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  1. To be honest don't know, ive not used it as yet, my club hasn't got a range booked till the middle of June! it looks a bit strange i guess, but it can be moved fore and aft so with a thumb up grip it feels good. Its not overly expensive and easily changed so i thought worth having!
  2. No, the weight kits, grip etc are add on's, The Bag rider is of M-lok fitting, and as such non adjustable, however some kind of spacer wouldn't be difficult to do , It seemed to fit very nicely in my Short Seb........... The bare Chassis is fairly light in weight, the Stock's has some weight to it due to the fact the fully adjustable butt plate is lump of steel!
  3. Its got a full set of front internal weights , stock weight , bag rider and a 5in front rail, as pic with obviously empty mag, and H5 =19.2 lbs,
  4. Put my Deviant in this morning, Fit and finish of the stock is world class, thanks once again Pete
  5. totally agree son! if i ever pack up i'l have it decact and hang the b-gger on the wall lol πŸ˜†
  6. Customs depreciate quicker than Italian submarines so I'll just keep it πŸ‘ No longer for sale ......................
  7. newsatten


    Have no use for a long action going to find a chassis for the Defiance, b cool
  8. newsatten


    it sounds like a fabulous deal !
  9. Everybody is looking for Champagne for Lemonade money, lol Its a fabulous bit of kit and happy to keep it, but as one cant remove a started thread on here adds can and do get dug up from way back, No worries it wont sell ☺️
  10. Obviously still to expensive, back in the safe πŸ˜„
  11. Still got it , it's been used now , round count at 220 fired , shoots as expected , PM me if you want to know more best
  12. newsatten


    Obviously thats why ive given up
  13. newsatten


    No IMB and on the wrong continent lol
  14. newsatten



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