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  1. rutland12

    17 hornet

    Hi kev could you give me a little more info and photo if possible please Tony
  2. rutland12

    Trying to contact "The gun pimp"

    Thanks Al I will try to contact him. Tony
  3. rutland12

    Trying to contact "The gun pimp"

    Nick Thanks for this info, hopefully Vince will message me when he sees this. Tony
  4. rutland12

    Trying to contact "The gun pimp"

    Trying to contact Vince AKA "the gun pimp" Could someone let him know his message box cannot receive incoming requests. Thanks Tony
  5. rutland12

    17 hornet

    Hi Looking for a 17 hornet and reloading gear. Tomy
  6. rutland12

    Redding bushings

    Hi I tried to leave you my details in a PM but you cannot recieve messages ? Could you please message me so I can contact you Tony
  7. rutland12

    Redding bushings

    Yes please Tony
  8. rutland12

    Redding bushings

    Looking for a 267 and 268 redding bushings. Either steel or nitride will do. Tomy
  9. Owned from new with little use. 16 " barrel and ASE Utra mod included. Also fitted with trigger mod. Priced to clear slot on FAC £150, no offers please Tony
  10. rutland12

    Redding .268 bushing

    Looking for the above. Either type will be fine. Tony
  11. rutland12

    50 grain varmint load for Sako 75 Varmint

    Both my 22ppc and 22br like N135 and 50gn vmax or sbk. 3450 fps ppc and 3750 in the br .
  12. 95gn Noslers now sold and vmax reduced......Inbox now sorted. Tony
  13. I have the following for sale, all plus postage of choice Hornady 224 40 gn VMAX.... 288 left from 3 x 100 boxes sorted into 3 lots by length to ogive...£50...sold pending usuals Nosler 243 95 gn ballistic tips.... 3 x 50 count boxes sealed in same wrapping.....£60.....sold pending usuals
  14. Hi Yes still available......tried to PM you but you cannot receive messages Tony

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