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  1. 6.5x55 powder choice

    I used RL22 and RL19 and RL17 when I had a x55 all worked well
  2. Scopes

    Tried to pm you ref the bushnell it says you can’t receive messages
  3. Dyer bullets

    I used to jump these 25thou and they shot very very well
  4. Sierra Introduces New 6.5mm 150 gr MatchKing Bullet

    Would think that would go well out of an X55!
  5. Frank from the hide has done a video of him making hits on steel at 1100 with an 18" CM........ oh and that's with factory ammo
  6. Kroil

    Plusgas works just fine when I used it. Bradders put me on to it and it helped with carbon removal
  7. Armalon

    Miss my "Brarmalon" ( Bradley tinkered AR armalon) most accurate rifle I've ever owned
  8. 6.5 ( .263 ) ppu Prvi 139 gr SP data

    I found the truely aweful in my 6.5x55 when I had it with 4different powders......
  9. JLK bullets

    The 80 grain 223 JLK's FLY! Great bullet. I also used the 130 6.5's in my 6.5x55 and there excellent also
  10. Sounds similar to the tubb final finish bullets
  11. Reloader Swiss powders

    Most people seem to use RS52 which is high energy.......
  12. Brass and bits

    Yep no problem. I'll pm you my bank details in the morning and we can sort that
  13. I owned a tikka T3 varmint in 6.5x55 and it was insanely accurate. It shot the smallest group I've ever shot at 300 with 5 through a ragged hole. The x55 isn't a short action which the CM and x47 are but I'd really like to try the new hornady 147grain ELD-X in it as it has the capacity to really launch that faster than the others....... lovely cheap (last time I bought it) lapua brass too and easy to get cheap die sets.
  14. Brass and bits

    GGG NRA brass sold

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