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  1. HI Jim Yes they are perfect for your scope, I have the same scope as you and thats what I use. The ones I am selling are a new unsused spare set.
  2. Brand new, never fitted,Tier One RingsThese are 36mm, fit Zeiss V8 and other 36mm ScopesA spirit level is fitted in the rear ring as standard.Complete with hard case & Torx bits £85.00 incl 1st Class DeliveryDont know how to post pictures any more!
  3. redding

    VICTORY V8 4.8–35x60

    Got it, I rely heavily on the stop pin, but 100 clicks from 100 mtrs is plenty for me.
  4. redding

    VICTORY V8 4.8–35x60

    Not sure, I was replying from my phone, maybe thats got something to do with it
  5. redding

    VICTORY V8 4.8–35x60

    Fine, thats your opinion and of course you are entitled to it
  6. redding

    VICTORY V8 4.8–35x60

    Do you mean 200 clicks from the 100 meter setting, or there are 200 clicks available from start to end with no stop pin in place? If you mean 200 from 100m then without the pin in place that could theoretically get me out beyond 1000 meters!
  7. redding

    VICTORY V8 4.8–35x60

    Only to get it back to zero after i fitted the 20 moa rail. I have 101 clicks of elevation with the pin in place
  8. redding

    VICTORY V8 4.8–35x60

    I dont understand what you are saying here, my 4.8-35X60 V8 is zeroed at 100m and I have 101 clicks available from there, I have mounted it on a 20 moa rail though!
  9. redding

    Zeiss V8 4.6-35X60

    Hi, thanks for the reply Yes its made my brain ache as well. The Turret will turn a lot more but only if I remove the zero stop pin & I dont want to do that really. Thanks for confirming the range increase values, at least I got that right! Now this is the bit that really stumps me "If you only have 101 clicks then it will move 50.5cm @100m / 16.833 moa" So @ 100 m I wind the turret right up to the max, 101 clicks and that gives me 50.50cm of elevation, so to find maximum range do I only need to look at my ballistics for the bullet I am using and identify at what range the bullet drops by 50.50cm, can it be that simple. Where I am really confused is that when I fitted the Picatinny rail I had to wind the turret down loads to get back on target @ 100m, but the Zeiss spec says the turret has 100 clicks so in my tiny mind it tells me that the Picatinny rail has added nothing, jees this is confusing
  10. redding

    Zeiss V8 4.6-35X60

    I have searched the site for the answer I need but cannot see it. I have a Zeiss V8 4.6-35X60. It has a 0.50cm per click @ 100 meter's Elevation Turret (ASV+) with the Zero stop in place. It is mounted on a 20 MOA Picatinny Rail and zeroed @ 100 meters The Elevation Turret has 101 clicks available from the zero (100 meter setting) My question (1): How many meters will this set up dial out to? Question (2) I understand MOA adjustments, ie 1 moa @ 100 yards, 2 moa @ 200 etc etc, If my Turret is 0.50cm @ 100 mtrs, is it 1.50cm @ 200 mtrs, 2 cm @ 300 meters etc, do I just keep adding 0.50cm per 100 mtrs? Been trying to work this out all morning and cannot get it, nothing on the internet is helpful. Regards
  11. redding

    Neck sizing v full-length sizing

    I always resize using a Lee Collet Die, sometimes I have to run them through a Body Die to bump the shoulder a tad I thought I would try FL sizing a bit back and the grouping went all to hell & back!
  12. Right at the top of the advert it says "The sale price is £1500.00 + SD Postage"
  13. SOLD I am selling my Pulsar Quantum XD50S as I am upgrading to the new Helion model. (April 2016) It is in perfect condition and everything works as it should, there are no marks on the lenses. It comes with a spare battery pack and an extra 4 rechargeable AA batteries. The sale price is £1500.00 + SD Postage Features · Digital zoom · Detection Range 1250 metres · External power supply · Frost resistant · Video output · Degree of protection IPX4 · Detector size 384x288 pixels · Quality OLED display (640x480 pixels) · Stadiametric rangefinder · Multiple color modes · Optical magnification 1.1x/2.1x/2.8x · 2x - 4x digital zoom · Display off function · Three calibration modes-manual, semiautomatic and automatic · Three operation modes-city, forest, identification · Defective pixel repair option · Power saving mode · Wide field of view · External power supply · Video output enabling recording · Image inversion modes: "White hot" and "Black hot" · Two 1/4" tripod mounts I have spent an hour trying to upload pictures, yes I have read ALL the instructions but it keeps saying the file is too big to upload and I am not going to waste any more time on it. I will happily send you all the pictures you want by email if you let me have a PM. Advertised elsewhere
  14. Thanks both I understand that it has target turrets, but that is not ASV, I dont need to be counting clicks or referring to a ballistic chart to determine how many MOA I need to dial in, I have been using ASV for years and its very reliable, fast & foolproof.
  15. Eh? What does that mean, I asked if they can be retro fitted with ASV! If you mean they already have ASV then it does not say so!

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