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  1. swatty

    Best long range IR LASER TORCH

    If your on Facebook go to a page n8vision and look upmember lee polard he makes a laser called a dfk it’s really good
  2. swatty

    wanted AMAX 140 GR

    Google ac firearms he has one box left on the shelf
  3. I’ve decided to sell my ruger m77 mk2 204 ruger left handed I just had it re screw cut to14*1 and crowned by ronin and the bolt polished and floor plate polished just make it a bit slicker it has a set of 30 mil rings also I have a two piece rail for it it’s fired a genuine 88 rounds 40 factory and 48 load development which shoot ragged holes with vit 133 and 39 grain blitz kings only selling as the little light bullets arnt the way for me living quite honestly the windiest place in the uk or at least that’s how it feels , rifle is in as new condition I can throw in if required a hawke endurance 6-24-56 and a mae mod bare rifle £480 hawke £300 mae £120 full package £800
  4. swatty

    .243 bullets

    Just sack the rest of and use the Sierra 85 grain hpbt best killing 6mm bullet ever produced not a high bc bullet but for hunting they are the nuts
  5. I’m getting 2916 38.2 grains of vit 540 and 123 grain AMAx 26 inch tube
  6. I’ll take 500 @£100 posted thanks can you pm bacs payment details thanks
  7. 20 p per 100 and I’ll take the lot inc postage
  8. swatty

    Quickload and rs60

    Interesting different opinions on ql and the rs powders funnily enough the original poster on sd has failed to return my pm were I sent him a copy of his post what’s slightly frightening about it is at 4 grains over max data found load it could do serious damage to someone not knowing any better . It would be good if someone with quick load could run the figures and see if it replicates what’s above just to see if it is in fact a typo or genuine data
  9. swatty

    Quickload and rs60

    I fully intend to work up a load and was very cautious of anything but manufacturers data I was more interested if that’s info posted above gas come through quick load and if so is it right or is it simply a typo which I doubt due to the predicted Mv of 3750 fps that’s fast for a 75 grain pill in any calibre
  10. swatty

    6mm roe deer bullet

    85 grain hpbt 35.2 grains vit540 accurate and deadly nowt gets up
  11. swatty

    Quickload and rs60

    I have been looking for data with rs60 and 6mm 75 grain v max everything I’ve found is saying 44 grains as max load yet I found a thread on another forum where a guy ran data for the above combination and came back with 48 grains as max load I’ll attach a section of the thread to this I’ve pm d the original poster but had no answer
  12. swatty

    Ruger rings

    I’m looking for some 30 mil ruger rings to fit a 77/22 scope has 50 mil objective tia
  13. swatty

    32 grain nosler and vit 133

    Hi all anyone got data for the above combo 32 grain nosler and vit 133 for 204 ruger can find data for 40 v max but nothing for 32 s tia
  14. swatty

    Tikka T3 improvements?

    Second that get in touch with ronin my t3 he did for me is frightenly accurate better than good

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