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  1. ATN x sight 2 users

    Just been out with the x sight /pbir and am getting an easy 400;yard .if anything it’s too bright ,will,have another dable tomorrow
  2. ATN x sight 2 users

    I have gone down the pbir route, There is a bit of a kick off at the moment with clives gear .I know nothing about it so aren’t going to comment.
  3. ATN x sight 2 users

    What would you recommend,they have a lot of happy buyers on the fb group ,but I guess nobody will admit to buying a lemon
  4. ATN x sight 2 users

    Just about to buy a pbir looks to be up to the job , I will post the results when it arrives
  5. ATN x sight 2 users

    Hi what do you find the best illuminator to be ?
  6. Ior 6-24x50

    Got sorted now thanks
  7. Ior 6-24x50

    As title I am looking for the latest model must be in good order and with the tier one long saddle rings Thanks mick
  8. Pinged an email back to you re meet up
  9. One day Loving the billets.
  10. AI skins

    Hi Dave probably not going to bother now ,been reading the hw .17 Hornet thread .I don't think anything would be gained from messing with the std gun ,bedding job maybe and that's it .
  11. AI skins

    That's just what I have in mind ,how do you find the hornet ,you got any build picks ?
  12. AI skins

    Anything really I plan to machine an aluminium chassis like the Aics for the rem 700 box section set up an drop a cz Hornet into it .it might just fail dramatically but I wana give it a go
  13. AI skins

    Anybody got any AI skins any colour any condition don't care if the match ,I am planning on building a project and just need some for a size reference .

    It's a shame to pack in ,I saw one of your mods on an AR 15 being shot by Baldie and it simply pissed all over the one I had top workmanship too .

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