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  1. Andy would the form and trim dies work for a 20. Vartarg or does it take it straight to .17 thanks kev

  2. Selling .17 Remmington Fireball case forming and reloading die sets. Redding custom form #1 90504 Redding form and trim series D 83504 Redding Type S match die set 36204 RCBS full length die 16229 Included in the sale is a unopened box of 100 Lapua .221 fireball brass for forming into .17 rem FB and a Saturn 17 cal powder funnel. £225 posted if anyone wants pictures send me your email address.
  3. I’m not doing any volume reloading these days so this doesn’t get used. Giraud power trimmer 220v version, in excellent order makes trimming cases a pleasure to do! comes with 3 cutting heads, changing tools and instructions. it also has 3 case holders in 6xc,22br and 17 rem fireball, I would imaging they could be reamed out to larger case sizes or you can buy case holders direct from Girauds in virtually any calibre, he also supplies blanks that can be reamed out. NOW SOLD
  4. PROVISIONALLY SOLD I'm not doing any volume reloading these days so this doesn’t get used. 18 months old and in excellent condition, works perfectly and is extremely accurate. comes with instructions and spare belts £425 posted.
  5. andybrock

    6xc powder choice

    I’m getting down to my last tub of Hodgedon H4350, what alternative is there for a 1:8 twist using 95gn bullets in a 6xc? Not tried it yet in a 6xc but I’ve got plenty of varget.
  6. andybrock

    George Balfour (gbal on this site)

    Very sad news indeed.
  7. andybrock

    Tek - Lok systems

    Tried them, when you place your order it says “out of stock” thanks anyway.
  8. andybrock

    Tek - Lok systems

    Does anyone know of any UK suppliers of these that actually have them in stock? Im after s couple of mini and a couple of the large size. or if anyones got a set or two with hardware they want to sell shout up. I should have said its genuine tek lok's im after not the ones from the land of cheap things! cheers
  9. andybrock

    Stainless tumbling

    This is mine, also bought the rubber barrel with vanes. https://www.manchesterminerals.co.uk/acatalog/BEACH-2-25Kgs-TUMBLER--excl--barrel--10_020.html
  10. andybrock


    Even on TV programs like crimewatch cctv footage shows public places, and all the cameras dotted around our towns and city centres show public places and are often used in court!? Not sure why they wouldn't accept your footage?
  11. andybrock

    Best Wellies?

    They are neoprene lined and warm but you can always role them down Compo stylie!
  12. andybrock

    Best Wellies?

  13. andybrock

    Mad Dogs & English Men

    Photobucket isn't showing your pic.
  14. andybrock

    Pulsar Trail XP50

    Scotts Country?

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