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  1. Sry Jininc, someone else just pipped you to the post via PM. The polymers are sold.
  2. I have the following for sale following the disposal of my Roedale Chassis.1x Accurate Mag 10 round matal mag £602x Accuracy International Polymer mags £20 each. NOW SOLD.Prices include postage.Photos on request.Advertised elsewhere.
  3. wets tumbler/stainless steel pins for me. Cant stand dirty brass, Mike
  4. NoEntry

    Automated powder measure

    I have tested a few of the Automatic dispensers and none of them come close to a Targetmaster and my RCBS 5-10 scales. Mike
  5. NoEntry

    308 go/no go

    Sorted now. Mike
  6. NoEntry

    308 go/no go

    I am looking to beg, borrow steal, or even pay for :-) as set of 308 Go/NoGo gauges. Anyone got a set they no longer need?? Cheers Mike
  7. If you decide to split at any time I would have the M5 scales. and maybe the Targetmaster as well. Mike
  8. NoEntry

    Lyman Cyclone Wet Tumbler

    No Need to apologise -, The importer has none and there are very few left on dealers shelves. I may have got the last one. Cheers Mike
  9. NoEntry

    New rifle

    I have one in 6.5CM. I love it. Accurate and robust. Dont tbink I would want to hump it around all day though. Mike
  10. NoEntry

    Lyman Cyclone Wet Tumbler

    I have sent you a P.M Mike
  11. NoEntry

    Lyman Cyclone Wet Tumbler

    Duplicate post sry Mike
  12. NoEntry

    Lyman Cyclone Wet Tumbler

    They arent - . Try adding one to your shopping basket. On back order and they arent expected into the country til Sept/October. Mike

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