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  1. I use and recommend the Fix It Sticks. Come in a handy pouch with loads of bits, and I use them with a ratchet screwdriver rather than the included T-handle stuff. They live in my range bag just in case and my set of four are perfect for my AI with Nightforce rings. 15 I use as a pre-torque on rings. 25 final torque on rings. 49 AI Quiklok barrel screw. 65 as my final base torque. Excellent bits of kit for what are precision rifles and optics that we use.
  2. PhilM

    Powder Temp v MV

    So a week or two back I used my Magnetospeed to chrono some of my loads. The day was 25c air temp, and the rounds in the sun a little on top of that. The average MV was 2785 with an SD of 5.4 Today with an air temp of 21c, rounds from the coolish car, I shot more of the same batch of ammo, and recorded an average MV of 2795 with an SD of 5.4 also. I was under the impression that the warmer the powder/day the higher the MV, but my results suggest otherwise on this occasion. With 10fps difference on average with an SD of 5.4, maybe this is not worth thinking about? And maybe I should think of my average MV as 2790 instead? I was hoping to use the different temps to input some Powder Temp/MV data into my Kestrel 5700AB, but maybe only a 4c difference in temp is not enough anyway (I have read I should aim for 4 readings 15c apart? - fat chance in the U.K.!) Any thoughts? Cheers!
  3. PhilM

    .260 bullet & powder choice

    Give the 139 Lapua Scenar a try. Doesn’t have the best BCs of the new Berger bullets, but it shoots phenomenally well in my rifle and I’ve read many many similar reports. Cheap enough too (about half the price of Berger 140 Hybrids!). Ps, just read your comment about expansion. If it’s for non-target use disregard the above! I think that NZ terminal ballistics site did review the Scenar, but it’s really not designed for anything other than target.
  4. PhilM

    6.5 Creedmoor brass

    I don’t, many don’t. I use the Lapua 6.5 Creedmoor small primer brass to great effect in my AT - they don’t make LR primer brass so figure they must have chosen SR for a reason!
  5. I run a CG Extreme Mod21 2 stage in my T3 and its awesome, but sadly unavailable these days. However I was lucky enough to fire someone’s T3 recently with one of the new Timney 2 stage drop in replacements and man that is a sweet trigger. I haven’t seen any U.K. pricing, but the US price is around $195 so I’d expect the same in £. If you were after single stage, there are a few available I believe.
  6. PhilM

    6.5CM - 139 Scenars

    It’s a shame about the demise of H4350 under REACH. I have a small stash that will see me though the life of this barrel so I’m good to go with this load for a while yet! RS62 would be the next powder on my list to have a play with I think! It has some great reviews on here.
  7. Settled on this for now; 6.5 Creedmoor Lapua Small Primer Cases 139 Lapua Scenar Bullet seated with 0.030” jump 42gr of H4350 CCI BR4 primer Put 5 rounds of this through my AI AT today at 100m and ran them over the chrono also; 2726, 2726, 2723, 2736, 2732fps. So SD of 5.3 and ES of 13. They are going quite slow really, but are consistent and I’m happy with the results I’ve been having for a little while now. The accuracy is there, there are no pressure signs at all (easy on the cases) and they are still well above transonic at my usual distance of 900m (or 1000yds depending on which range I’m at). So there seems little point in driving them harder?. The 100m group today was 0.43moa and I’m not dissatisfied with the ETR grouping from last weekend at 1000yds at Bisley. (Shame the wind took two off to the right!). Another massive thumbs up for them 139 Scenars, good job I bought a box of 1000 I guess!
  8. PhilM

    Glock 17 Polymer Sights

    Hi all, After a set of the original polymer sights from a Glock 17 Gen4 - I know a lot of guys who shoot them change them out for better sights (steel ones at least), but after the originals if anyone has any ideas? Cheers Phil
  9. RPR are the Kestrel UK importer so a legit outfit and great to deal with. I got the 5700 Elite with Link yes, I haven't bothered with a tripod for it as some of the lads I shoot with do; they use Link and use their phone displays with the Kestrel to one side spinning freely on the tripod. I have only used it for sending profiles to/from the phone and doing firmware updates, works great!
  10. Got mine from RPR the UK Importer, recommended! Although I now see Amazon are selling them also direct for a fair bit less.
  11. PhilM

    Wanted: H4350 Powder

    Maybe I’m dreaming here, but please PM if you have any for sale. Thanks!
  12. PhilM

    SWAP: Aim 50 for Aim FS-42

    Not wonderfully helpful; but if it’s for an AT I’d be trying to pick up an FSX42 (for LH folders!). FS42s for the RH folding AX’s. Only thought I’d mention it as I didn’t know myself and ordered a FS42 for an AT, luckily AIM being the top guys they are changed my order when I realised!
  13. PhilM

    tikka t3

    Have seen this a few times with Tikkas T3s - the firing pin springs gives up and produces light strikes. I have been told when I had mine replaced that a police force with Tikka (may be TVP?) replaces their firing pin assys every year due to this issue. Unfortuntaly the spring is part of the firing pin assembly and you’ll need the whole thing for £50ish. I always store mine with the spring eased since replacement (using the plastic bolt tool).
  14. PhilM

    RS62 quality control issues

    Anyone else any feedback on this? I'm keen to try RS62 as a H4350 replacement, but the picture Tomo posted with the kernel variation concerns me!
  15. PhilM

    Upgrade Accuracy International AT

    If your customer doesn't object it would be great if you can share some pics when it's done Dave. There is also some rumour this may be retrofittable to non-folders also - that'd be a great worthwhile upgrade at that price point when the Folder/Non folder from the factory is £400. Im sure Dave can advise if that rumour is true.

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