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  1. Barrelcool unused (batteries not included). £35.00 (SOLD) Hornady case prep assistant (plug adaptor will be required). £35.00 Magnetospeed V2 . £190.00 (SOLD) Whidden meplat kit for Wilson Trimmer includes .22, 6mm,6.5mm,7mm, 308 holders.(thread connecting cutter to wilson handle is tight and only goes on one turn, works fine, this is how it turned up from Whidden) £60.00 Insize digital thickness guage. £35.00 (SOLD) all prices include post and packing.
  2. Kelblys 30mm rings

    Evening Darrel i've a set of dovetail rings if that wascwhat you are looking for. regards phil
  3. Whidden full length bushing sizer and seater set, 7mm shehane. £150 posted.
  4. Robertson fclass stock, pillar bedded for fclass panda, anschutz rail , 4 way butt , magnetic adjustable cheekpiece, SOLD
  5. Wilson 300wsm micrometer seater

    Looking for 300wsm wilson micrometer seater, if anyone has one they wish to part with or knows where has stock on the shelf. thanks phil
  6. RFD transfer rules

    Going back to the original post and some of the concerns raised in later replies. Would it not be prudent / possible to. _ send your fac to the vendors rfd _vendor arrives at said rfd inspects and fills in your fac, transfers firearm to rfd _rfd returns fac to purchaser and forwards firearm to purchasers rfd -purchaser turns up at his rfd with fac and collects firearm this if viable would address some of the concerns voiced.
  7. RFD transfer rules

    Thanks for the thoughts/clarification in the above posts. Seems to be a very badly worded piece of legislation, from the parts quoted so far, - most certainly an offence to take payment in full or transfer a firearm or licensable component without sight of an authority to buy / acquire said item - in respect of accepting a deposit for an item, from the section Bradders posted , to me and my understanding of the English language allows the acceptance of a deposit to either hold an item or commission a build. From the posts above it seems as though police forces are choosing to interpret this as severely as possible. As pointed out this would need to go to court for clarification and would likely lead to much debate on the definitions of deposit, purchase , ownership, etc. Surely if the legislation was meant to make the taking of a deposit without an authority to purchase it would have been clearly written as such. However in the meantime it would be foolhardy to go against advice received.
  8. RFD transfer rules

    Evening gents i stand to be corrected, but surely the excerpt Bradders has posted , clearly says that it is full payment that is illegal without having seen "authority to purchase" and that "you may only take a deposit prior to sight" means that leaving a deposit is perfectly legal. Though any receipt would need to be brocken down to show that each certifiable component has only been part paid for. Not taking full payment makes sense in that once an item has been paid for and the fact verified by way of a receipt, then effectivly ownership of the item has effectively changed at which point an offence has been commited if there is no authority to purchase. Where as in the case of part payment ownership still lies with the vendor. Be grateful if someone could confirm one way or the other.
  9. General Election

    With the greatest respect, there are some glaring innaccuracies in that list, especially in the comments about ALMO's however it certainly shows that a lot of the accusations being bandied about by both sides leave a lot to be desired and political point scoring has become more important , at a time of such dreadful tradgedy for so many it's inexcusable.
  10. General Election

    But we live in a sound bite, catchphrase age, i'd guess there is more written in this thread than 80% of voters bothered to read , let alone do any research of their own. As a result the propoganda thrown out is just designed to catch attention and resonate.
  11. General Election

    Over the last 50 years or so politicians of all hues have used every trick/wheeze/accounting trick to "improve" the country, for the most part things are better than 50 years ago, but its now all come home to roost, we've driven ourselves up a blind alley. My local A&E looks like the audition room for Jeremy Kyle or "shameless", 20% don't speak English (and don't wish to) TB is becoming a problem locally, the NHS is burdened by those that make no effort to look after themselves. Local primary schools have behaviour mentors and family liaison officers that knock on doors of parents whose kids have not turned to school, to find at 10am no one in the household is out of bed. When did either of those become necessary in a civilised society. Locally a single male under 35 working 32 hours for £8 takes home around £250 and most likely lives with his parents, someone standing next to him with a partner and 2 kids has his money topped up to over £500. (Hence the attraction for migrants, even more so when you add in health and education) If society chooses to do this ok, but put the full £500 in both wage packets and do the rest with tax, the single male may not be so content then. Further education is used by too many as a way to avoid supporting themselves for 3 years and have no intention or ability to earn enough to pay the loan back anyway. None of our proffered leaders wishes to address any of this, it'd just alienate too many. As a society too much is demanded from an economy that has too little productivity and as such creates too little real wealth per capita. Parties are trying to lead the electorate to believe they can turn a 50 year plus decline around in 5, totally impractical, but for those that want everything now on credit its what they want to hear. Corbyn bought the youth vote with the pledge to end tuition fees, takes a strong person to decline 30K just for getting out of bed by 9pm and putting a cross in a box. But the tory response was to shout about "magic money trees", hardly a measured constructive response. Brexit in any form I'd like to see is all but finished, we've a government led by a gurning marionette devoid of leadership skills or anything remotely appealing to the electorate. The sooner this government collapses and we have a new election based on a decent campaign the better and the Tories need to get Farage into the fold and let him loose. One of the few that I've seen that inspires confidence over the last couple of years is Dominic Grieve, former attorney general. Seems a no nonsense sort of chap.
  12. scopes and trigger

    Pm sent re 2.5-10

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