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  1. Found some other things to go with it 17 cal saturn powder funnel, 17 cal cleaning patches brushes and patch bayonets, and some bullets. Now £150 the lot
  2. andybrock

    .22 zero problem

    Years ago I had exactly the same problem with a Brno 22 rimmy, turned out the bullets were clipping the baffles in the mod due to a really crap threading job on the barrel...... just something else to check!
  3. andybrock

    Varget and 77gr TMK’s

    I’ve been using RS52 in my 22br with 77gr tmk’s just loaded the last 40 rounds with it, tucked away at the back of my cupboard I found 5 tubs of varget that I might as well use up, anyone used varget with the heavier 22 bullets? I’ve also got a 1:8 223 that I plan on using the same 77gr tmk bullet in.
  4. For sale, 17 rem fireball Redding form and trim dies, Redding type S match die set, rcbs full length die and a box of unopened Lapua 221 fireball brass (to form into 17 rem fireball) £150 posted.
  5. For sale RCBS full length and seater dies with a bag of new ppu brass circa 88 count £30 posted
  6. For sale 6mm ppc dies £150 the lot. Including Wilson SS micrometer top seater, small base body die and Type S neck and full length bushing dies ( no bushings)
  7. andybrock

    Shooting Fleece

    My old Musto fleece has just about had it and due for the dogs bed! With such an array of fleeces these days I was just wondering what to get? Ideally it needs to be breathable, silent, windproof, warm but not too hot as I soon get warm when walking, long so it covers the bottom of my back. It will be used for shooting at night on foot. Cheers
  8. Thank you for the offer Drum, unfortunately before I read this I’d ordered a z-aim!! if I dont like it I’ll buy the Niggeloh off you. Cheers
  9. My rifles also a bit of a lump! Was it the quality of the product or the system that made it feel unsecured?
  10. Have you used it while also carrying a rucksack? looks a good quality product.
  11. I’ve seen those, look fairly good not sure of the quality though? Good thing about the Niggeloh’s is they are good quality, I’ve got a couple of their classics and they seem to last forever.
  12. Ok thanks, I think the rifle would probably sit better when it’s side mounted.
  13. Anyone use one, thought it might be usful for long walks? https://www.swillingtonshootingsupplies.co.uk/store/product/10612/Niggeloh-Rucksack-Sling/
  14. Andy would the form and trim dies work for a 20. Vartarg or does it take it straight to .17 thanks kev


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