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  1. Price lowered to £400
  2. Walter Mitty Foxing.

    Where is the link to the video, not trying to knock you at all, just interested?
  3. Great condition, few tiny marks on action and barrel but otherwise mint. Adjustable power: 12, 18 and 28 ft lbs Regulated, running at 28 ft lbs, very accurate with 16gr FX pellets. Air tube recently recently reconditioned, all work done (inc original FAC conversion) by Ben Taylor Currently has a home made picatinny rail fitted this can easily be removed if required. Includes 6 x 8 shot magazines, shot count is about 40 full power from a 220 bar fill, so shot count roughly matches no of shots in mags. You must have a spare FAC Air .22 slot on your FAC to purchase this rifle. Includes the Weihrauch moderator as long as you have a slot for that as well. Price is £500 or near offer collected from SE Essex, may send via RFD at your cost but only after full payment.
  4. T-handle torque wrench

    Just had a look at the kit I bought from Sporting Services only went up to 65 in-lbs but I see that Fix it Sticks in the US advertise that they do one up to 80 in-lbs. When I bought my kit from SS they were the cheapest supplier I could find and the kit included 4 torque limiters, 1/2 socket, T handle and a load of bits, I paid £125 delivered.
  5. T-handle torque wrench

    Fix it Stick from Sporting Services
  6. New 17 Hornet

    £1500 give or take.
  7. New 17 Hornet

    The only stock available is the one on the website here: http://jga.anschuetz-sport.com/index.php5?produktID=1153&menu=624&sprache=1&produktShow=detail They do the 223 version in a GRS stock but that is not available in 17H, and trust me I asked the question as that is what I really want. I am having mine sent straight to Neil McKillop to be put in a GRS stock, the barrel shortened to 20", screwcut (you can't get them threaded either!!!!!!!!) and Cerakoted. This is not going to be a cheap rifle
  8. New 17 Hornet

    I have an Anschutz 1771 in 17 Hornet on order, should be here early next year, going to replace my HMR as I just want to able to reach a bit further when using my thermal scope without worrying about holdover. Thought about the Weihrauch but I loved my old Annie HMR so I went with one of them, 5 shot mag not 4 also helped swing it.
  9. Foxing with 300wsm ?

    Your problem won't be stabilizing the lighter the bullets, it will be the opposite, if you spin them too fast they may blow to pieces in flight.
  10. Foxing with 300wsm ?

    Paddy Dane made one a few years ago: http://ukvarminting.com/forums/topic/15336-300-wsm-varminter/?hl=fallow
  11. Zero Problem With Yukon Photon.

    There is an easier way hopefully requiring no adjustment to your rail, assuming you are using the Yukon/Pulsar doubler Put the rifle in a secure rest and align the reticle with the center of the target, now screw in the doubler keeping the rifle still until it is about 1 turn from fully tight, now watch through the scope while you turn the last turn, you will see the reticle moving as you turn, stop when it is as near to your zero point as possible, then tighten the locking ring on the doubler to keep it secure in that position.
  12. You are a bit too slow, scope is provisionally sold
  13. I think it depends on how demanding you are but I don't think it is capable of any better than 1/2 MOA when being switched between rifles
  14. This is an excellent scope, much better than any Photon IMO. I have my new scope now and would love to see this gone so price reduction to £375 posted

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