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  1. Tek - Lok systems

    Tried them, when you place your order it says “out of stock” thanks anyway.
  2. Tek - Lok systems

    Does anyone know of any UK suppliers of these that actually have them in stock? Im after s couple of mini and a couple of the large size. or if anyones got a set or two with hardware they want to sell shout up. I should have said its genuine tek lok's im after not the ones from the land of cheap things! cheers
  3. Stainless tumbling

    This is mine, also bought the rubber barrel with vanes. https://www.manchesterminerals.co.uk/acatalog/BEACH-2-25Kgs-TUMBLER--excl--barrel--10_020.html
  4. CCTV

    Even on TV programs like crimewatch cctv footage shows public places, and all the cameras dotted around our towns and city centres show public places and are often used in court!? Not sure why they wouldn't accept your footage?
  5. Best Wellies?

    They are neoprene lined and warm but you can always role them down Compo stylie!
  6. Best Wellies?

  7. Mad Dogs & English Men

    Photobucket isn't showing your pic.
  8. Pulsar Trail XP50

    Scotts Country?
  9. Put a post in the wanted section, but I’m not sure if the wanted section only becomes visible after you’ve made a number of posts. A moderator sould be able to clarify.
  10. Fireball brass

    Probably easier to make them out of 221 fireball brass, although there was some for sale on here a while ago. Search the for sale section and they should come up.
  11. Joypod

    A "Joypod" have you tried Anne Summers?
  12. Wristwatch porn......

    Wonder what the collective value of that little lot is!?
  13. cooper arms

    The only rifle I've ever regretted selling was a Cooper pro varmint extreme in 22ppc, for the money they are fantastic rifles, I'd go as far to say that they fill the gap between good factory rifles and a custom gun.
  14. General Election

    And thats exatly whats wrong with this country, too soft just in case someone gets offended and plays the all to familiar race card. In my world non of this would be happening!
  15. REDDING DIES - experiences?

    As others have said, you only need the smallest "smear" of lube on your cases otherwise it causes no end of trouble. If you don't already use it switch to imperial sizing wax. I always use Redding dies and never had an issue.

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