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  1. Artiglio

    FCSA Update

    As I read it ,it covers any firearm from which a projectile CAN be discharged in excess of 13,600 joules. So running lighter loads won’t bypass the proposal.
  2. Artiglio

    Arbor press

    I’ve a sinclair press. £80 posted. If you’re interested, send an email address and i’ll send a pic. regards phil
  3. Forster 6 x 47 full length sizer 005265 £35 6.5 x 47 ultra die set U04256 Sold 6.5 x 47 Bushing bump neck die BBK2261 £65 Whidden 284 Win full length bushing sizer and seater set, includes comparator £135 Wilson 6mm br rem neck die £35 6/6.5 x 47 neck die Sold Neck Die base £10 (with one or both of above) £15 on its own Prices include first class signed for postage. Advertised elsewhere
  4. Artiglio

    Plot-o-matic scoring strategy

    Unfortunately skilled markers are few and far between, on occasions your score can be little more than a lucky dip and/or you can be forever calling message 4.Its hard enough for clubs to get enough good markers over the winter let alone through the spring / summer months. Paying ever more does’nt seem to cure the problem. So you’re left with 3 options, competitor marking ( which is more popular in some disciplines than others) , accept the markers you get, or start using electronics. this weekends fclass league shoot is going to be using electronics at diggle , should be a good test of the equipment and feedback from competitors will be important.
  5. Here you go, along with the bag of bits replaced.
  6. Watch has been repaired and returned, worn it for a month and no appreciable time has been gained or lost , power reserve is in excess of 28 hours. Work done by Robin Martin and Partner Portsmouth. Efficient, stuck to timescales, communicated well. Cost was £684, judging from the bag of bits returned, movement is half way to becoming triggers broom. 2 year warranty. Would have been more but I opted not to have the bracelet and case cosmetically improved. they are omega approved/accredited and costs are in line with those on the omega site.
  7. From my understanding of the link posted, there is as yet no detail, just that a bill will be presented to parliament covering the points laid out in the statement. In respect of the parts of the proposed bill relating to firearms , it would almost certainly require the results of the consultation to be at least referred to in order to show that all concerns have been considered. Until the details have been published , ie. the bill itself, all else is just conjecture. There are many of us waiting to see what appears in the bill, as the next stage for shooters to express their views will be to contact their mp's and point out why we believe the bills proposed legislation to be excessive/unwarranted. It is at the parliamentary stage that our MP's have to get off the fence, hopefully some will raise points when the bill is put to parliament. but whatever happens they will all have the chance to vote on it. They are now at the point of being directly involved with their constituents. As such a letter ( written submissions to your MP by parliamentary convention require a written reply, emailed submissions do not by themselves have to receive a response) setting out opposition , assuming there is any, to the bill and a request for a face to face meeting (again assuming that the response to the letter is insufficient to answer concerns) will hopefully be the actions of all FAC and SGC holders.
  8. Moved over to wilson dies so having a clearout. 6 x 47 Lapua competition seater 55489. £80 223 rem body die and competition neck sizing die 56111. SOLD 308win competition die set 58155. SOLD 270wsm body die / 270wsm bushing competition neck sizer / 7mm wsm competition seater £145 300wsm body die / 300 bushing neck die / 300 wsm competition seater £145 all prices include 1st class signed for postage, no bushings included with dies, pm email address if pic required.
  9. Artiglio

    Importing reloading equipment from the states?

    Not at all, not saying they don’t do it. Better to avoid naming companies, as my experiences may not be typical and there are those that have had no problems, i do however have a list of preferred suppliers with whom i find transactions are so much easier.
  10. Artiglio

    Importing reloading equipment from the states?

    Whilst i understand your point, there are/is those that show stock , take the order and payment with no mention of not holding physical stock. One in particular I get the impression does purposefully to avoid holding stock or paying up front for goods. I’ve no objection to this so long as i know what i’m getting into. Other companies plainly state items will be back ordered. I’ve no doubt that keeping an ecommerce site upto date is time cosuming and costly, but perhaps some information really shouldn’t be hidden in small print.
  11. Artiglio

    Importing reloading equipment from the states?

    Its just about impossible to relate US prices to UK ones and decide excessive profits are made. The cost of running a business in UK is far higher, business rates, pensions for staff, maternity pay, data protection, and all the other legislation that needs to be done costs money, then there’s overall taxation ,the UK has the nhs and a welfare system to pay for. So we have high direct and indirect taxation. Its a good thing that imported shooting related items are not priced in the same manner as petro/diesel. If they were we’d be paying twice in pounds what the americans do in dollars. ( akin to Brownells pricing) The uk shooting market is tiny, within that you have suppliers that operate on tiny margins for the love of shooting, others that show massive stocks take your money and then tell you its on back order. The importers especially and many retailers will have, between them ,huge amounts of capital tied up on the shelf. All will be supplying their good and services at prices which allow them to make a living which makes it worthwhile to them. If something we want is not available in the UK immediately or there is sufficient cost saving in buying direct we are all free to do so.
  12. Artiglio

    Reloading with Rosie

    Reading the above you’d have to forgive Edgars/Hornady if they wondered why they had bothered trying to produce something a bit different. Over the summer on a sunny day you’ll see girls/women from the university teams at bisley attired not dissimarily to Rosie, look at the NRA website and its page promoting the Easter Meet ,shows a blonde female shooter in shorts, no hint of an out cry that the NRA is sexualising shooting. As for male attitudes , in my smallbore club , a couple wanted their 15 year old daughter to take up shooting , no problem till the summer whenthe daughter was turning up to shoot prone wearing skirts no longer than Rosies shorts. She ended up shooting on her own with exception of parents and RO, other members decided not to be present for fear of any perceived accusation being made against them. The clubs child protection officer spoke with the parents, whose view was that their daughter could wear what she wanted when she wanted, they never attended the club again. on balance the vldeos to me strike a reasonable balance , likely to appeal to a wider audience , as with everything , you can’t please everyone all the time.
  13. Cheers Gents watch has already gone to thr new repairer , who has opened it up and given a detailed list of what needs replacing, omega certified, will be returned running to original spec and have a 2 year warranty. Fingers crossed it all works out.

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