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  1. Taking FAC air rifle off ticket

    When I asked I was told if the gun started out as a factory made fac then it can’t go to sub 12 but if it was a sub 12 to start with and was converted to fac then it can go back .
  2. British Shooting Show. Who's going?

    I’m going to have a run down
  3. What four rifle calibres - factory ammo

    For me it would be .25 fac air it does most of what my .22 lr did rabbits rats ect variable power .17 hmr rabbits over the range of the pcp .22 hornet foxes and just the fun of shooting it . i have had 223 and 308 but they would be too much for the land I shoot on now
  4. Got on in .22 Hornet cracking guns ,
  5. reload costs

    Shooting or any other hobby,sport is only as expensive as you make it ,compete at anything and it costs a stupid amount .try motor sport if you think shooting costs😜
  6. Weihrauch HW60J Boe guide

    i am just about to collect a hw in .22 hornet I would like to know where I can pick one up too
  7. MDT lss or similar

    Looks good , how you getting on with the photon ?
  8. MDT lss or similar

    Treetop do you have any photos of the build you can send me ,do you have a big hole where the mag well was ?
  9. MDT lss or similar

    I do like the Ai or viper skins idea and I guess a mdt would be up around £550 £600 mark after buying it and the other parts required to finish it .
  10. MDT lss or similar

    Has anyone any experience with the modular chassis type systems ,I am about to get a cz 452 .17 hmr Just for a bit of plinking really ,I just don’t like polished wood stocks they just don’t do it for me and because it’s an inexpensive gun I don’t mind buggering about with it a bit . cheers mick
  11. Half Track Landrover

    Its a centaur I think they call em

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