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  1. Guesty

    115 gn DTAC

    Sorry, they sold a couple of days ago.
  2. Guesty

    Tract Scopes

    I too bought a Delta Stryker, but was underwhelmed with it. It was OK, but nothing special for £1400, just another full featured Japanese scope. Obviously I wasn't expecting it to rival my Swarovski Z6, but the optics weren't actually equal to my old Zeiss Conquests which were quite a bit cheaper. I guess prices have increased quite a bit in the last few years. I'm hoping the Schott glass in the Tract will give that 'Euro' clarity, but at a greatly reduced price.
  3. Guesty

    Tract Scopes

    No Experience yet, but I have just ordered a Tekoa which on paper at least looks about half the price of other equivalent brands.
  4. Guesty

    Pulsar xq38f

    That sounds pretty low to me and would snap them up at that price. I would generally expect to pay at least 2/3rds of RRP, but as demand is currently exceeding supply the second hand value might be even higher.
  5. Guesty

    Pulsar xq38f

    Don't get me wrong, having thermal is a total game changer. But for me the image on the XQ38F Helion wasn't good enough. It wasn't a patch on my buddy's two year old XQ50 Quantum, which I found better in every aspect except field of view. Only when I switched to the Accolade binoculars was I satisfied, but they do cost considerably more.
  6. Guesty

    Pulsar xq38f

    I had the XQ38F Helion and was underwhelmed so switched to the XQ38 Accolade binoculars which I find much better to use. My eyes take a couple of seconds to acclimatise to the darkness after looking through them, but it takes longer than that to put them down and pick up a rifle so I find it makes no difference. I have been bitten by the thermal bug, and thinking about upgrading to the top end binoculars.
  7. I bought one a year ago, along with a weather vane, only to find out my phone doesn’t have an internal magnetic compass. It has sat in a drawer ever since.
  8. 420 left of a box of 500. Selling as they don't suit my rifle. Was £160, now £140 posted.
  9. Guesty

    Reprofile a barrel?

    Cheers will do!
  10. Guesty

    Reprofile a barrel?

    Bradders and Lapua, that's great info and exactly what I was after. Thanks very much.
  11. Guesty

    Reprofile a barrel?

    It's on the rifle. I'm based near Banbury (M40 J11) and am happy to travel, say 100 miles, to deliver.
  12. Guesty

    Reprofile a barrel?

    Well I'm certainly happy to risk it, and state publically here that of accuracy does degrade then that's just my tough luck. Now, who will do it? And how much will it cost?
  13. Guesty

    Reprofile a barrel?

    Thanks for the info. If anyone is happy to reprofile my barrel please do get in touch.
  14. Guesty

    Reprofile a barrel?

    That is most promising! Thanks for the info.

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