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  1. It may have a pedigree name, but it really don't float my boat
  2. XLR evolution chassis ?!

    Cheers for the info... i am currently awaiting delivery of my order, which is now on route to me from Holland & should be here sometime this week. Cheers al.
  3. MDT lss or similar

    The unfortunate short answer is NO, I don't . hopefully this picture should answer a part of your question, it's the only one I have of any of them in them in an early stage of development the big hole where the mag would have gone, is still used by the much smaller mag, and being that it is smaller, you actually need the room to be able to get the mag in and out , especially on the CZ452 as the mag release is on the bottom of the stock in front of the trigger guard - adjacent to the action screw. The CZ527 is different as the mag release is on the side. The cost of the parts for the stock was about £ 100 for the Cz452 & about £160 for the cz527 the extra cost being the AI skins. I was lucky that I managed to source a couple of old airsoft stocks for the donar parts quite cheaply - obvously that does not include the labour and other bits I already had lying about. i suppose it comes down to how much of a cavalier attitude you have, either buy one off the shelf and enjoy it or fettle about and be prepared for a bit of problem solving, with the hope that you dont screw it right up and it goes in the bin ( the stock that is )
  4. MDT lss or similar

    Hi, i built the light green one for a CZ452 17 hmr, from old airsoft parts - side plastic skins, butt spacers, cheek peice & front bipod mount block. the dark green one was for a CZ527 .17 Hornet using AICS skins and a few airsoft parts - front bipod , butt plates & cheek piece. Both were built on a 30mm alloy box chassis, the only difference was that the Hornet version also used a 25mm box alloy peice for the rear section, where as the HMR ( doesn't have any recoil) using the thicker plastic airsoft sides, meant that this was unnecessary. They both worked / work really well & improved the accuracy over the original wood stock on both rifles. I no longer have the HMR as I sold this earlier this year, however the hornet is in constant use ( was out last night with me ) and is alway a pleasure to shoot.
  5. I have for sale 4 X Steyr AUG 30 rnd .223 clear type magazines These are used , but are in good condition. £ 140 the lot Prices include postage to mainland UKThanks
  6. Your Best Buy of 2017?

    Rebarrel of the rem700 .308 to a 6.5 creedmoor - work done by Bradders. I could not be more pleased with how it turned out and how insanely accurate it is.
  7. Walter Mitty Foxing.

    Lol, It does make me laugh at the wildly exaggerated distances, as well as the hype given to 1 particular IR torch - that nothing in the world can match or beat ! i shoot with a pal & we both have standard 6.5 photons with ludicrous T67 mk2 's ( or evo, or what ever they are called now ) We both regularly have taken rabbits out to 250 yards & I think the longest fox was about 200 .. easy for us as we both zero at 70 yards & 2nd zero is 195 yards, and 1" under at 220, 2.5" at 250 .. so there is not much guess work involved. But I would never push on from that as 1 it drops like a stone & 2 not much point ... Best not to challenge there data though, or you may suddenly find that the BS gang close ranks oh well !
  8. 17 Hornet - Who . . .

    I couldn't find a stock I liked for my CZ 527 17Hornet, so I built one
  9. Ok, thanks Baldie .. great info cheers
  10. Very true, It is hard when you can't just pick one up off the shelf. however my theory was, with a good picture & the dimensions on paper you get a fair idea of the look, based against what you already have in the gun cabinet, should give you close enough to gamble
  11. Hi, thanks for the pic. & the link .. the he pictures are the most useful as I can see what it's like to the eye.. i had a Rem varmint barrel & I have never been taken with it - looks wise , i like your idea of a parallel up to the swamp, and that's more the look I want to achieve . cheers pal.
  12. Hi, hopefully someone can help me, i am looking to rebarrel a 223 Rem 700, and I can't make up my mind as to what barrel contour will serve my purpose. i want to end up at either 22" or 24" and I want something that is not to heavy to carry, but not as thin as a standard sporter. i have been looking at there S5 Mauser medium sporter, or there S6 Mauser Heavy Sporter Have any of you guys got one of these ? do any of you have pictures of these ? I would really appreciate your help thanks al.
  13. Hi, i have am accu-shot atlas bt19 bipod spigot to fit AI & AICS stocks very good condition, £ 65 posted ( mainland uk )
  14. Buyer can chose which set of viperskins they want GREEN or FDE thanks al

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