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  1. Deserttech Europe


    Not quite in your counties but Norman Clark in Rugby would look after you very well. ewen
  2. Deserttech Europe

    Field firing solutions

    I use coldbore on a panasonic and its awesome,. ewen
  3. Deserttech Europe

    .308 berger 200.20x

    Yes I am.....what gave it away 🙂
  4. Deserttech Europe

    .308 berger 200.20x

    Thanks Greg, he is out of stock. ewen
  5. Deserttech Europe

    .308 berger 200.20x

    Hi folks, doea anyone have some of these bullers spare. I would like to tey them in my barrel. rhanks ewen
  6. Deserttech Europe

    Jan 5th CSR, Bisley

    David, In my experience the CSR guys are extremely welcoming, I am sure they would accommodate you somehow, either with your rifle or a loaner. You should definitely try it.... Ewen
  7. Deserttech Europe

    Jan 5th CSR, Bisley

    looking good
  8. Deserttech Europe

    50 Cal

    Hi Greg, Nothing extra required at this time. Ewen
  9. Deserttech Europe

    Scope elevation question

    Hi Triffid, that is the elevation available on the turret (within the double turn) there is actually greater internal adjustment. Their description is very confusing and I have even seen S&B staff give the wrong information to customers. Ewen
  10. Deserttech Europe

    Vudoo Gun Works

    I have shot and tested one and was a little underwhelmed. Ewen
  11. Deserttech Europe

    Scope elevation question

    Hello Raw The advice you were given for the rail was correct. On a .260 you would need approx. 30MOA to reach 1000m. Your scope of choice has over 90MOA of adjustment meaning that on a flat rail (even after accounting for drop to zero at 100) you would have over 40MOA of available elevation, more than enough. I think it is more likely that the scope is not set up properly. Do you have a solid 100M zero? Once you have your zero did you swing the turrets (unscrew the grub screws on the elevation turret and turn the turret to zero)? Let me know if you still have problems but I doubt it is the scope that's the issue. Ewen
  12. Deserttech Europe

    Tubb ATR

    looking cool
  13. Deserttech Europe

    Convergence of tech

  14. Looking forward to getting them ?
  15. Hi I am very interested in these. I am at Bisley on Wed PM and Thur AM, any chance you would be there? Ewen

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