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  1. It was the very same rifle and was ringing the 1000 yard gong regularly despite the 10-20 mph wind! 😀 just to clarify the barreled action is still for sale at £375 for the barreled action and rem trigger but not the pic rail
  2. srvet

    Send It Series Competition

    A great day out Marc! Thanks once again for all your teams efforts. The shoot really was a great way to introduce people to PRL shooting. As an example for others, we had Jonathan on our detail who I don’t think had shot PRL style before. Armed with a factory 308 with single 3 round mag, he stuck to and single fed his remaining rounds to complete every stage. I think it is fair to say he had a bit of a slow start due to inadequate drop data but once we got that sorted within the squad he was whacking the plates regularly and ended up with a good score and a bigger smile. The 22 class also looked good fun and I may even have a go at that myself next time. It was possible to shoot both comps on the same detail! It just goes to show that you don’t need much gear to take part. For those who have not experienced Eskdalemuir, all I can say is that it is well worth the trip!! Many thanks once again
  3. Just a quick shout out for the Applied ballistics iphone app. I have been running the app for about 6 months now and have got it quite refined for a few of my regularly used loads. We took it up to Eskdalemuir for the Send it shoot last Saturday and was very impressed with the accuracy of the predictions out to 1000+ yards despite the 10-20 mph wind. We were using 123 Scenars out of 6.5x47s so not exactly the most wind resistant bullet in the world. I dont think I had to correct more than 0.2 mRad from the apps predictions all day. I am using the doppler derived custom drag curves for the scenar rather than the G1 or G7 BCs. The custom drag data costs a couple of pounds extra but all in all it is the best £20-30 (for the app and drag data) I have spent....very impressed!
  4. Try these https://www.haslerbullets.com/en/shop/hasler-long-range-en/ogive-lr-cal-338-da-231-grn-30pz/ http://www.acfirearms.co.uk/page21.html
  5. Stock now sold subject to the usual. Barreled action still for sale at £375 + RFD. I have been reliably informed this could be rechambered to 6.5 Creedmore if that sort of thing takes your fancy
  6. srvet

    Wanted Tier One Bottom Metal Rem 700 SA

    I think I’m sorted thanks
  7. Anyone got an AICS bottom metal lying around??
  8. I have two good folk after the stock and I have said that I Will split the barreled action and stock at the weekend unless the rifle sells as a whole before then as I would prefer it to go as a whole. If anyone wants the lot, send me a PM before Saturday night cheers
  9. Ok so picture time..... I have decided that I will also sell the stock as I have sourced an alternative McMillan A5 adjustable in olive green, black, grey marble has been pillar/devcon bedded £450 ono - first dibs given to those who may want the barreled action as well - £850 for the whole rifle as is Anschutz rail in the foreend with QD stud , Flush cups on left side of stock and foreend for biathlon sling mounting Atlasworx bottom metal for AICS mags - No mags included, neither is the scope /rings...obviously
  10. Morning guys Well I am selling my trusty 6.5x47 Remington 700 barreled action, as I have been maliciously lured towards a Borden Alpine that (in my mind) I now absolutely need more than oxygen!! The action is a Remington 700 with C prefix which were the good ones before the accountants took control. It was bought from new by me as a 308 and has been trued by Ronin (who is excellent by the way) when the barrel and heavy recoil lug were fitted. It currently wears an adjustable McM A5 stock and Atlasworks floorplate that I will keep unless a tempting offer comes in (See post below, whole lot now for sale). The bolt handle currently wears a big rubber knob that can be removed if desired. The barrel is a 26 inch Bartlein Stainless fluted in M40 contour 1 in 8.25 in twist, that is match crowned and threaded 18x1 and has had between 1800-2000 rounds through it. For those of you who dont know of Bartlein, they are the best of the best cut rifled barrels. These have all been moderate loads of 36 ish grains of Varget with a 123 bullet so certainly not hot rodded (a lot of people are using 38g Varget with this bullet). Whilst the barrel is not new it will still shoot groups between 0.5 and 0.75MOA so it is by no means shot out. The 6.5x47 cartridge is generally thought to have quite good barrel life of 3000-4000 rounds. It will come with a Remington trigger as I am keeping the CG Millenium that is on there. All you need to do is add a stock and bottom metal or chassis of your choice and you will have a cracking outfit. The action will be lodged with Ronin on or before 18 September. I am looking for £400 for the barreled action and trigger or £850 for the whole rifle + RFD. I will consider offers so long as they are vaguely sensible. Pictures will follow (probably this evening)
  11. srvet

    Only 1 calibre

    The main determinant would have to be meeting the legal requirements for deer. Consequently this could vary depending on species so if muntjac/cwd are the only deer in the menu then a 222/223 or 22/250 may work well. If roe or larger are around then 243 or a 6.5 would be good. Incidentally it would be a bad idea to use a CF rifle for lame sheep in almost every circumstance if a shotgun were available
  12. Ahh must be a real fatty!! No worries
  13. srvet

    Load development and purchasing options

    Just found these https://hfammunition.co.uk/about https://www.emma-rifles.co.uk/services/bespoke-ammunition/
  14. srvet

    Load development and purchasing options

    Might be worth speaking to HPS as I believe they make bespoke ammunition

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