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  1. Aggy

    New Tikka rimfire

    The only custom anything I have ever owned are the ones I have put together myself ,Not knocking factory stuff at all but one day I will have a custom gun build simply because a proper gunsmith will be aware of any any imperfections and also know how to get the best out of any gun before I get my mits on it .
  2. Aggy

    New Tikka rimfire

    Guess that’s the uk gun plumbers stuffed then 😏
  3. If the sale does fall through could you give me a shout please
  4. Why do I always miss this type of thing 😳
  5. Aggy

    A different shooter

    10.9 “ power stroke on mine Dave according to the blurb on the box
  6. Aggy

    A different shooter

    Cheers Dave will,do when I get back from my jollies 🙂
  7. Aggy

    A different shooter

    I thought they were all 200 it’s too much to cock it by hand ,doddle with the string assist thing though ,just learned not to shoot groups at 15 yard , one arrow bites the dust .
  8. Aggy

    A different shooter

    One of my favourite things sausage rolls and pies but I guess you knew that 🤪
  9. Aggy

    A different shooter

    Ok why won’t my photo post ,you should see my Excalibur Matrix 310 ?
  10. Aggy

    A different shooter

    Is it the Excalibur matrix Dave
  11. Brown dog which Bushnells ? Re-peat was the Ior new ,where did you get it from thanks chaps I am looking for a-scope in the same price field

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