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  1. newsatten


    Without a proper solid pin stop, i dont consider it as a proper zero stop, and this should be clearly stated on the spec sheet......... Yes the scope has loads of elevation etc, it may be bomb proof in the build, great on a 50 or a 338 etc but most people use 260's and 30 cals and there aint many of those that require 90 + minutes ! This is just my opinion , im not trying to put buyers off etc, but dont believe the hype, before you way out 2+ K check one out and make sure its what you thought it was.......... A Delta at around £1400 , same sort of mag, same huge adjustment range, nice turrets, and a superb positive zero stop, which takes a minute to set, go figure????? Sold mine to fund some tools, but will replace it with another in the new year........................... P
  2. newsatten


    Thanks for sharing your opinion , how did you achieve the zero stop? as i can only see the bottom out zero stop option , which on a scope of this price is pants, no better than a fibre washer under the turret as per the old way of getting a sort of zero stop!
  3. newsatten


    Im currently playing with a IOR Terminator, and i must be honest ive got mixed feelings about it???????????? The glass is ok but not as epic as i was expecting! Also finding it tunnels really quite badly ? Any other users out there finding this??? Its sold as a zero stop scope, but this seems to be achieved by dropping the lower section of the elevation turret till it contacts the saddle, which to be honest is a bit crap, Both turrets feel spongy , however the elevation is large and easy to get on, Maybe ive not grasped the correct way to set the zero stop, as the manual supplied is rubbish and no help at all, so some proper help from any one who's actually using a Terminator would be appreciated, ( not Dick Utting's video!!!!!) Cheers
  4. newsatten

    BAR 22

    Just trying to save a few quid , so looking used to start with, but will keep that as a option, Cheers Son
  5. newsatten

    BAR 22

    Any one thinking of moving a BAR 22lr on?? will also consider other AR's but no Smiths or Plastic ones..........
  6. newsatten

    338 Wanted

    probably much too expensive for my pockets, but let me have the SP anyway! lol cheers son
  7. newsatten


    We were discussing this at a club shoot last weekend, and to my utter disbelief the majority of members took the attitude " cant see any reason why someone would want to shoot a 50cal" FFS, with a attitude such as this were all Doomed! Having lost my pistols , which was a pastime i loved, and having lost my SLR years before, make no mistake 50cal now 308 very soon!!!!!
  8. newsatten

    338 Wanted

    Yeah saw your rig a few weeks ago, its just a Rifle im after All the best with your sale?
  9. newsatten

    338 Wanted

    Still looking, would consider a Defiance or Surgeon Action for a build.............
  10. Ok this has generated some interest, really only looking for Face to Face, and a buyer MUST have a variation to purchase or acquire a .260 Barrel.................................. Spoken to Kent Police and thats all they will accept, other forces may be ok with a vari for a 260 rifle etc, not Kent! £650 for the brass, and i'll throw the dies and barrel in for nowt.......................................?
  11. Price reduction! Cheap top spec 260 conversion, Fab calibre but i guess not as trendy as a Creedmore ?
  12. Theres a pic on Sporting Services Web page , shows what looks like an AW in the case. worth a look ,
  13. newsatten

    338 Wanted

    On the lookout for a 338 LM, any body got one they are considering parting with??? Its for range use only so not interested in any thing light weight ! ? Thanks for looking

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