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  1. I would like to see that please. Ewen
  2. Deserttech Europe

    6 Creedmoor

    God shoots a .243 but a 6cm is ok too
  3. Deserttech Europe

    Dolphin Modular Stock for F Open????

    Yes they are ......
  4. Deserttech Europe

    Reload Swiss RS62 Where to buy???

    RS 52 is great Alan
  5. Deserttech Europe

    17Hmr wanted

    Hi Lee, I have a nice HMR set up. It is an Anschutz, bedded (by Norman Clark) into an Mc Millan Stock. It has a moderator and is only for sale as I am not using it as much as I should be. If interested, on top is a S&B precision hunter (I think this is the perfect scope for a .17HMR) it has 0.05 mil rad adjustments (5mm at 100M). One revolution is 32 clicks which takes the gun to 230 metres and the far edge of the rifles functional range. As usual I went for the ultimate I could with this so I understand if this is a lot more rifle that you wanted. take care Ewen
  6. Deserttech Europe

    338 Wanted

    Just about to offer a bargain DTA SRS a1. 😀😀
  7. Deserttech Europe

    Cheytac .375

    352 cutting edge 117gr retumbo ahould get you about 3075 low sd and accurate.
  8. Deserttech Europe

    What calibre to go for on a .308 case.

    @MJR will do but wont be able to until I get back from IWA, is that OK?
  9. Deserttech Europe

    What calibre to go for on a .308 case.

    HPS make factory 105gr berger .242 ammo
  10. Deserttech Europe

    What calibre to go for on a .308 case.

    .243...….with a fast twist its the nuts.
  11. Deserttech Europe


    Not quite in your counties but Norman Clark in Rugby would look after you very well. ewen
  12. Deserttech Europe

    Field firing solutions

    I use coldbore on a panasonic and its awesome,. ewen
  13. Deserttech Europe

    .308 berger 200.20x

    Yes I am.....what gave it away 🙂
  14. Deserttech Europe

    .308 berger 200.20x

    Thanks Greg, he is out of stock. ewen
  15. Deserttech Europe

    .308 berger 200.20x

    Hi folks, doea anyone have some of these bullers spare. I would like to tey them in my barrel. rhanks ewen

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