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  1. Delta Stryker

    Glass is subjective mate, i only see through my Mk1 eyes Ive had loads of scopes over the years, Alpha and Beta , dont think any had rubbish glass, The stand out scope was a Premier Heritage , wished id kept that one ! Dialing is far more important, and at the price the Delta is very good value for money ,
  2. Delta Stryker

    Its early days but its looking pretty good, its big, nicely made and finished, all the controls are smooth, good clicks, glass seems to be a bit better than my S3 Sightron maybe? Great zero stop, lit ret if you need one! TONS of adjustment , 338 friendly , got loads of eye relief, loads of useable mag , really whats not to like at under 1400 quid?? think the coin slots on the turrets is a bit crap, and its heavy so cant see it making the cut in FTR ? but for someone like me as a long range plinker its weight is a plus as it aids recoil reduction! I went for 1/8 clicks and MOA , but with hind sight MIL MIL may have been a better option ?? To sum up , a lot of scope for the money,
  3. Delta Stryker

    Nice Scope, My BAT has a 20MOA integral rail, with a 200 zero its got 70 MOA of elevation! The Zero stop is a doddle to set,
  4. its on guntrader for sale, well preloved but if the price is right, whats not to like
  5. Completely as New , in plastic box with torx bits and scope leveler , 30mm , Med Height,0MOA , perfect fit for 20 MOA rails, and takes a Sightron or an Nightforce with a 56mm front lens. perfect condition £200 inc RMSD postage
  6. Sold thank you 😊 Will send as arranged best
  7. PM sent cheers son best
  8. New in box, still sealed as is paper work and Seb Joy Mat, unlikely i'l use it now i brought an H5 Atlas, which suits my tacticool rifles really well. Save forty quid off the Foxy price! £395 inc RMSD next day postage
  9. Hi mak 

    hows things going. Can you do me a favour and have a look a at my thread for sale ftr rifle for sale 6mbr and 308 with stuff and let me know what you think of the pricing.



  10. price drop to £150 inc postage........................
  11. Quality Short Action Stock

    Yeah contacted the fellow, its on here too, Short barrel and a bit pricey Looks nice though! Still looking!!!
  12. Quality Short Action Stock

    As Above! still looking/searching

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