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  1. Reloading with Rosie

    No offence to any of them, but in comparison to our lovely Rosie, they have 'faces for Radio' .... Lol, I don't think EB ever set out to upskill those already with knowledge of reloading. IMO what they have tried to do is appeal to a younger generation who are not reloaders & try to move it on from what can be seen as by some as boring, the pipe & slippers aspect of shooting.. If that attracts more shooters - great ! If that attracts more reloaders - great ! My teenage daughter watched it - she pays NO interest in shooting - she was commenting on the girls style of dress , but not in a way you lot would think or have already perceived. It's was also her opinion on the pit girls, is that the 'pc' brigade has gone made with telling people what to do or think & if those girls wanted to do that job, then they should do that job !
  2. Wanted - cheap bolt action .410

    Hi, i am after a really cheap bolt action .410 for a project.. i have found a few, but either they are to far away ( RFD cost would not be worth it ) or they are dearer than I'm willing to spend on a project gun. i have seen a couple on Holts that are the perfect price, but again, I'd rather have something more local. so, what you got knocking about in your gun room that hasn't seen the light of day ... And you would let go for a quick cash sale ? I don't mind if the stock is manky or it has a bit of rust on the outside - as long as it functions ( loads, fires & ejects ) thanks for your time reading
  3. 6.5 Creedmoor; Lapua case capacity & life

    So, I did a bit of measuring & had some interesting results. my 22-250 cases - necked up but NOT fire-formed = 48.34 gr H2o 22-250 cases after fire-forming to my chamber = 53.30 gr H2o
  4. 6.5 Creedmoor; Lapua case capacity & life

    That's interesting, I will have to check mine now, I use resized Remington 22-250 so I expect them to be less, as the neck is slightly shorter, by a couple of thou.
  5. Reloading with Rosie

    I personaly think the ' Rosie ' will attract a lot more teenagers into the art of reloading than a ' Mary whitehouse ' ever would likewise, I'd rather my son spend hours harmlessly watch & learning via Rosie, than playing on his Xbox or some other YouTube channels , but that's just my view. i can't see the reason why a seasoned Reloader would want to watch this anyway, as no doubt they can pick up more tricks off a Forum, but that's another format that screams ' pipe & slippers ' to the teenage masses.
  6. AI AT Build

    Ive got a spare BT-19 that I can sell, if your interested, drop me a PM cheers al
  7. night vision set up

    Photon 6.5 xt & a T67 mk2/evo IR torch, & you need an adjustable mount for the torch there are loads of options out there , but imo the photon will fill the need & it won't cost you the earth. There are loads of people about that slate them, but I doubt any other NV has taken as much quarry Yes you may need to shim the rear mount or play about in the 1st couple of outings, but other than a quick check of zero ( which 99% needs no adjustments) mine goes in & out the cabinet every week & I regularly take quarry out to 200 yards and beyond
  8. Biathlon Rifles?

    I used to own an anschutz Fortner action rifle, amazing lock time.. Great rifle i never shot one, but did shoulder a bi-Athlon rifle & the balance is amazing
  9. 17H - 18, 20 or 22 inch barrel . . .

    Mines 22, and I have no issues with it !
  10. Barrel contour

    Email them & they will send you the diagram you are after .. if if you search the net, you will find it , but here it is
  11. Happy New Year everyone

    Happy New Year !
  12. Honestly I can't believe that people worry about what others wear or what there firearms my look like & if it offends someone. personaly I wear loads of ex military clothing throughout the week, on a general bases, as it's cheap & I don't care if it gets ruined. Likewise I can't stand wood furniture on rifles - as that means a tree got hurt making them .. shooting sports in this country is already fractured, so me wearing an m65 jacket on a firming point or not, won't fix it & if someone wants to be offended , great !! It's there right to be offended & mine to wear what I like
  13. Drone pro 10x vs Pulsar N355

    I have 2 photon 6.5 xt's, And they are very good units for what I need them for, 1 sits on my .223 & the other on the 17 Hornet. I have owned my fair share of NV units over the years & to be honest I think they are very hard to beat - yes the drone is better, but not 3 X better ( as the photon is nearly 3x cheaper ) & at the ranges most shoot, you won't notice the difference. I make 1 upgrade to the units and it's a very simple one - I add a green filter to the eye peice to reduce glare, fit them with a T67 mk2 / evo IR and an adjustable mount and you can easily shoot rabbits to 250 yards & ive spotted fox & deer out to 500 +. yes you can spend a hell of a lot more but do you need to ? The truth is, find some guys local to you with units & go and have a look, as only you can decide.
  14. What four rifle calibres - factory ammo

    22lr 17 hornet 223 - soon to become a .20 Practical 6.5 Creedmoor but i think I can see the 17 hornet becoming redundant soon with the rebarrel of the 223

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