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  1. Anyone used any N565 yet

    Hannams now have N565 in stock, has anyone had a go with it yet?
  2. I was wondering what the usual freebore is for the above bullet in a 7/270wsm and am I right in thinking the freebore would be the same for any parent case.
  3. Barnard P trigger

    Really only need trigger shoe and springs but happy to buy complete trigger.
  4. Just wondering what is the best current new scope for an add on please, needs to focus clearly down to 50yd and be up to the recoil of a 243 please?
  5. Sorry these are gone. I have decided selingl individual boxes of 100 tips really is not worth the hassle of posting so will only sell multiple boxes. I will sort all payment details and postage at the coming weekend. At this time I will remove the advert and withdraw unsold bullet tips from sale.
  6. or how about 1000 for £300 posted.
  7. None at this minute any ideas would be much gratefully received. Simon
  8. Having a major clearout of bullet tips I no longer shoot. Prices are per 100 postage extra. Berger 1500 6mm 80gn varmint £32 400 6mm varmint 66gn £28 400 6mm varmint 60gn £27 1000 6mm 69gn varmint high BCFB £35 200 6.5mm target BT long range £45 Hornaday 300 6.5mm Vmax 95gn £38 100 6.5mm Amax 140gn £37 100 6.5mm Amax120gn £34 100 30 cal SST 150 gn £43 sold today ay bisley to Tom Lapua 640 30cal 155gn scenar £30 sold today at bisley to Tom 440 6.5mm 139gn scenar £26 sold to hunter686 Nosler 150 6mm 90gn BT 50 per box £24 per box 100 6mm 80gn BT £40 80 6mm 70gn BT £27 all Noslers sold to Marty Sierra 565 30 cal 155gn SMK 2155C £34 sold today at bisley to Tom 500 30 cal SMK 220gn 2240c £42 400 6.5mm SMK 142gn 1742c £38 200 6mm blitzking 70gn1507 £26 300 22 cal blitzking 55gn 1345 £17 I am at Bisley quite often and would prefer face to face, priority will go to people buying more than one box.
  9. I can do who's paying the post if you don't want it.
  10. A shot out/ very tired barrel Sako blued hunter in 22 250. Fluted bolt , stock is in reasonable condition no serious marks £425
  11. Anyone used the above triggers from Jacksons , they look well made and are a sensible price . But I wondered if anyone is using one? Dorg
  12. Yes please pm me your bank details and I will sort it. Simon

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