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  1. ** NOW SOLD Surplus to needs light use so good condition Genuine ATLAS piccatiny mount not the QD version £145 posted
  2. I have 350x once fired sako brass still in 20 rnd factory ammo sleeves £85 posted?
  3. ashcroft

    6.5 Creedmoor expert opinion sought

    Cheers Laurie, appreciate the wealth of information
  4. ashcroft

    6.5 Creedmoor expert opinion sought

    Sorry ro hijack but Does anyone use or tried CCI BR4 primers in the lapua brass vs magnum primers?
  5. ashcroft

    123gr AMAX

    Hi all Anyone got some 6.5 mm 123gr AMAX they want to sell on??
  6. ashcroft

    Wanted Iver Johnson .22 1911 Long barrelled pistol

    I think Yorkshire shooting centre has one in
  7. Hi buddy the pics aren't working
  8. bought this hoping it would force me to make more time to do PSG but work, new dog and all the other shooting hobbies are winning Only shot in one match, one day at the clays and a few zeroing sessions so virtually like new For sale is the Gun a OD GREEN (best colour in my eyes lol) MAXI F12 section one shotgun With two ten round mags, Chokes, key tools, hard case and manual just as it comes when new Ambi safety fettled so not ambi anymore as everyone gets injury on your pistol grip hand in use when left as ambi as it digs in your hand PLUS one extra ten round mag so 3 in total PLUS one five round mag to se socialable at clays £725 vs new which would be £1075
  9. ashcroft

    Hornady headspace gauge kit

    NOW SORTED CHEERS before i drop some ££ on a new one any got a Hornady headspace gauge kit with bushings they wish to sell.? Cheers
  10. ashcroft

    Sponsor Bradders

    Done and shared, good luck Mark Cheers Darren
  11. ashcroft


    Ok, pm inbound
  12. ashcroft


    hi all before I buy new anyone got any spare 155gr 30cal amax & 150gr SST they wish to move on?

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