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  1. Artiglio

    Ranging on stickledown

    Would the obvious approach not be to ask the NRA? Rick Wells is i believe the range manager and if he doesn’t know would likely be able to find out.
  2. Artiglio

    NRA RCO Handloading Rule

    Which is probably not a small part in why the nra have taken over the issuing of cards. New system is pretty straightforward if you shoot in NRA / Bisley competitions, can see it being a nusiance for some. Though at least NRA are putting things in place early, i was asked in march formy details for a card that expires this december.
  3. Artiglio

    NRA RCO Handloading Rule

    Looks as though its a reminder of the hme rules , you’re expected to know if you’re exceeding the hme limit and if you have then you’ve shot an hme card and handed it in to the range office get a photocopy of it for inspection on the range if needed ( at bisley) or an alternative hme procedure on other ranges whislt shooting under the nra. pretty easy to check , rco asks for say 3 rounds, two are fired over a chrony , 3rd pulled and bullet weighed. If you’ve already done an hme card , unlikely you’ll be asked.
  4. Artiglio

    Velocity plateaus in load testing: Why?

    We all look for acharge weight that gives awide window, then generally we fiddle with neck tension, primers, seating depth, to optimise the load. And then probably recheck the powder charge at the end of it all to be sure. Given that some many factors have been optimised is it not reasonable to think that variances in any one are smoothed by the rest being at their best? In respect of quickload, i’ve found that if you, alter the default settings for temperature on the day , the tweak the powder burn rate to match your chrono results on the day, make sure the cartridge and bullet data are all correct, it gives some incredibly accurate predictions. Combine it with “optimal barrel timing” and it gets me pretty close to a good load quicker than i would normally. A benefit for me as its a 200 mile round trip to do some testing and anything that cuts the number of sessions down is a bonus.
  5. all sold pending the usual
  6. 2 x 500ct boxes sealed £125 each posted 1 x open box of 450 £110 posted 230 moly coated and pointed £40 posted Take them all £360 posted.
  7. Artiglio

    Worth a read...........

    Yes and I support leave and would like a form of “real brexit” , however you’ve not quoted the whole of what i’d like to see happen, which is an attempt of a sort of 2015 reset, allowing farage and co to succeed or fail at the ballot box at the same time as putting labour and conservative on notice as to the portion of the electorate looking for an alternative. Any Brexit ( if there is one) is not going to be anything I or many others envisaged or hoped for , parliament is going to ensure its as close to staying in as possible. They also will not go for a second referendum on the same stay or leave question because they are not sure they’d win or that a win would be by so slim a margin as to solve nothing. So my suggestion was to start again, allow the Farage UKIP a fair chance and give all sides the chance to persuade the electorate of the best way forward , then have a second referendum on a basis of a real Brexit if the result was to leave. It won’t happen so my opinion means little. But the whole process has been a disaster in respect of the electorates trust in our democratic process and those that we elect. Sadly there is no real prospect of any real change in politics, the conservatives are pushing ahead with their plans on the basis that Corbyn had his best chance in 2017 and though he came close, he’s unlikely to win the next election. There is no longer any alternative party of any real worth to hold either side to account or become the “kingmaker” in a hung parliament.
  8. Artiglio

    Worth a read...........

    People voted mainly on how they saw membership of the eu affecting their lives. If you lived in an area that had had huge amounts of inward migration which meant your kids were in the minority who spoke english at school, you struggled to get a doctors appointment, there was downward pressure on wages for the work you do and you were continuously moved futher down the list for social housing because others were in greater need, then its likely they voted to leave. If however you want a cheap cleaner or babysitter, your coffee subsidised by the state paying tax credits to workers, same with having your car washed, were relatively unaffected by stretched services, in no need of social housing, had a good safe job or run a business where an unlimited supply of cheap labour made your business viable you’d vote to stay in. Both sides are correct in their opinion and views, which is why the country is so divided. That our governments of the last 20 years have been unable to predict population growth and plan for it, build an economy that produces enough wealth and tax revenue, for people both to be able to afford to live well and for the state to look after those that don’t/can’t earn enough whilst at the same time providing the public services we need, has only made the divison ever more entrenched. The beauty of the referendum was that it was a vote where everybody had an equal chance of affecting the result, as a result people were more willing to voice an opinion, the way in which that political engagement is being ignored and distorted has undermined our democracy. Then you consider that Cameron only offered the referendum as a way of undermining the popularity of UKIP, rather than risk them gaining ever more votes ( but few mp’s ( which would have called for a review of our electoral system)). He expected another coalition under which he could have had the referendum quashed. His referendum promise effectively stopped uk politics evolving and has maintained the two party grip on the country and removed much of the pressure for labour or the tories to listen to a good portion of the electorate. As it all stands now, I’d cancel the whole farce. Bung Farage 100 million to start a new party and let him succeed of fail at the ballot box. arrange a general election for next june , along with another eu referendum to be held in 2022 legally mandated and not to be cancelled. Then let the parties fight it out properly and treat the electorate as adults letting them decide on the back of real information It would also give the EU time to decide wether it wants to make any meaningful reform or not.
  9. Or why not , cut the chamber off, rendering the rest of the barrel back to being a blank and out with control, hand cambered section to rfd for destruction. Remaining blank/ burnt out barrel can be treated as you wish. Or would that be a contravention of legislation regarding length? Not trying to be argumentative , just seeking a solution
  10. Artiglio

    Mausingfield 6.5x47

    Or try a bit of googlefu yourself , plenty on net to choose from, for example http://printtargets.net/
  11. Artiglio

    Petition against dangerous weapons

    I would expect there are a good number on here who’ve taken the time to read the information available and then put pen to paper. Just because some choose not to post in such threads does not mean they have done nothing.
  12. I have the half screen problem on many links here, i’d assumed its because i’m using an ipad.
  13. Artiglio

    Reloading 7SAUM, with RS70

    Things are getting a bit confused here, the accurate shooter article referred to relates to a rifle chambered in 284 win.
  14. Artiglio

    FCSA Update

    As I read it ,it covers any firearm from which a projectile CAN be discharged in excess of 13,600 joules. So running lighter loads won’t bypass the proposal.
  15. Artiglio

    Arbor press

    I’ve a sinclair press. £80 posted. If you’re interested, send an email address and i’ll send a pic. regards phil

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