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  1. RS62 quality control issues

    Anyone else any feedback on this? I'm keen to try RS62 as a H4350 replacement, but the picture Tomo posted with the kernel variation concerns me!
  2. Upgrade Accuracy International AT

    If your customer doesn't object it would be great if you can share some pics when it's done Dave. There is also some rumour this may be retrofittable to non-folders also - that'd be a great worthwhile upgrade at that price point when the Folder/Non folder from the factory is £400. Im sure Dave can advise if that rumour is true.
  3. electric vrs beam scale

    Chargemaster Lite for me, for all the reasons Catch 22 stated.
  4. which calibre do you most enjoy shooting?

    6.5 Creedmoor for me. After a decade of .308 it's a great little upgrade for my regular 1000yd+ shoots.
  5. NRA Insurance

    I asked the specific question of Endsleigh regarding vermin control with the NRA insurance and got this back today;
  6. Changing Powders

    Thanks for the feedback guys. The rifle and bullet combo performs very well, so I am hoping that that is the key factor here, and as mentioned, if I can work up to similar MV using RS62 instead of H4350, I will hopefully be able to find the sweet spot again. I came to this load through OCW workup at 100, very pleasing groups (0.030 jump). I took them to 900m with a view to seeing what happened with seating depth play, but the starting 0.030" jump was so good I decided not to touch it. I have enough powder for 500 more H4350 rounds. So I'll use them to 'enjoy' what I have found, and work up a new load with RS62 concurrently, should give me plenty of time considering winter is approaching. Again I'll start with OCW for the charge weight (conservatively using some data on this forum for a starting point), with the current 0.030" jump and see where that takes me. I'll keep you posted (although don't expect much feedback this side of Christmas!). Just to keep things interesting also I may try CCI 450 primers instead of the BR4s whilst I'm at it, I've read a few posts now that state they are basically the same, and as good in terms of cup thickness and SDs, so if I can halve my primer bill while I am at it then that'll be another bonus.
  7. Show your Accuracy International

    There's a .243 Accuracy international AE MK3 on GunTrader, folder with full length mod and S&B scope on it. As Paul says above though, you can pick up an AI AT or AX new and order it with an additional 243 barrel.
  8. PM sent for payment details for a machine with .308 and .223 Disks. Thanks
  9. Changing Powders

    So I have never changed a powder with a known good load, but I (and I suspect many others) are about to!. I have a great load with my 6.5CM and 139Scenars (Lapua Brass, BR4 Primers) and 42gr of H4350. I will in a few months be looking to RS62 powder to replace my stock of H4350. I've heard a lot of good things about it. But when we find that sweet load for our rifle with a particular bullet, is it really the bullet the rifle likes? Or the combination of everything? These 139s shoot so well with the above combo i am considering a box of 1000, but given I will be changing powder to something REACH compliant in the not too distant future, is there any merit in buying 139 Scenars or should I wait incase the rifle doesn't shoot them well with the new powder? Anyone had any first hand experience of this? Is it likely to still shoot the same bullets well? Or is there too much going on to guess?
  10. Was just after some other opinions on the subject really. I mainly shoot targets, but also do some pest control, after going around the houses several years back I became an NGO member, and have enjoyed their insurance ever since (never needing to claim mind). Anyway my renewal is due shortly so I am giving it some thought. Whilst the NGO is a great alternative to BASC, for half the money I get great insurance (covering pest control and target shooting being the areas I am interested in), I have heard a few complaints about BASC not really doing their bit with regards to changes in the law/fighting our corner etc. Anyway, I was considering is NGO for me? I am not a keeper, whilst I appreciate their work I don't even partake in any shooting sports where keepers are involved (foxing and targets is about it for me). I certainly don't begrudge them my money, and I do have a flick through their magazine I'm not sure it's exactly what I am looking for. (It's £40 annually). I see there are a few places doing just the insurance now, one does the same cover as NGO for £22.50/yr. Whilst I did join NGO for he insurance alone pretty much, I am also happy to support an organisation that sticks up for our sport, and also offers advice if I ran into any FLD problems. The NRA is another option I have been looking at. For £70 something a year I could join them and get insurance (but I'm not sure it covers pest control/foxing?!). Another factor here is that I am looking to get into CSR next year, and it appears the extra non-NRA fee alone would soon add up to NRA annual membership. It'd almost be a no-brainer if their insurance covered pest control also. But I have heard a few complaints that beyond what happens inside Bisley, they haven't been as pro-active as NGO/BASC generally promoting/protecting shooting matters. Has anyone got any thoughts on the subject? If NRA insurance doesn't cover foxing I think I'll keep my up NGO Membership.
  11. For Sale, in Realtree with Pouch and Quick Reference Card - in good condition and works spot on. Only moving it on as I am upgrading to a Leica CRF. Max range is quoted as 750 (reflective target); 570 (trees); 300 (deer) yards. More tech details can be found here: http://www.opticsplanet.com/leupold-digital-rx-ii-rangefinder.html SOLD.
  12. 6.5 for Fox

    Thanks chaps, some good discussion points there! No surprise to see difference police forces doing things differently! (And that some of those making decisions don't know anything about balistics!). Duey - I am very familiar with my conditions, always good to have a reminder for everyone, but this request would lead to a change of condition anyway. It definitely seems 6.5CM is a reasonable request, more palatable also as mentioned, it wouldn't be increasing my count, just sensibly asking to use one that I already have for a purpose for which it is better suited than a rifle I use currently for that condition (long range, wind bucking daytime foxing) - leaving the 223 and Drone to do what it does best.
  13. 6.5 for Fox

    Which is the case - thanks Justin, good to know 6.5 for fox is a reasonable request (in the absence of it being dual use for deer or something). Maybe it was some BS I was told early on in my shooting career, that even though you had open you still needed one piece of land passed for every caliber you shoot over land. I didn't give it much thought since some of my land I knew definitely was cleared for the 223 I shot there and across several other permissions since it was opened. Never had to rethink it until now when I am looking at asking for a change of use for my 6.5CM.
  14. So my .223 is conditioned for Fox (&AOLQ). I have recently upgraded my NV setup on it to a Drone Pro (10x) and will soon stay in this night config, my dayscope sitting in its box, much as the Drone has a QD mount I don't trust them enough to not check zero every time I change - which is not always practical. So I could go and ask for another 223 or similar for day time use, I have good reason to justify it. However I am wondering whether it would be appropriate to ask for my target 6.5CM rifle to be conditioned for fox instead, this sits with a high end day optic on it and would fit the bill for those occasions to am required to deal with a fox problem before dark. What's the UKV concensus on this request? The rifle is used exclusively at the moment for target shooting and would make an excellent addition to my fox kit. The Drone can do daylight ops, but it's no real comparison to a quality day optic, especially at ranges over 200m (ability to dial/calibrated reticle etc). My ticket is open - it it true or myth that I'd require a piece of police approved land for the 6.5 if they granted the above? Currently I have some land that is police approved for 223 and the rest I shoot on my judgement given the open ticket. None as far as I am aware has been conditioned to 6.5 or above specifically. Is this another hoop or does the open ticket now negate the need for minimum of 1 piece of land in that calibre to be passed by the local police? Cheers!
  15. 6.5mm bullet options.

    I have wanted to try the 140ELD-Ms for a while now, but cannot find any at all, and have subsequently gotten distracted by other offerings. The 140ELD-M loaded ammunition (in 6.5CM I tried) didn't shoot that great for me - I have a feeling with a bit of home brew I could correct that. So, in their absence I started off by trying the 140 Berger Hybrids, these performed very well indeed for me (certainly at short range, long range they are good, but I feel some load tweaking may improve things)., and there is lots published on their excellent BCs also. I also decided to give the 139 Scenar a go (£38/100, as opposed to £63/100 for the 140H). These are not a new bullet, and have been around for some time, so I was a bit skeptical as to how good they would be compared to the 140H, but much to my satisfaction, I can report they shoot phenomenally well in my rifle (at both 1000 and 1000). Sure they won't resist the wind quite as well as the 140Hs, but they are still a vast improvement ballistically over .308 I was shooting before. Don't dismiss the old 139 Scenar! Worth a go as probably one of the cheapest bullets available.

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