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    most forms of shooting, mainly target,and clays,and yank muscle cars,
  1. Cheers anyway son, Ive got one in Multi Cam, so may just run my 7mmSARUM and my 6.5 Deviant in one stock, i'l just keep looking
  2. New in box, with all the bits from SS, one month old. Im still wanting a Remington Foot Print KMW Sentinel with IMB , must be Gen 2, and mint ! So anybody fancy a swap???? Last ditch attempt to source a Sentinel, before i give up and use the AX Chassis!
  3. Have no idea about the legs? however its 20cm when the legs are fully down, hope this answers your question, best
  4. Quality Short Action Stock

    Looking for a Gen 2 Sentinel with IMB, must be mint! Would consider a A5/3 or a Manners
  5. Marlin Cowboy Lever

    sorted thanks
  6. aics 10mm butt spacer

    Cheers pm your details please Best
  7. aics 10mm butt spacer

    Ive a new in packet 26587BL 1 10mm 1 20 mm with a AI bolt kit £20 inc postage
  8. aics 10mm butt spacer

    I may have one , I'll have a gander when I get home
  9. As new a almost £200 quid saving on the net price.............

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