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  1. Boxford cud lathe 240 volt three jaw Chuck four now chuck a good selection of drop gears and other lathe bits and bobs this is a ex school or collage machine so does carry some scars but does work well the only thing really that needs doing is the contactor sometimes sticks a tap on the bottom front and it works again probably has some dust or whatever in it ,I don’t really use it enough for it to be a problem . looking for £750 or a swap for a decent high ish mag scope , Ior or the like . photos on request ps this is heavy no it won’t go in the back of your car ,it wouldn’t need to be a van or trailer to take away .
  2. I have a guy on another forum very interested but is waiting for his ticket to come back ,no deposit taken but being fair to him I would ask his if he wants to give one to hold it .
  3. Hi Mick,

    How would you want payment for this?
    Also is that price including postage, or will you need to add courier / postage onto that?

    All help appreciated.


    1. Aggy


      Hi bank transfer is fine ,where do you live ? 

    2. graphictart


      Hi mick,

      Sorry, yup still interested, been away with work.

      post code will be: SL3 9JT

      would like to know cost of postage please.




    3. Aggy


      Hi John I will look into shipping prices,I was down in Reading on Monday ,can’t have been too far away from you ? I am plan on coming down again in the next couple of weeks depending how quick you want it .


  4. Bump back up and a price reduction £450 or Would do a deal with a scope
  5. Sale or swaps ,I have a large foam target I will throw in too.
  6. Hiya,

    Which version of excalibur matrix please?
    (I think there are several)



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    2. graphictart


      Hi Mick,

      Thanks for that.

      I'm in the market for one. Will do a bit of research and get back to you.
      I'm hoping that they still do spares for it as it's not listed as a current model on the excalibur website.




    3. Aggy


      No problem ,I believe they carry a lifetime guarantee.

      cheers mick 


    4. graphictart


      Thanks for the photo


  7. Bump back to the top for the new year ,would swap for a scope of similar value
  8. Aggy

    Guncraft's ARs?

    Never had one from them but if I was to buy another AR it would be from one of three people Baldie Bradders or Bob .

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