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  1. Turn the screen brightness down it helps your eyes no end
  2. Hw 60 j trigger

    Hi I don’t think this is a rekord unit ,looking at the online manual it is the match trigger unit ,I think I have it back to where it should be ,It has about 6mm travel before I reach the second stage and then it breaks cleanly ,I have tried bumping the butt and banging the stock to try and make it fire unintentionally but I won’t until I actually pull the trigger . cheers mick .
  3. couldn't help noticing

    I had a triumph tiger 955i a couple of years a go great bike but really heavy when you filled the tank right up
  4. Hw 60 j trigger

    Anyone familiar with the hw 60 j trigger it’s got a huge amount of creep when it gets to the second stage . I know front screw it trigger weight and the back one is supposed to to be travel but it’s not doing a great deal , the factory default settings would be great if anyone knows them . thanks in advance
  5. Cz American varmint .17 HMR good condition,accurate c/w bore snake and sling studs £225
  6. night vision set up

    So just my thoughts I have a x sight 3-14 and in my opinion it’s very good at what it does, I have compared it side by side to the photon rt and it was better in both day and night ,the only thing the photon beat the x sight with was screen size . Today I bought a pulsar N355 and that beats them both by an absolute mile with my pbir it’s the best Digital Night vision I have used
  7. Very very last reduction, I am just about giving this away this is one of the best fac pcp airguns available £1100
  8. I will include the bushnell elite tactical 10x40 in the photo in with the price £1200
  9. After checking prices this is the final reduction £1200 might still be up for some scope px

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