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  1. Found this whilst having a look for some technical info. If you like the scientific approach to understanding shooting performance its all here. science They can get a little detailed and can take some reading.
  2. MalcW?

    dura coatings for gun stocks

    NWCP will do a single colour spray job for £75 and a complete 2 colour camo job for £100. http://www.nwcustomparts.com/duracoat/home.html#gallery/AR_straight_pull_desert_cam.jpg
  3. Very similar in concept to the old M55 Master Sporter. The stock is different though. it should make for a great, out of the box, long distance vermin rifle.
  4. Could this be just what the Dr ordered? New Tikka T3 competition rifle. Currently available in .223 & 22-250 but soon to be available in .308. Out of the box accurate and designed to be shot from a variety of positions. Imagine what it would be capable of with a little smithing work.
  5. MalcW?

    Getting to work

    You just know that guy is going to end up in as a greasy skid mark and the occupant of a body bag sooner or later.
  6. Good quality bino are fine for scanning and intermittent observation. But if you really want to examine a piece of ground or assess a particular beast from a decent distance there's nothing to compare with a good quality variable power spotting scope. Chalk and cheese. I have a few american friends who spend a great deal of time long distance hunting from given vantage points and set locations. To a man they either use spotting scopes or very high power bino's on tripods backed up with quality 8X56 or 7X42 bino's . When you only get one or two tags a season and you want that monster buck for the den wall you make sure you know exactly what's on the ground before deciding to taking the shot.
  7. Learn to use the spotting scope with both eyes open. Might take a bit of time to master but once done you'll see the benefits.
  8. MalcW?


    I read a thread somewhere (not sure where, but it will be on one of the usual hunting/shooting forums)about their new Tikka T3 stock. What was good to know was that they will look at accommodating minor modifications to their basic designs to suit individual customers. Subject to the usual practical limitations of course. Its great that a small maufacturing business is willing to take that approach to customer service.
  9. MalcW?

    How do you do it? Any ideas?

    We use the clock face and distance. i.e 10 o`clock, 220yrds.
  10. A decent spotting scope with a 20-60x zoom eye piece. I have a Swaro that fits into a window mount. You can count a rabbits whiskers at 300m. Beats using bino's.
  11. Mark You're asking the wrong question!. if as you say you have no real need for the rifle as it stands and would simply use it as a parts bin. The question you really need to be asking is. What is a Rem700 with a 22/250 bolt face donor action worth to you?. Considering the amount of 700's that are turning up in auction and are floating about in the trade for me it would be as little over £180 as I could get away with.
  12. MalcW?


    You know what they say ? If a jobs worth doing ..............................
  13. MalcW?


    Martin Theres nothing like a bit of cross forum posting. As long as its not your ******* hand.
  14. MalcW?

    Pumping up the Volume???

    I started my calling many years ago to get them in close enough to run with lurchers. Now most foxes we come across have probably been called at a good few times, maybe even missed ( must be mine!). Good luck and watch the wind Some of my lamping grounds have very very big fields that you can't or aren't able to drive on. So there's sometimes a need to reach out a fair ways and attract their attention. The only way you can do that is if you can pump up the volume. Especially if you're having to contend with a stiff wind. I think you only educate a fox if you shoot and miss. Calling and getting no response or calling and deciding not to shoot does nothing by way of educating them. IMO I too started calling foxes years ago but not to run them with a lurcher. It was so we could shotgun them or shoot them with a .22lr as the skins were worth money, and any extra income was very welcomed when you were only earning £15pw.
  15. Sure is............................... its learn to sleep with one eye open unless you want to wake up like John Wayne Bobbitt.

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