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  1. Can someone put more flesh on the bones of how the UK labradar is different to the US version??
  2. no probs paypall or bacs need ure postal add cheers

  3. srvet

    Kahles scope

    Macleod of Tain have some
  4. srvet

    My Target master died! Suggestions please

    I can report that in addition to being a gentleman and scholar that 1066 is also a genius! New batteries in and working perfectly!! Many thanks Simon
  5. srvet

    My Target master died! Suggestions please

    You are a gentleman and a scholar of the highest order!! I will try the batteries and report back
  6. Evening all This week the sensor light on my Target master trickler went out rendering the automatic trickling function non functional. I have had a look on t'interweb and see the Targermaster website is still there. Does anyone know if they are still available? If they are not what is the best ( fastest and most accurate way)to replace it. I have used a hand trickler in the past and found it tedious. Are the automatic powder measures worth having? If so which model is best?
  7. I have seen more runners on fox with the 17 Rem than the 22/250. Not a lot but it is less forgiving of less than ideal shot placement.
  8. Yes but you need FAC and proof of insurance- send me a PM if you want a place
  9. We have a few spaces left on our long range gong ringing day at the end of the month. This is a non profit day that is being run at cost price of £50 assuming enough participants. As many will know the range is 1 mile long with steel targets every 100 yards. This is an informal day organised by the British Deer Society NW Branch Please send me a PM if you are interested in attending Cheers Simon

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