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  1. treetop

    Roding armoury

    Bloody sad news, shame.. Always loved a chat with them both, end of an era
  2. treetop

    Bullet puller - bench press type - wanted

    Thank you !
  3. Hi, Im after a bullet puller, I've had enough of kinetic hammers. So if you have one & don't need it, great! Cheers al
  4. treetop

    New .204 load

    My 20 prac with 39 gr BLK, with photon extreme Zero at 75 yards then 2nd zero is 220 , 3450 fps gives me 3/5" at 100 , 1" at top of trajectory & 1 1/4" at 250 4.5" drop at 300 but I rarely take quarry at that distance
  5. treetop

    20 cal

    Go for a 20 practical... Uses 223 brass necked down to .204, no fireforming & really easy basically you use a 223 bushing die with a 204 button & a bushing .. Still use a 223 seating die. its very economical to run... I use 25 gr XBR 8208 with 39gr Sierra Bliztkings- 3450 fps, hardly any recoil, less white out than a 223 & gives the same stopping power as I use to get when I shot 53gr vmax ( 223 ) at 3150 fps , but has the advantage of being flatter & better in the wind.
  6. I couldn't find a uk importer when I bought my 2, i ended up using a solid solution designs in Holland, but as Ronin says vertibrae in Norway also send to uk & are good to deal with
  7. Hague Convention, and the Geneva Convention, Makes it impossible to be used in that way, as its best used with an expanding bullet. personally the 20 prac is easier & if you haven't shot one - don't try to knock it, until you have shot one 😜
  8. Well, if I look in the cabinet & had to decide Factory ammo - 6.5 creedmoor ( although I've never bought factory ammo) home load - .20 practical ( cos they don't make factory ammo)
  9. treetop

    New .204 load

    8208 XBR CFE 223
  10. treetop

    New .204 load

    The height of the scope may answer why you suddenly don't get the same drop off. as most NV units are about 3" from the middle of the lens to the middle of the bore & most people tend to get the scope as low as possible, this gives a difference in POI over distance. Probably not as much as you have seen but may be some kind of answer. I would also hazard a guess that the dot or cross on the NV is a lot bigger than your scope
  11. treetop

    17 hornet

    PM me if your still looking
  12. treetop

    Alternatives to QuickLoad

    Thank you GT3 !
  13. treetop

    Alternatives to QuickLoad

    Can someone tell me if the new IMR Enduron powders are listed on Quickload ? I was going to purchase it about 6 months ago , but I sent the guy / company a message asking & never got a reply thanks al.
  14. What do you want to do with it ? As that can help with the answers you may want to receive
  15. treetop

    6.5 Creedmoor brass

    I use re-sized 22-250 brass with Large primer and have no issues at all

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