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  1. Ok this has generated some interest, really only looking for Face to Face, and a buyer MUST have a variation to purchase or acquire a .260 Barrel.................................. Spoken to Kent Police and thats all they will accept, other forces may be ok with a vari for a 260 rifle etc, not Kent! Β£650 for the brass, and i'll throw the dies and barrel in for nowt.......................................πŸ˜‰
  2. Price reduction! Cheap top spec 260 conversion, Fab calibre but i guess not as trendy as a Creedmore 😎
  3. Theres a pic on Sporting Services Web page , shows what looks like an AW in the case. worth a look ,
  4. newsatten

    338 Wanted

    On the lookout for a 338 LM, any body got one they are considering parting with??? Its for range use only so not interested in any thing light weight ! 😟 Thanks for looking
  5. Still for saleπŸ™„ And a price drop, Β£650 FACE TO FACE ONLY.......................................................... Β£700 if it has to be RFD'd thanks for looking
  6. Cool will pm you when I get home from work cheers
  7. To all interested parties this is a AT and AX fittment thanks for looking
  8. The barrel was machined to fit a AX 308 with quick change barrel system from AI I assume the AX and AT use the same system ? You'll have to make enquiries or bring the AT down and we'll try it πŸ‘ Best
  9. 26" Bartlien Palma Profile , in 260 Rem, 296 neck, 1-8 twist, This was briefly used on the AIAX, (100 round including running in rounds, threaded 18.5 x1 to take a AI muzzle brake. Spun up by top Smith Paddy Dane in 2016 and as you would expect shoots perfect. Comes with 93 once fired Lapua cases, and Forster Match dies, an opportunity to grab a superb 6.5 without the wait and at a bargain price! Β£725 Thanks for looking
  10. Defiance Deviant Custom Action, integral recoil lug, integral 20 MOA rail, Fluted Bolt with long Extractor, theses action can run double and single stack AI mags. 24" Benchmark Very Heavy Fluted barrel, 1-8 twist , tight no neck turn chamber, threaded 5/8x24 with invisible end cap, Fitted with a Jewel HRV top safe trigger, Built by Peter Walker at the end of 2015 and remains new and unused, proofing rounds only. The barreled action comes with as new Forster Ultra Match dies, and 100 new Lapua cases, Β£2200 Please no messers or dreamers
  11. These are a very good optic, i had one a few years back when FFP was considered inferior to SFP, and no one liked Mil adjustment, how times have changed! Like its been stated the F1 is a proper piece of work, and on 10 power perfect for figure 11's ! Good luck with your sale,
  12. Cheers son, Hopefully a half decent Compressor and a half decent Mig Welder! lol Thanks for the bump!
  13. Weekend Bump with a couple more pics, πŸ˜„

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