. 20 tac all the way, more classier than the 20 prac and better than the scruffy .204 :D
  8. Tony.H

    .20 cal moderators

    mines a is the .223 cal spec one, and quiet......
  9. Tony.H

    .20 cal moderators

    i use the sl5 ase utra on the 20 tac, it does what its suppposed to do and no need to strip or mess with it in any way....and its compact....
  10. Tony.H

    243 for foxes

    to answer your question, whats the accuracy like compared to a .223 at 100-200 yards, it all depends on how good you are at shooting, the rifle will probably be more accurate than you are, so if your a good shot then it will be as accurate as any other gun you shoot......
  11. Tony.H

    New fac/sgc license fees announced

    by the way dan did you ever get sorted on your atlas bi pod, there back on aliexpress buddy.......
  12. Tony.H

    New fac/sgc license fees announced

    if there was no system, there would be no guns at all, most things that are high risk have to be managed in some form or another, or should we because like america, with everyone allowed one, a free for all...and i dont think anyone is welcoming this, just saying thats its not as bad as it could of been...
  13. Tony.H

    New fac/sgc license fees announced

    i think its good value, and if they impove there services because of the extra money they get then, all the better, its your tv licence that is a waste of £144 a year..i would say most rifle owners shoot more than they watch the crap thats on tv, i think you have to be realistic and enjoy what you like doing, have you seen the price too play golf, or buy a season ticket too watch a top football club....fac small price to pay.
  14. i use a rod and 2 nuts that you just tighten up,i put my bolt in slide the nut down the the crown then tighten this bolt, then remove the bolt ,i then put the bullet into the lans then just move it back slightly with the rod whilst holding a cotton bud at the back of the bullet, then i can feel just when its touching the lans, i tighten the second nut and that gives me my meassure......its cheap and it works every time
  15. If its criss crossed with footpaths, then where are your safe shooting areas, ie backstops, reason i say this is simple, ive bumped into people walking there dogs at all sorts of hours, people going on or comig off shift or cant sleep...you need back stop regardless of what the owners think. I would point out the safe back stops out too the owners and convince them its vital that you get your scope zeroed in properly, as without this your not going to know weather you have your required 100yrd zero or if you have cross over on your scope, you also need to check groups, or how will know when your rifle is off, which is very dangerous, if you dont know and your gun is shooting 3" groups at 100yds because its gone off its poa Tell them as a safty minded and responaceable shooter it is your duty, say its a must that you at least put 5 rounds down it at a 100yds too zero, and one round everytime you visit. you could even zero in the dark under a lamp, i had to zero my 20tac in the dark for the same reasons, people tresspassing over my permission constantly, i was always having agro from know it all's, i just got the police involved every time...............i hope you get too check your rifle properly. Also that you move up to a centre fire rifle, for those foxes, personnal opinion on that............ atb Tony

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