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  1. Looking forward to getting them ?
  2. Hi I am very interested in these. I am at Bisley on Wed PM and Thur AM, any chance you would be there? Ewen
  3. Deserttech Europe

    Eskdalemuir PRS Soon!!!

    +100 fantastic day, well organised, great RO's and caught up with some fantastic shooters. Hopefully first of many. Ewen
  4. Deserttech Europe

    DTA SRS rifle

    I will have some new stock arriving very shortly. If you let me have your details I will let you know when it all arrives. Ewen
  5. For a DT shooter this is a bargain, the barrel extension is reusable and a big chunk of this value straight away. Ewen
  6. Hi i will take this. please email me details
  7. Deserttech Europe

    6.5 PRC

    It is supposed to feed perfectly from a Mag, the others listed are not ideal in this regard. Ewen
  8. Deserttech Europe

    2 Round Bullet Holders

    that would be cool
  9. Deserttech Europe

    2 Round Bullet Holders

    could you do some for rimfire?
  10. Isnt IR2 1000 Yards not metres, could that be part of the problem?
  11. Deserttech Europe

    338 Wanted

    We have a Unique Alpine set up with .308 and .338 barrels, case moderator etc if that of any use.
  12. I have one and am very happy with it.
  13. Deserttech Europe

    Cut or Buttoned rifled barrels

    what is this "cleaning" you speak of ??
  14. Deserttech Europe

    12 Ga Semi Auto with rifle sights

    Hi Tony. I have a fully tricked out Bora that may be perfect for you. PM me if interested. Ewen
  15. Deserttech Europe

    Seb Joypod

    Wanted Seb Joypod (picatinny attachment) regards Ewen

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