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  1. gunnery

    Rabbits and .22

    same rifle has you RWS AND SK
  2. gunnery

    cz .22lr 452

    thanks Les for your reply i will take that on board thanks again
  3. gunnery

    cz .22lr 452

    Hello everyone looking for advice been without a rifle for a couple of years decided to buy myself a new .22lr cz 452 left handed 16"barrel american walnut stock got the rifle home and ordered the trigger spring kit from rimfire magic and fitted lighter spring and also polished bolt the bolt and trigger know perfect fitted a new scope and mod the scope i went for was a hawke vantage 6-24x44 s/f mildot for hold over and a second generation sak mod the reason i went for a.22lr was to keep my ticket open and get back to basics the advice i am looking for is from you guys who may already own this same rifle what ammo are you using i know every rifle shoots different and i will be testing different ammo but it was to save time and money if some one could point me in the right direction with selection of ammo.also i wonder if there any forum members on here who live around Wigan who could see there way to letting me shoot a few targets with them thanks.
  4. gunnery

    scope for air rifle

    Hi All wonder if any one can help I am looking for a used scope for air rifle so there fore need not be anything special prefer something around 16 mag what do you all have sitting around in your gun rooms thanks
  5. gunnery

    Emily Lenton. Sports person awards tonight.

    Well done Emily you have every right to feel proud and enjoy every moment
  6. gunnery

    British made Annealing Machine

    Thanks Dave for your kind comments glad you like it and thanks again
  7. I have 2 Aimfeild 50 bags for sale one is desert tan colour the other is green they are both in good condition but the lining inside the green bag got torn with a Atlas bi-pod which had the claw feet on it but as been repaired this is inside the bag green bag been repaired £75 Desert tan £100 both plus postage but not sure how to post them because they will not fold up ?
  8. we can all shoot rabbits I was doing that when I was a kid at 200 300 400 yrds
  9. and don't forget you have the added pressure shooting in a comp and wanting to do well has Laurie said Diggle is Diggle a law to its self just get up there and have a go then you will know
  10. I have 200 308 win Lapua Palma brass (small primer) twice fired for sale in box of 100 £45 100 delivered all brass has been inside and outside de-burred and cleaned with stainless media
  11. gunnery

    Brexit? A quick poll

    spiral staircaseing brilliant that
  12. sent you a PM to your questions thanks
  13. all PMs answered thanks still for sale

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