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  1. newsatten

    XLR Chassis, Rem SA clone ............

    Unfortunately not going to fit my Deviant , lol thanks anyway ........................
  2. newsatten

    XLR Chassis, Rem SA clone ............

    Yeah thanks, ive already checked with them, about £750 , depending on spec ? but unsure what duty's will be payable??
  3. newsatten

    XLR Chassis, Rem SA clone ............

    As ive been unable to secure a second KMW Sentinel after 2 plus years of searching, im now looking for the above, any XLR variant considered , - seem to have new in stock so may go that way if no joy on here................... thanks for looking
  4. Think there's a clue above !
  5. newsatten

    Accuracy Int AT - advice required

    Yep, i used a SL7 338 mod on a 308,260 worked fine, but obviously if your a man, you wont use a brake or a mod, and deffo remove that lady pod🙄.......
  6. newsatten

    Accuracy Int AT - advice required

    A 20" 308 with a Brake, certainly wont impress the shooters either side of you on the range! Bin the idea of a Brake and just use a decent mod, but keep the thread standard AI 18x1.5 , SL6 or over the barrel if you want to keep it compact.......... One thing to remember though if you use an ASE , when its screwed on you will still have a small section of spigot showing, and as this is bright stainless it does show up, Enjoy the AT , Best
  7. newsatten


    Still looking for a Sentinel , short action with internal aluminium chassis, Gen 2 or Gen 3 only....................... May consider a McMillian or a Manners, or possibly a post 14 AI AX ............................. thanks for looking
  8. newsatten

    Left handed BAR-15

    Yep 😄 and preferably a big and very wide one !
  9. newsatten

    Left handed BAR-15

    What a fab looking BAR, had a early Southern Gun AR years ago with just a left cocker, and ironically perfect for me as a right hander! Good Job.........................
  10. newsatten

    WANTED. 6.5-284 rifle.

    Not very Tacticool , 6.5-284 RPA Ranger, Quadlite, 20MOA rail, Blue trigger, New Barlien Barrel , shot no more the 100 rounds, its a single shot with adjustable comb . have Forster Match dies, loads of Lapua cases, inc new, and a as new ASE Ultra mod, and RPA muzzle brake............... Shoots like a demon ..................
  11. newsatten

    1897 Winchester Trench Gun

    Any body got any idea if any dealers have or are still importing in the Norinco 1897 Trench gun Replica? Or the standard 1897 pump, Genuine ones are still about but command strong money
  12. newsatten

    GP.s and FAC renewals

    Had my ticket renewed in April , so im ok for awhile, and done the same 3 more slots and was given mods for all of them without asking! However was in Wilson And Wilson's a week ago, and talking to Paul behind the counter he was saying they had a fair few new guns sold but grants and renewals were seriously being held up and some being refused due to the GP malarky ............
  13. newsatten

    GP.s and FAC renewals

    Kent police seem to have jumped onto the latest reason to refuse a grant or renewal , failure of a GP to complete a form speculating on the mental suitability of an applicant ?? Given the BMA has apparently advised GP's not to comment on such matters as they are not qualified to do so??? It raises the question how the f are these people and the rest of us going to get our tickets renewed without a very expensive consultation with a psychiatrist ! Has there been a change in the licensing laws? any other force's on this? My boss who's had his ticket now for a year, was contacted today by Firearms at HQ, and was told, if he got his GP to supply the necessary paperwork,( paid for if required) and paid the renewal fee they would issue him a new certificate and extend by 18 months, ie 5 years and 8 months....... Any one got any info on this?
  14. newsatten


    Cheers Bangman and Baldie, Appreciate the pics and opinions 👍
  15. newsatten

    50 Cal Ban Dropped

    As a Pro-gun Brexiteer living in a small Eastern European enclave located in the South Eastern England, Bravo! Any one the SP on MARS type rifles????

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