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  1. dorg

    Joypod wanted

    As above please pm me if you have one for sale.
  2. dorg

    S type Redding FL die in 300WSM

    Sorry not got it.
  3. The above die needed anyone got one for sale.
  4. hi dorg yeh i will go and see my local gunsmith monday would you like anymore photos its a great truck gun I'm only selling it as i have got a chance to buy a sako finnfire

  5. I will have this if you can organise an rfd to post it
  6. dorg

    Lapua 7mm 180 gr Scenar L

    How many do you need and let me have you address by pm
  7. Do to a cockup with the freebore on a new 7/270wsm reamer I am having to seat my berger 180gn vld very deep into the case about 75thou deeper than the usual 2,425 ish , anyway before we throat it out I thought give it a go. Guess what it shoots very tight groups from the off. This has me wondering apart from doughnuts and compressed loads is there any reason this is a bad idea. I also seem to recall something about optimum case fill. Your thoughts please.
  8. dorg

    Anyone used any N565 yet

    Hannams now have N565 in stock, has anyone had a go with it yet?
  9. I was wondering what the usual freebore is for the above bullet in a 7/270wsm and am I right in thinking the freebore would be the same for any parent case.
  10. dorg

    Barnard P trigger

    Really only need trigger shoe and springs but happy to buy complete trigger.
  11. Just wondering what is the best current new scope for an add on please, needs to focus clearly down to 50yd and be up to the recoil of a 243 please?
  12. Sorry these are gone. I have decided selingl individual boxes of 100 tips really is not worth the hassle of posting so will only sell multiple boxes. I will sort all payment details and postage at the coming weekend. At this time I will remove the advert and withdraw unsold bullet tips from sale.
  13. or how about 1000 for £300 posted.

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