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  1. Deserttech Europe

    Cut or Buttoned rifled barrels

    what is this "cleaning" you speak of ??
  2. Deserttech Europe

    12 Ga Semi Auto with rifle sights

    Hi Tony. I have a fully tricked out Bora that may be perfect for you. PM me if interested. Ewen
  3. Deserttech Europe

    Seb Joypod

    Wanted Seb Joypod (picatinny attachment) regards Ewen
  4. Deserttech Europe

    6.5 x 55 Tikka T3 Stalker

    Andy, very nice rifle. More importantly I respect that you tell the real results. First custom rifle I have seen that is not a "guaranteed" 1/4 moa shooter. I am sure that this rifle would get down to those numbers but it is refreshing to see honesty. Ewen
  5. Deserttech Europe

    Premier Optics 5-25

    I thought both Minox and Tangent Theta would honour the Premier warranty but I could be out of date.
  6. Hi . Yes i an EC, but no sorry i dont know who owns the rifle now. the coating was a paint job but it was chipping almost immediatley ao i would. Ot be concerend abiut that. if this is my old rifle then Norman Clarke did everything you can think of to this rifle.
  7. I actually think that may have been my old rifle
  8. Not quite at 800 and 900 the v bull is a little larger as it uses the long range target.
  9. Deserttech Europe

    243/ 95g sst

    42 gr of RL22 fed match primer
  10. Deserttech Europe

    Reloading with Rosie

    Mark, I am sure I have seen you in a dress... :-)
  11. Deserttech Europe

    Scope Calibration

    Please explain to me why 1 cm at 100M is an approximation, by my understanding this is exactly correct and uses no approximation and has no error but I am willing to learn. We also tested one of the original March scope and it was running at 6400, they are also now (in my experience) and offer true miliradians without approximation. 6400 as a value is used in the military as a nav method etc but this is not what is in S&B etc scopes. regards Ewen
  12. Deserttech Europe

    Surgeon 6.5x47

    Sorry missed that on the original post.
  13. Deserttech Europe

    Surgeon 6.5x47

    Any idea of the round count.
  14. Deserttech Europe

    FCSA Update

    I am happy to say that after a committee meeting last night, Oundle Rifle Pistol Club will be contributing and supporting the legal fees for this "fighting fund" and we would urge ALL clubs and club members to speak to their relevant committees to see if they can also spare some cash for this cause. Chairman Oundle Rifle Pistol Club
  15. I will take this, please let me know how you would like to be paid. regards Ewen

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