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  1. Yes please pm me your bank details and I will sort it. Simon

    Just a point to note , Bruno,s shooter supplies will export Neilson neck turners we have bought a couple last month, but be warned the cost at $350 is eye watering.
  3. Sako 75

    Tony I have a 22br Sako 75, barrel fitted by Steve Kershaw , I will have to check the spec, I also have a wood blued 22 250 ready for a new barrel. I may have a suitable 22 cal barrel blank and we have the reamers if you wanted us to fit the barrel. I will give the prices some thought if you are interested.
  4. Thanks for the offer Vince if I can make it I will , one thing I was thinking never shot benchrest do you take the extra second to double check your aim or save the time and get the bullets away and what sort of time would you expect to get 5 shots away in.
  5. The 11/2 to 13/4 is the size of the group fluke or not and although one of the range staff did witness the group on the monitor I doubt any real notice was taken. I am hoping to get to shoot some groups with this rifle soonish at 600yds and will see what that comes out at. I am well aware one group does not make an accurate rifle but time will tell.
  6. I am sure you are right about Diggle being much less small group friendly having shot there several times, I am sure my group was a fluke but my measurement is based on the group at its largest was less than a third the distance between the 4 and 5 ring in an F class target. It would be interesting to try proper bench rest one day.
  7. We were load developing and yes 1000yds straight 284 5 shots fired as fast as possible without looking at the monitor the group was between 11/2 and 13/4 inches . Just as a point to note we must have put 250 rounds into the electronic target and it never missed a beat. Not sure what we paid but the day was £122 for and electronic target in the morning and a normal target with marker in the afternoon which although is winter rates, but between 5 of us was a cheap day out
  8. While at bisley today I shot what I think was a small 5 shot group and wondered what the benchrest guys would regard as a good group at this distance with a 7mm calibre. It may have been a one off lucky group but was scored on the electronic targets only wished I have taken a picture.
  9. Tikka only make 1 length action so yes it will fit I will try to sort some pics out, but it is whay it is as discribed,
  10. As above never used ,never fitted to a rifle never taken outside as new in box £450 posted.
  11. I will take this if not already sold I'm at bisley on sunday
  12. Stock wanted, Savage 12 F/TR

    Pete Unfortunately don't have an email from you in my inbox! Could you please send to info@riflestocks.co.uk or pm on here and I'd be glad to help. Joe
  13. Sound moderated 410

    looking for the above anyone got anything to sell please ?
  14. mags for a finnfire

    as above please in 22lr.

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