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  1. andybrock

    Wildlife camera > Phone

    Getting robbed or vandalised would be my biggest problem. I use cheap £50 cameras at the moment, even though it’s annoying when they do go it’s not too much of a financial loss, I’d be mighty pi55ed off if a £200 cam went! I’ll have to work out good camera vs cheap cam, travelling, time, etc
  2. andybrock

    Wildlife camera > Phone

    Thinking of upgrading my wildlife cameras simply to save time driving here there and everywhere checking them. Cameras that send pictures to your phone, a couple of questions. 1 Do they work simply off a “pay as you go” sim card and are they expensive to run? 2 Is there a range limit that they’ll send pictures? 3 Are they actually worth the extra money over standard cameras? Any other advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Andy
  3. andybrock

    Summer Boots

    I’m after a pair of waterproof boots that aren’t too warm for summer early autumn shooting/ walking, a pair thats capable of walking through wet grass without getting pi55 wet through feet! Any suggestions?
  4. andybrock

    Remington 700 BDL Internal magazine box

    Thank you very much Dave.
  5. Anyone got one for 308 cartridge they would like to sell me? Thanks
  6. andybrock

    Girard Tri Way case trimmer

    I bought a case trimmer direct a couple of years ago, didn’t have any problems. If I remember correctly I think I sent cc details in two separate emails.
  7. andybrock

    Not Secure - ukvarminting

    Ok thanks.
  8. andybrock

    Not Secure - ukvarminting

    Thank you.
  9. andybrock

    Not Secure - ukvarminting

    Can anyone tell me why its says “Not secure - ukvarminting.com” whenever I visit this site? Not sure if it’s UKV or my settings, but this is the only web site / forum I visit that displays this? Cheers
  10. andybrock

    Omega 2 powder trickler

    Anyone got the above gathering dust they’d like to sell before I buy new? Cheers
  11. Found some other things to go with it 17 cal saturn powder funnel, 17 cal cleaning patches brushes and patch bayonets, and some bullets. Now £150 the lot
  12. andybrock

    .22 zero problem

    Years ago I had exactly the same problem with a Brno 22 rimmy, turned out the bullets were clipping the baffles in the mod due to a really crap threading job on the barrel...... just something else to check!
  13. andybrock

    Varget and 77gr TMK’s

    I’ve been using RS52 in my 22br with 77gr tmk’s just loaded the last 40 rounds with it, tucked away at the back of my cupboard I found 5 tubs of varget that I might as well use up, anyone used varget with the heavier 22 bullets? I’ve also got a 1:8 223 that I plan on using the same 77gr tmk bullet in.
  14. For sale, 17 rem fireball Redding form and trim dies, Redding type S match die set, rcbs full length die and a box of unopened Lapua 221 fireball brass (to form into 17 rem fireball) £150 posted.
  15. For sale RCBS full length and seater dies with a bag of new ppu brass circa 88 count £30 posted

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