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  1. treetop

    Rebarrel from 223 to 204

    Surely you would zero for MPBR ? I know I do & especially with nightvision, as I get the best out of my ' package' without having to stress over minute distance calculations most of my rifles are set up for almost flat shooting with a max arc of 1"
  2. treetop


    Match 54 action - is that a .22lr ? sorry , just read that again , im sure one of the 'smiths ' will be along to help you with advice, cost ect
  3. treetop

    Premier Optics 5-25

    Hi, hope you don't mind, I'm following your thread intently As I'm looking at scopes of similar - but not necessarily price range , some that I want more info on, like :- Delta STRYKER ED , Burris xtr2, Steiner m5xi .. As reviews by users, mainly only happen on YouTube & I suspect that most are sponsored it's like a mine field....
  4. Thank you Baldie ... i do listen to your advice & Appreciate your wealth of knowledge As I own 3 Rem 700’s I will probably end up changing them all at some point, so I thought that I could easily buy the tool & change them when I needed. Thanks al
  5. I’m feeling the love ...and I guess I won’t ask & keep my comments to a minimum on this site in future. sorry that I have a different opinion & ideas as to what is a ‘ no brainer’ .. i posted that as ‘an idea’ that I have seen .. not as ‘this is how I will do it ‘ Being from an engineer background & also a skilled locksmith, I’m more interested & intrigued with doing work myself where I can & finding solutions to problems. I guess I must be in a minority in this modern era thanks
  6. Thanks, I'm now sorted, took the plunge on a single piece spring from Brownells at £ 7.30 cheers
  7. Cheers for the info & the offer from Baldie.. In the US, a Wolf Spring direct from them is about $8 & a Tubbs is about $ 20 Ok, so one is a single Spring and the other is a duel Spring but, Are they that much different effectiveness to warrant double the cost ?
  8. Thanks, but it's a Short action ... brownalls don't have any in stock or available to back order - I will ring them on Tuesday to confirm though cheers
  9. No, hence why I investigated the problem !
  10. Hi, can anyone tell me where I can get an updated firing pin Spring ? Or failing that, the whole firing pin with Spring .., i think my Spring has seen better days, or is just really week - I compared it to another I have & it's half the strength , So I need to replace it also, does anyone know a good ' trick' on how to replace it without a specialist tool. this was a vid I found that I haven't tried to copy yet, but it looks successful- many thanks al.
  11. treetop

    Stock choice

    I ditched wood stocks to help save trees, over the years I have had a few different ones, but I've now settled on 2 nice ones made by XLR ( envy & element ) and love them both equally..
  12. Hi, firstly, what a fantastic gift & idea .. unfortunately, it's no good for my kids, but .. have you thought about donating it to the local Air Cadets ? Or alike ? They often rely on donations of equipment & I am sure they would love something like this, that could benefit the kids good luck al.
  13. treetop

    Reloading with Rosie

    No offence to any of them, but in comparison to our lovely Rosie, they have 'faces for Radio' .... Lol, I don't think EB ever set out to upskill those already with knowledge of reloading. IMO what they have tried to do is appeal to a younger generation who are not reloaders & try to move it on from what can be seen as by some as boring, the pipe & slippers aspect of shooting.. If that attracts more shooters - great ! If that attracts more reloaders - great ! My teenage daughter watched it - she pays NO interest in shooting - she was commenting on the girls style of dress , but not in a way you lot would think or have already perceived. It's was also her opinion on the pit girls, is that the 'pc' brigade has gone made with telling people what to do or think & if those girls wanted to do that job, then they should do that job !
  14. treetop

    Wanted - cheap bolt action .410

    Hi, i am after a really cheap bolt action .410 for a project.. i have found a few, but either they are to far away ( RFD cost would not be worth it ) or they are dearer than I'm willing to spend on a project gun. i have seen a couple on Holts that are the perfect price, but again, I'd rather have something more local. so, what you got knocking about in your gun room that hasn't seen the light of day ... And you would let go for a quick cash sale ? I don't mind if the stock is manky or it has a bit of rust on the outside - as long as it functions ( loads, fires & ejects ) thanks for your time reading
  15. treetop

    6.5 Creedmoor; Lapua case capacity & life

    So, I did a bit of measuring & had some interesting results. my 22-250 cases - necked up but NOT fire-formed = 48.34 gr H2o 22-250 cases after fire-forming to my chamber = 53.30 gr H2o

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