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  1. Vixen on Heat

    Sorry to drag this up, but could anyone please send me Vixen on heat call for Foxpro? I have been trawling the net with no luck. Cheers, Matt.
  2. Trijicon 4x32 TA31RCO-M4 BAC Rifle Combat Optic Blurb here: https://www.trijicon.com/na_en/products/product3.php?pid=TA31RCO-M4CP Plus GDI R-COM E-Model Combat Optic quick release mount Blurb here: http://www.gdiengineering.com/store/products/r-com-e-model.html Both only used a couple of times on my 10/22 for gallery rifle, so as new. Lovely sharp, bright optics but I prefer my old scope instead. £750 collect from home or Bisley, or plus post at cost. Also for sale elsewhere.
  3. Delta Titanium

    I disagree that the Deltas and DMRs are better than Sightrons. I have just sent back a Delta Stryker which was OK but very similar optically to the DMR. I have kept my S3 LRMOA as it represents better VFM and more useful reticle. None of the above are optically anywhere near my IOR, Z6 or the NF ATACR I just sold. I had a Vortex PST, and it was easily the worst of the bunch.
  4. A Wildcat is born

    Thanks for the info.
  5. A Wildcat is born

    Very interesting indeed. I have old 260 dies and brass from previous barrels and wonder if new life could be brought by a 6.5 SLR FLS or body die. May I ask who your smith was and do you know if he has a standard SLR reamer as well as the blown taper version?
  6. Black grey laminated, boxed and in excellent used condition. SOLD
  7. No worries, I was just interested to see if my guess was correct. There was another set for sale on SD a few months back.
  8. Rebarrel from 223 to 204

    Right, we are all settled then that 204 is not significantly better than 223, which means that the quoted manufacturers stats must be incorrect. I have shot foxes out to 300 yards under the lamp with a 22/250, though that is rather longer than the usual range. Had I been using my 223 I would not have attempted shots at that distance. I was hoping that 204 might have given the extra legs, but it seems not.
  9. Rebarrel from 223 to 204

    Gbal, can those figure be relied upon? They show the 204 whups the 223 at middling speeds with 50% less drift and 25% less drop even before 204 trajectory is adjusted for a max of 1" above line of sight. The general consensus here from those who have had both is the difference is negligible in the field, but your figures show the 204 does have a significant advantage.
  10. Rebarrel from 223 to 204

    I agree that there seems to be little difference between the 204 and 223 40gn loads when taking anecdotal evidence into account. I prefer to keep the trajectory up to an inch above sight line at most, and the heavy 69+gn 223 loads would have too much of a pronounced trajectory for foxing. I appreciate that heavy 223 offers 'jack of all trades' versatility, which must be attractive for owner wanting it to do everything, but I have plenty of other kit for vermin deer etc, and am looking for the 'master' for foxing at 300 yards maximum. To get significantly better fox lamping performance than 223 I would have to step up to a larger case such as 22/250, 22BR etc.
  11. Rebarrel from 223 to 204

    300 yards would be an absolute and unlikely maximum when lamping, and most shots would be around 200 yards. Ranging and factoring in 2+" hold under & over or twiddling turrets isn't an option when foxing. In my experience the less to think about the better, and mid chest, or top of back / head aim points are about as much as I would want to consider. Apologies to the OP for derailing the thread.
  12. Rebarrel from 223 to 204

    Now I do like the sound of that. I have a 6BR being rebarrelled at the moment and a 22 would compliment it nicely.

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