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  1. 22 BR DIES

    Looking for a set of full length sizer and seater 22br dies. , would prefer Redding as first choice but would consider others Cheers Tony
  2. Sako 75

    Hi Al Thanks for the reply. I have deleted some messages from my in box. I will email you. Tony
  3. Sako 75

    Hi Looking for a Sako 75 22br. Would also take something that could be rebarelled ie 22 250. Also would consider a 22 ppc as I already have one as a dedicated NV set up. I have a vacant slot ready to go with a mod as well. PM me if you have anything please Tony
  4. 70 gn 6mm bullets

    Looking for the above in title. SBK , Berger Nosler etc for trial in 6 x 47 L Cheers Tony
  5. leica rangefinder

    Anything considered Cheers Tony
  6. Hi If you are considering getting into f class in any serious form and are a " buy once only type " may I suggest that you consider the following :- Find the right club in your area as your top priority. As top class club competition only takes place on a monthly basis this may involve some travel. Do your homework on your equipment. From your post I would guess that you are interested in ftr f class. I am a member of probably the best club in the UK and the rifle you are talking about is not one that is used to my knowledge by any of the members. My choice would be something like a P T and G / Joe West stock with good action and barrel set up. These are the set ups that win good club and f class league events. Do the getting into shooting weekend with the f class league....this was worth every penny. You may be then lucky enough to get the invite to join my club as I was at the same event. You do not mention your location, is there a club near you ? Good luck
  7. I have one of the above in vgc with two sets of keys. Surplus to requirement due to recent addition of a larger rifle cabinet. £80 collected from Sidcup Kent. On sale elsewhere.
  8. Thanks Paul Pleasure to meet you. The offer of advice with your reloading was genuine. Please call if you want a chat, you now have my details. If you are in my area anytime you are welcome to pop in and have a cuppa. Tony
  9. I have tried both in my 7 saum benchmark barrels and I found that mine prefered the VLD rather than the hybrid. I think it is horses for courses as they say ! Tony
  10. Quality scope with 30mm tube and tactical turrets

    Any decent nightforce's out there ? Tony
  11. Quality scope with 30mm tube and tactical turrets

    Hi Thanks for all the offers so far......still looking Tony
  12. Hi As in title I am looking for a variable mag scope something like a 6 x 24 or similar with tactical turrets Tony

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