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  1. dazzer

    .22 hornet

    looking for 22hornet wots out there for sale please email me at k80bigdazzer@googlemail.com
  2. is this gun still for sale ????????
  3. dazzer

    Nite master ir 800

    PM sent
  4. dazzer

    Nite master ir 800

    Where can I find the cheapest nite master ir 800
  5. dazzer

    yukon 6.5x50

    why do I need a weaver rail as well there one already fiited on the unit ??????
  6. dazzer

    yukon 6.5x50

    sweet set up its all new to me this nv shooting but at least im on target with it the next thing to sort is the ir the one that came with the package deal will not line up to the center of the nv unit as there is no adjustment on the lamp mount
  7. dazzer

    yukon 6.5x50

    Hi guys I've sorted this problem by fitting 4 pieces of 35mm film now the sight pic is centre for a 50yard zero
  8. dazzer

    yukon 6.5x50

    thanks for the info however as I have just bought the unit think ill try the film shims 1st then buy some adj mounts if that doesn,t work
  9. dazzer

    yukon 6.5x50

    thanks dave for the info
  10. dazzer

    yukon 6.5x50

    so I have bought the Yukon 6.5x50 and have bore sighted it 25m and the adjustment for the elevation is nearly at max any thoughts
  11. dazzer

    Drone pro

    Is a drone pro to much nite vision for my 22 lr Finn fire
  12. dazzer

    223 subs

    can a 223rem be made subsonic

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