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  1. No longer available now sold Virtually brand new Tab Gear PRS sling in coyote brown, used only 3 times. Comes with cobra buckles, and heavy duty swivel studs. https://www.tabgear.com/collections/slings/products/tab-pinnacle-rifle-sling-prs?variant=13773755449386 - This is the product info page on Tab Gear's website Sporting Services sell these brand new for £165 I'm asking £110 including postage to mainland UK Selling as this doesn't get used enough, I prefer my Tab Gear Biathlon sling for stalking.
  2. P3T3R

    Show your Accuracy International

    My AI AT with 308 and 6.5x47 barrels, S&B 3-20, Spuhr mount, Atlas bipod, SAP 2 round holder. I had Paddy (danpd) cut the .308 barrel down to 16 inches I've got a sound moderator that goes on the threaded muzzle break need to get a photo of that though This is a still from a video I took shooting Prvi Match 168gr My Krieger 6.5x47 Lapua 27 inch 1 in 8 twist barrel, again Paddy chambered and threaded this barrel and it is an absolute hammer! He also made a delrin thread protector so that the chamber threads don't get damaged when a barrel isn't on the gun. I use a set of fixit sticks to torque the barrel, did a little test the other day taking the barrel off after every shot and it held a perfect zero I'm very impressed with the AT and happy I upgraded my AE MKIII for this.
  3. P3T3R

    Upgrade Accuracy International AT

    If it is able to be fitted to a non folder I'm going to wish I'd brought a non folding AT, love the AX butt.
  4. I've got BH steel targets too and just use some yellow road marker paint at the end of a session.
  5. Lovely rifle I'm sure it will sell quick at that price, nearly £3800 new. I'd of snapped this up if I hadn't had a call from sporting services a few days ago saying mine has arrived, even if I cancelled my order and lost my deposit I'd save a little bit of money. GLWTS.
  6. P3T3R

    PETERSON Match-Grade Brass.

    When I emailed them they said they were working on getting an exporter, and it would be on their website/facebook when its all set up.
  7. P3T3R

    PETERSON Match-Grade Brass.

    It's going to be a 338-375 wildcat. Stiller 408 action, jewell bottom safety trigger, hoping to get a Mcrees stock and some custom Whidden dies.
  8. P3T3R

    PETERSON Match-Grade Brass.

    Not sure why it didn't work, however they've got another delivery coming in soon so I'll grab another 100 when they are available, just need to get the damn gun finished so they can be put to use.
  9. P3T3R

    PETERSON Match-Grade Brass.

    Just ordered their last box of 375 from Dauntseys, they were meant to email me when it came in stock but guess that system doesn't work.
  10. Tried to PM you but you can't receive any new messages.
  11. Anyone got a link that sets out what we can personally bring back in hold luggage from the states gun/rifle wise.
  12. P3T3R

    Kestrel 4500

    These guys have them in stock also the cheaper sportsman model and the newer version too. http://www.r-p-r.co.uk/kestrel/k4500appliedballistics.php
  13. P3T3R

    30 cal 147gr bullets

    Anyone got or know where I can get some .308 147gr bullets not looking to spend over £20/100, seen some places advertising sellier and bellot for £17 but they are all out of stock. Thanks Pete.
  14. P3T3R

    New rifle

    Haven't checked out the enhanced models features properly but I don't remember seeing anything standout I'd probably opt for the first generation.

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