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  1. What four rifle calibres - factory ammo

    17 Rem or 204 Ruger- rabbits and corvids 22/250 Fox 308 Win - Woodland deer 270 Win - open country deer
  2. +1 in the above question and why will shortening it help?
  3. 2 stage trigger - Rem 700 ??

    If you can find one the CG Millennium triggers are excellent. Not sure if anyone imports them at the moment. The earlier models needed some stock inlet work doing to fit but the newer models are reported to be drop in
  4. which calibre do you most enjoy shooting?

    6.5x47 for the accuracy and 7mm Rem Mag for its ability to bowl big red things over
  5. What's your understanding of 'in stock'?

    Hmmm, a consumer would assume on the shelf ready to ship but a vendor possibly that they think it may be available at their supplier so that it might be deliverable to them but they arent sure of that and cant guarantee it !! Without naming names do are you talking of a Centre that supplies guns to sportsmen? If so I suspect I have come across a similar issue in the past?

    I would echo the above! Don’t pack in because there are a few idiots out there! You have built an excellent reputation!
  7. Load for 7mm rem mag

    Federal magnum large rifle primers and Hornady cases
  8. Load for 7mm rem mag

    70 grains of H4831SC with a 120g TTSX for 3200fps and I think 63.5g under a 160g Sierra GK for 2820fps. Both moderate loads but accurate. I’m going to try Re22 for the heavier bullets (160+) Lots of load data on this website http://www.furorsniper.cz/eng.html
  9. Zero Problem With Yukon Photon.

    I couldn't zero my photon with a 20moa rail and a 0 moa sorted things out
  10. If only it were a standard length I would have had the seating stem off you. To help others this link is to the comparability chart from Redding http://www.redding-reloading.com/tech-line-a-tips-faqs/198-vld-competition-seater-chart
  11. Message sent over on SD re Optilocks
  12. .22-250 36 Grain Varmint Grenades

    55g blitzkings work brilliantly for me- generally hole on hole accuracy with minimal (actually none) load development.

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