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  1. 420 left of a box of 500. Selling as they don't suit my rifle. Was £160, now £140 posted.
  2. Guesty

    Reprofile a barrel?

    Cheers will do!
  3. Guesty

    Reprofile a barrel?

    Bradders and Lapua, that's great info and exactly what I was after. Thanks very much.
  4. Guesty

    Reprofile a barrel?

    It's on the rifle. I'm based near Banbury (M40 J11) and am happy to travel, say 100 miles, to deliver.
  5. Guesty

    Reprofile a barrel?

    Well I'm certainly happy to risk it, and state publically here that of accuracy does degrade then that's just my tough luck. Now, who will do it? And how much will it cost?
  6. Guesty

    Reprofile a barrel?

    Thanks for the info. If anyone is happy to reprofile my barrel please do get in touch.
  7. Guesty

    Reprofile a barrel?

    That is most promising! Thanks for the info.
  8. Guesty

    Reprofile a barrel?

    I'm simply checking out options between buying a new barrel and reprofiling the one I already have. I would be looking for a smith to do all the work. Do you have a rough estimation on price?
  9. Guesty

    Reprofile a barrel?

    I have a Sassen light benchrest profile barrel that I would like reprofiled to Tikka Varmint profile. Can anyone recommend someone to do the job, and also a rough idea of cost? I understand that there may be some risk to the accuracy so I'm keen to hear anyone's experience of that after reprofiling.
  10. Guesty

    6mm / 0.243" barrel blank

    Looking for a 6mm barrel blank, stainless preferred. A 1:10" or 1:12" twist light varmint profile 1.150" shank (Tikka) would be ideal, but please do PM with WHY.
  11. Guesty

    17 Hornet. HW66 J-M

    Try crimping the bullets with a Lee FCD. This really tightened my groups with all loads and made them far more consistent. I suspect the thin brass simply cannot even enough consistent neck tension without crimping. I discovered crimping out of desparation after apparently wrecking my brass by annealing. The 22 Hornet apparently responds well to crimping for this reason, and my 17 Hornet seems to be the same. The theory is that primer ignition unseats the bullet to an inconsistent jump before the powder charge ignites. Also, I’m using up to around 10 grains of Vit N110 with the 17 grainers, which is a fair bit faster burning. After Bergers, the 17 grain bullet has been the next best bullet in both of my 17 Hornets, more accurate than the Noslers or 20 and 25 grain Vmax.
  12. Guesty


    I have a Cz527 magazine from my old 17 Rem. I believe this should work, but am happy to take measurement do if required. I also have the bottom metal assembly too.
  13. I'll take a box please. PM incoming.
  14. Guesty

    Wanted: Accurate Mag AICS 10 round

    Still no response to PMs so have bought new.

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