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  1. Thanks for the advice, using a straight eyepiece so can hopefully sit the scope a little further off the ground
  2. Can I pick the brains of the collective? I have just obtained a secondhand spotting scope for range use and general wildlife work. I have a camera tripod that I use for viewing from a seated or standing position, and this works OK but I would like a shorter stand/ tripod for use when shooting from prone. I am not after a Rolls Royce solution as I am not a competitive target shooter, I am after something at reasonable cost that works. Any suggestions gratefully received!!
  3. Ladder V's OCW: Which works best for you?

    Has anyone tried the 10 round load development method as in this YouTube video? https://youtu.be/ACyfeeBHVOA
  4. Rifle stock

    Have you contacted Edi at PSE composites, pretty sure they do LH stocks for the T3. https://www.pse-composites.com/collections/e-tac-ultralight-range/products/e-tac-4-ctr?variant=38329076298
  5. 6.5 variants

    You could go for a 6.5x55AI or standard 6.5x55 but not a 6.5x47, 260 rem etc. If you change your mind then you will need a 1 for 1 variation. If your ticket had shown a 6.5mm rifle then you could have taken your choice
  6. 6.5 for Fox

    It would need to be VERY windy indeed!!
  7. 6.5 for Fox

    Have a look in the home office guidance as the magic words are there....... Section 13.25 Although not set out in legislation, common rifle cartridges considered suitable for the shooting of foxes range from .17 Remington, and .22 Hornet to .22 -250 and .220 Swift, though there is a wide range of suitable similar calibres commercially available. In windy areas, where heavier bullets aid accurate shooting, or if applicants wish to use one rifle for shooting both deer and foxes, they may choose a rifle in 6mm (.243/.244) or 6.5mm (.264) calibre. so there you go....foxes in windy places where heavy bullets aid accurate shooting if they cough then direct them to YouTube where Mark Ripley does a fine job on Fox with a 260 Rem
  8. rebarrel expectations

    Sounds wrong to me! I would be wondering about concentricity between bore and barrel threads. I’m sure there will be other possible reasons though...... hope you get it sorted.
  9. What four rifle calibres - factory ammo

    17 Rem or 204 Ruger- rabbits and corvids 22/250 Fox 308 Win - Woodland deer 270 Win - open country deer
  10. +1 in the above question and why will shortening it help?
  11. 2 stage trigger - Rem 700 ??

    If you can find one the CG Millennium triggers are excellent. Not sure if anyone imports them at the moment. The earlier models needed some stock inlet work doing to fit but the newer models are reported to be drop in

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