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  1. srvet

    VhitN140- 123grn

    Furyan, We (my son and I) are on 36.6g N140 with a 123 scenar. Our rifles may even have been cut with the same reamer?? 😁
  2. There is a guy on SD looking for 7mm Rem mag ammo https://www.thestalkingdirectory.co.uk/threads/7mm-rem-mag-ammo-help.177067/
  3. srvet

    Best Deer legal Calibre for a Carbine

    Fair enough indeed, just wanted to make sure. I have jiggled around on quickload and the 308 Win seems to be as good as anything. With around 44 g of Viht N130 and a 125g Hornady SST you will get a predicted 2600 fps for 1874 ft lbs with a 12 inch barrel. Deer legal and providing a relatively frangible bullet is chosen (such as the SST) should be effective at the more modest velocity. This load has approaching 100% load density and burns almost 99% of the powder in the barrel. The other way around this problem would be a folding stock or a ......... blaser!! Incidentally with a 12 inch barrel you may end up having to amputate some of the forend to gain enough space to moderate it! By extending a bit to 14 inches you may get away without chopping the stock and would gain a fair bit ballistically. Another option would be a single shot like a Thompson Centre which I believe is available in 308 with a 15 inch barrel that due to the short length of the action would be very short but retain some ballistic efficiency
  4. srvet

    Best Deer legal Calibre for a Carbine

    Is that a misprint or did you say 12 inch???? As in one foot long!!
  5. srvet

    Barrel manufacturers

    In the stable at the moment are Bartlein, Border cut, GB Barrels cut, Sassen cut, Shilen and Lothar Walther. I am about to add another GB cut to replace the Bartlein all of them have been fantastic, accurate and clean easily
  6. Thanks, I just dug out the last paper targets I shot with this rifle and four consecutive five shot groups measured 0.506, 0.243, 0.586 and 0.642 CTC. I was shooting from an improvised sand bag on ammo box front rest with a rear bag at the time. I don’t think the barrel is shot out yet!!
  7. Must be ‘that time of the month’ 😧
  8. Would you consider a swap for a Remington 700 barreled action in 6.5x47?
  9. Daft question but does the leupold elevation turret turn clockwise or anti-clockwise? Also is it a zero stop and 0.1 mrad adjustments? cheers
  10. Totally agree that any funds paid out for a shoot that did not occur should be refunded. That is a no brainer! That being said I still maintain that the PRL would be better and more successful with more venues across the country. I don’t know why the falling out happened but all I am saying it that it is in no ones interest for the league to fragment
  11. Whilst I have only done 2 comps this year they were both an absolute hoot! Thinking what would be best for the PRL as an ongoing uk venture would be to bury the hatchet regarding disagreements over the past year and host the comps on as many ranges in the country as possible. This may obviously require some degree of compromise to occur. Failing to do this will inevitably fragment what is already a minority sport to everyone’s detriment as competing organisations will spring up as in the USA. This may however inject market forces with regard to entrance fees. One way or another this will succeed or fail based on numbers of participants so breaking down barriers of cost, distance and time commitment would be good starting points With regard to competition format I would echo the separation of the PRL and the ELR as they are very different and both niche. Perhaps one day comps would be more accessible and the same comp could be run on two consecutive days as many clay shoots are. Some other suggestion would be to incorporate some long barrel 22 LR pistol and close range 22 semi auto stages for shits and giggles. These may need guns/ammo to be provided but sponsors may be prepared to help
  12. There is the real risk of pricing out at those levels. Cash cows can only be milked for so long and ultimately the success of the sport in the UK will be the victim. If prices are more reasonable then hopefully more will attend The send it shoot at Eskdalemuir was a much more reasonable £60 including lunch. i too felt my shooting was the weak link rather than equipment but I just shot a semi custom Rem 700 in 6.5x47 with 123 Scenars

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