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  1. oaken

    want to compete

    Josh. No brainer. You have the perfect setup. Get involved with the Roundhouse shoots, just down the road from you.
  2. Looking forward to the Summer RRC 18/19 July 2015 https://m.facebook.com/roundhousefirearmstraining
  3. This was my rifle from new. Nomis came to Bisley for a try-before-you-buy and shot 8 fclass vbulls in a row. The rifle sold itself :-) If I wanted to get back into FTR or just shoot 1000yds this is the way to do it without spending a fortune.
  4. I remember this rifle consistently whacking the WMS gongs at 1160yds. It's a steal at this price and knowing Andy it will have been beautifully maintained. A rifle with a proven pedigree, a decent scope and a super light handmade bipod (I have one made by the same chap). It seems that rifles are not moving ATM, I reckon you'll really regret parting with it at this price.
  5. I am selling the rifles that I can't justify keeping. They are all good, tidy and accurate rifles that can be verified by various members on here. Ruger 10/22 Heavy barrel laminate target rifle. Has had some tuning work in the past but unsure what, it is reliable with crisp trigger and it certainly shoots well. Comes with 7 magazines, a very sturdy one piece rail with integral 1" rings and 6 boxes of ammo included - ammo only with facetoface deal as can't be shipped with the rifle. Barrel is the original heavy "barley twist", threaded 18x1 and comes with a sak moderator. £450. Bipod not included. Scope is a mint Bushnell Legend 5-15 which could be included for additional £125. Tikka 595 .243. Varmint/Sporter. This barrelled action was originally in a stunning mint grade1 Master Sporter stock which I was not offered as part of the sale, with less than 500 shots fired, I have probably added around 400. It is very tidy and shoots well. It really likes the 87gr Vmax. Got me a joint second place in one of last years RRC comps, so it's in good shape. The stock is from a 595 Sporter that I bought for a .260 project. The barrel channel has been opened up a little to accommodate the slightly heavier profile barrel and has had the top-hat pillar modification done by Neil McKillop. He also shortened the barrel by a couple of inches, re crowned and threaded it in 18x1. Mod is a Northstar (stainless) and less than a year old. It has been sprayed by me but with easily removable paint. Comes with standard 3 shot mag and either Optilocks or third eye 20moa rail, your choice. Also a set of Redding competition dies and 130ish prepped lapua brass. 100 federal brass and about 400 bullets, mostly 87gr Vmax (only a face to face deal for the bullets) £700 Bipod and scope are not part of the sale though I have a very tidy Bushnell 6-24x40 side focus that would be ideal if rifle is to be used as stalker/varminter for an extra £285 Tikka 595 Master Sporter in .308. Master Sporters - like hens teeth to find in decent condition these days. I have only put a box of GGG though since buying it, not even found time to work up a load for it yet, it came from Tiff in the first instance and has low round count , it is certainly in very nice used condition and known to be very accurate. It certainly shoots GGG well! It has a brand new 5 round mag and third eye 20moa rail. It is threaded in half inch and has all the original butt spacers+ a homemade one. I'm selling with a redding competition seating die and a redding body die as well as a set of lee dies inc a "sorted" collet neck die. Also 150 prepped lapua brass, 200 10g scenars and a selection of other .30 cal bullets. Going to include a cleaning rod with jags as not planning to get another .308. £900 Bipod and scope not part of the sale though will sell scope with the rifle if required. It's a Falcon T35 fixed mag (x35) target scope - 60 moa model with 1/4 clicks including rings. £150 Prefer face to face but will send via RFD at your cost. Rifles are in Wiltshire and can be at Bisley on Saturday. Advertised elsewhere. Rup
  6. oaken

    WANTED tikka 595 22,250 mag

    £76. + post & packing to the RFD of your choice + RFD's markup + postage & packing to you from RFD or travel cost to RFD.I am amazed no one is knocking out repro's yet! Rup
  7. C'mon you lot. One more day to the deadline Pay the man, it'll make his life so much easier. He had to sell most of his rifles to cover the delayed payments for the last one! For me, getting money out of the punters was always the most frustrating part of running the Quarry shoots, I'm sure it is the same for Tiff. He earns next to nothing and is putting his financial neck on the block to make these shoots work. You have all spent thousands buying and building rifles to shoot these events and chances are you'll spend more on the fuel to get there than the entry fee so cough up. You'll feel a right Strawberry Tart if it's cancelled! Rup
  8. oaken

    Diggle Fly Shoot

    Thanks Laurie Good to meet you in person at last. It was a fairly long and challenging journey home, what with stationary traffic on M6, roadworks on M5, the satnav failed 3 miles out of Diggle and my passenger, Pete (Swamp Donkey) buzzing about winning factory class with my old rifle. Very well done Pete btw :-), Im pretty sure you can read this even though you are unable to post here any more. I did shamefully badly in the comp but still had a great day thanks to the hard work of the organisers and usual warm welcome from all the Diggle crew. I was thoroughly impressed by the general standard of shooting especially given the tricky wind. I will be back for another 15 attempts at that illusive fly next year. I also agree with you Laurie, the over zealous moderating is not doing ukv any favours at all. Rup
  9. oaken

    Spray job from last week

    Love them or hate them, they are one of the few quality stock options for the Tikka 595. I used this one for the first time at the last RRC where I have to say it really improved my shooting. The angled hand grip is a bit wierd at first but it enables good trigger control and the rifle is easy to handle for the multipositional stuff. I considered modifying the cheek and hand grip to be more usable left handed, maybe I'll do that to the next one :-)
  10. oaken

    Spray job from last week

    This one isn't! That blessed Bodmin rain got into the cheek piece adjusters and seized it up solid. I couldn't get the bolt out without removing the action. After a week of drying it worked fine. Admittedly I had thought to give it a coat of truoil but don't like the laminate look so was thinking of painting anyway. It would seem that laminate is not as stable as I thought without a good finish. Alan, you got a problem with pink bipods? :-p. it's a work in progress ....as in, I ran out of green.
  11. oaken

    Spray job from last week

    This was an experiment in waterproofing a laminate stock, the barrel is waterproof already ..... also, I don't like painted barrels :-)
  12. oaken

    Turret labels

    Agreed, I had a bushnell turret machined to take a wrap. Danny, thanks. That's a better fit :-)

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