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  1. Surgeon 6.5x47

    Sorry missed that on the original post.
  2. Surgeon 6.5x47

    Any idea of the round count.
  3. FCSA Update

    I am happy to say that after a committee meeting last night, Oundle Rifle Pistol Club will be contributing and supporting the legal fees for this "fighting fund" and we would urge ALL clubs and club members to speak to their relevant committees to see if they can also spare some cash for this cause. Chairman Oundle Rifle Pistol Club
  4. I will take this, please let me know how you would like to be paid. regards Ewen
  5. Silverstone Shooting Centre

    I agree with Marc and others, joining is optional... There will always be facilities that dont meet somones pocket, whether its hitels restaurants or rifle ranges. I hope this is a success for the operators, as it may incentivise others to overcome the huge hurdles necessary to open NEW (how many of these do we have) ranges. The new ranges may even use a different pricing model. I honestly dont understand how oeople can get angry at someone else offering a service that they dont need to take up. Ewen
  6. Can you email me some pictures please. e.campbell@benchgradebrands.com Also where is your location. Ewen
  7. Hi can you let me know what the turret configuration is please Ewen
  8. 338 issues

    Isnt is rs80 that is the same as RL33 (specifically made for .338lm) I have loaded some and had great results but have a RL22 mountain to shoot my way through :-) Ewen
  9. The thread of theTPG1 Versapod adapter is M10. Ewen
  10. 338 issues

    Sorry Reloader 22
  11. 338 issues

    I have found RL22 a good podwer for .338 with 88 gr for 300s and 91 gr for 250s working in every rifle i have shot them through. Ewen
  12. . 223

    Would a southern gun be of interest?
  13. GGG MV?

    Wow that fast from a 16" barrel, and thats definitly the 175gr ammo?
  14. Clear out of rifle cases

    The rifle is well protected from other items in the pack it is in its own rigid sleeve. As i said I am happy to send these on trust to people to have a look at, I will pay the postage out, if you dont want it you pay the postage back. regards Ewen.
  15. GGG MV?

    just to let you know, that for the 175smk load.

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